Workshop: Sound Design—Creating Acoustic Worlds For The Screen

October 20, 2018. 10AM to 4PM. Northwest Film Center. $45.

Visit for more information and to register.

Sound design is not about software, catchy music or cool sounding effects. It’s about emotional response: how a combination of dialogue, music, sound effects, designed sounds and backgrounds supports character development and the dramatic elements of the story. This workshop will explore how powerful sound can be by looking deeply at different artistic choices and their influences the meaning of a scene. The different stages and workflow of sound design will be discussed in detail, from reading the script, to reviewing the rough cut and the final mix. Continue reading... “Workshop: Sound Design—Creating Acoustic Worlds For The Screen”

New Class at the Film Center: FOOD STYLING

The NW Film Center School of Film presents a new class: 


A new 4-week class beginning Tuesday, May 7, 6:30-9:30 PM
Taught by food stylist Dolores Custer

The art of preparing food for the camera.

Topics: Selecting and working with different foods (which ones work, which ones don’t); learn to produce steam on demand, a chilled beverage with a splash, cheese melting over a hamburger, grill marks on meats, the perfect dollop, and much more; propping; working as a team with the cinematographer; working on location under minimum conditions; try out techniques and shoot them with basic cameras; last class is devoted to a small group project on a chosen food.

Continue reading... “New Class at the Film Center: FOOD STYLING”

The Northwest Film Center’s spring schedule is in full bloom!

Whether you are an experienced filmmaker or just waiting to make a splash, now is the time to dive in. FUNDAMENTAL & INTENSIVE SCREENWRITING, DIGITAL EDITING, and SOUND DESIGN & EDITING are only a few of the alluring spring classes at the Film Center.


DIGITAL EDITING I examines the various styles and techniques of editing using Avid Media Composer. Students will organize footage, add sound effects, and give a voice to their projects. DIGITAL EDITING II is more ambitious, diving deeper into perfecting the flow and emotional quality of a story. Continue reading... “The Northwest Film Center’s spring schedule is in full bloom!”

Top Down: Rooftop Cinema + Kickstarter

The Northwest Film Center is only 10 days out from the epic conclusion of their mission to raise enough funds to EXPAND the experience of your summer’s TOP DOWN: ROOFTOP CINEMA–by expanding the size of the screen. Your Screen.


This Project was intended, as with all of NWFC initiatives, to create the best environment and experience for our audience.

It’s that’s simple.

The deadline is closing in and the Film Center is looking for more helpful hands to pull out a few rabbits from those magical hats to benefit this very unique, annual summer event. Continue reading... “Top Down: Rooftop Cinema + Kickstarter”

Online Auction Benefitting the NW Film Center


For the NW Film Center, life goes on after the Portland International Film Festival. In addition to PIFF the Film Center host year-round exhibition screenings as well as educational outreach programs, workshops, and production classes and we do all of this as a non-profit.

The Film Center depends on grants, sponsorship support, our loyal members & volunteers, as well as fundraising to make everything we

do happen. With this in mind we want to invite you to keep the bidding going with our Online AuctionContinue reading... “Online Auction Benefitting the NW Film Center”