The Northwest Film Center’s spring schedule is in full bloom!

Whether you are an experienced filmmaker or just waiting to make a splash, now is the time to dive in. FUNDAMENTAL & INTENSIVE SCREENWRITING, DIGITAL EDITING, and SOUND DESIGN & EDITING are only a few of the alluring spring classes at the Film Center.


DIGITAL EDITING I examines the various styles and techniques of editing using Avid Media Composer. Students will organize footage, add sound effects, and give a voice to their projects. DIGITAL EDITING II is more ambitious, diving deeper into perfecting the flow and emotional quality of a story.


If you love a good read, sign up for LITERATURE INTO FILM. This class explores just how a director converts a literary work into cinematic success. Literary vs. film structure, faithfulness vs. creative interpretation of a story, and the ethics of adaptation will be highlighted as the class reads the literature and then attends the corresponding film screening.


The one-day workshop, INSIDE THE WORLD OF FILM COMPOSING highlights the relationship of a film director and composer throughout their collaboration. Instructor Mark Orton will teach the intricacies of this precious partnership.


Polish your writing, filming and editing skills while basking in the glory of springtime in Portland. What else are you going to do with all that daylight?


Spring classes start April 6 – Register today!


Register for ANY multi-session class and receive discounted access to purchase Avid Media Composer 6.5 for $295 (a savings of 80% off the retail price) in addition to free admission to films at the Northwest Film Center.

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