“Grimm” at Comic-Con

“Grimm” may not make its Primetime debut till October 21st, but it did make an appearance at Comic-Con last week. Besides screening the pilot – which the completely packed audience loved – writers/producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, as well as cast members David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bitsie Tulloch, Reggie Lee and Sasha Roiz took part in a Panel Q&A monitored by Anthony Head.

Check out the video for what the cast is looking forward to, what they think about filming in Portland, and a couple hints on what to expect in the fall. Continue reading... ““Grimm” at Comic-Con”

“Grimm” To Premiere at Comic-Con on July 23

Today NBC announced that its new series “Grimm” which is set to shoot in Oregon will premiere the pilot episode at the 2011 Comic-Con on July 23.  The episode will screen with a Q&A session with Exec. Prods Jim Kauf and David Greenwalt as well as the series’ main cast.  Given the subject matter of the show, it’s no surprise to hear that it made it into Comic-Con and it’s great to see that NBC is already beginning a promo push for the show.  Continue reading... ““Grimm” To Premiere at Comic-Con on July 23”

Leverage and Portlandia and Grimm – Oh My!

Over the course of Oregon’s 103 year cinematic history, 300+ productions have made use of our diverse locations and home-grown talent pool. However, this summer will be the first time that we’ll be playing host to three television series shooting simultaneously – Leverage, Portlandia and Grimm – and all based in the Portland Metro area.  It’s an incredibly exciting thing both for the city and Oregon’s film and television industry on the whole, but what does that mean for those of us not on set besides seeing an abundance of large trailers filling  the streets near our office buildings? Continue reading... “Leverage and Portlandia and Grimm – Oh My!”

Commercial Production Brings Value to the Community, the Environment and the Local Economy at the Same Time

Not uncommonly, we just had a major US retailer shoot a commercial here in Oregon but this one was different, they did it with a sustainable mandate that came from the client’s corporate office.  The greening company, EcoSet was hired to oversee the process.  EcoSet operate as an  “environmental production resource committed to implementing customized, practical, and sustainable environmental solutions for commercial productions”.   A relatively new breed of environmentalists are finding a way to green commercial and feature productions in creative and resourceful ways by plugging into what communities already offer. Continue reading... “Commercial Production Brings Value to the Community, the Environment and the Local Economy at the Same Time”

What Is Both Green And Universal At The Same Time?….

….sustainable fairy tales of course!

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with NBC Universal this summer on greening the new series, “Grimm”.  NBC Universal’s Television and Environmental Policy affirms they are, “committed to pursuing environmentally sustainable practices across all of our operations” and these are clearly laid out in their environmental policies that cover the production office, construction, on set and wrap.  That’s great for the state of Oregon as well as the environment generally! Continue reading... “What Is Both Green And Universal At The Same Time?….”

Grimm Confirmed to Come to Oregon

So the cat’s out of the bag – “Grimm” is committed to shoot in Oregon for it’s first season.  Kristi Turnquist wrote about it today in The Oregonian.  We are absolutely thrilled to know that three television series will be shot in Oregon this summer.  In the coming weeks we’ll have more information on the production including a crew call.

I do want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this happen – Gordon Sondland and the film office board, Governor Kitzhaber, the Oregon legislature, Sam Adams and the City of Portland and of course the entire film and video community.  Continue reading... “Grimm Confirmed to Come to Oregon”

KGW visits the set of NBC Pilot “Grimm”

Below is a link to the KGW news piece covering the NBC pilot “Grimm” as well as the entire motion picture industry in Oregon.  A special appearance by former “Will and Grace” star Sean Hayes is in the piece as he is an Executive Producer of the pilot.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the show gets ordered to series and they do the series right here in Oregon!

Here’s the link Continue reading... “KGW visits the set of NBC Pilot “Grimm””

Portland Police helps the Wardrobe Dept. for “Grimm”

Yesterday on the KGW 6:00 news was this piece.  The Portland Police Department has been a great partner on two recent television Pilots – first “Brain Trust” and now “Grimm”.  Having the cooperation of organizations like the Portland Police department make Oregon a friendlier place to film.  Hopefully it’s a winning proposition for the bureau as well.  It was also great to have KGW pick up the story and let’s hope the “Grimm” ends up on KGW’s primetime lineup in the fall! Continue reading... “Portland Police helps the Wardrobe Dept. for “Grimm””

2011 – A Big Year for Oregon Film and Television Jobs

The below release was put out today in coordination with Governor John Kitzhaber’s Office:

2011 Shaping up to be Big Year for Oregon Film and Television Jobs

The Governor’s office of Film and Television reports that 2011 will be the biggest year for total dollars spent on film and television projects in Oregon’s history. Two television series filmed in Oregon, “Leverage” and “Portlandia,” have already announced that their networks have renewed their series.

2011 also marks the first year a major network has committed to shooting a pilot in Oregon with NBC Universal’s “Grimm.” Continue reading... “2011 – A Big Year for Oregon Film and Television Jobs”