“Grimm” – Gone, But Not Forgotten. PBJ Sums Up 7 years and 6 Seasons

Portland Business Journal

Grimm” has made Portland home for 7 years, hired around 1,000 people (80 percent of the crew have been local, and about 250 full time crew), spent a little over $55 million each year, and has helped many vendors and support businesses expand in equipment and employees, as well as showcase Portland’s varied locations.  The show leaves behind a honed, skilled crew, and world class vendors and services. Last week, The Portland Buisness Journal took a look at all the angles on what the show has brought to Oregon – read more in the links below. Continue reading... ““Grimm” – Gone, But Not Forgotten. PBJ Sums Up 7 years and 6 Seasons”

“Grimm” Gets a Full Season Order – And a Shot at Thursday Night

News came out late on Monday that the Portland based NBC drama “Grimm” has been picked up for a full season order with another nine episodes.  The news was picked up and spread through Twitter but it looks like the original announcement came on the Entertainment Weekly Site here.

NBC Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt said

“This series is turning the traditional procedural drama on its head and is attracting a loyal following for us on Friday nights. We love where it’s going creatively and we’re excited to deliver more episodes to our audience.”

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NBC Introduces “Grimm” to Television Critics Association

Grimm‘s been accumulating more and more positive word-of-mouth since it’s debut at Comic-Con in July and NBC took the opportunity to formally introduce the show to the Television Critics Association Monday afternoon along with the rest of its fall lineup. So far, the critics have plenty of good things to say.

Matt Roush from TV Guide says that, “NBC’s quirkiest fall show is unquestionably the fairy-tale-inspired Grimm.” Walt Belcher from The Tampa Tribune agrees, calling Grimm a potential “dark horse” of the fall TV season. Continue reading... “NBC Introduces “Grimm” to Television Critics Association”

Grimm Confirmed to Come to Oregon

So the cat’s out of the bag – “Grimm” is committed to shoot in Oregon for it’s first season.  Kristi Turnquist wrote about it today in The Oregonian.  We are absolutely thrilled to know that three television series will be shot in Oregon this summer.  In the coming weeks we’ll have more information on the production including a crew call.

I do want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this happen – Gordon Sondland and the film office board, Governor Kitzhaber, the Oregon legislature, Sam Adams and the City of Portland and of course the entire film and video community.  Continue reading... “Grimm Confirmed to Come to Oregon”