“Grimm” – Gone, But Not Forgotten. PBJ Sums Up 7 years and 6 Seasons

Portland Business Journal

Grimm” has made Portland home for 7 years, hired around 1,000 people (80 percent of the crew have been local, and about 250 full time crew), spent a little over $55 million each year, and has helped many vendors and support businesses expand in equipment and employees, as well as showcase Portland’s varied locations.  The show leaves behind a honed, skilled crew, and world class vendors and services. Last week, The Portland Buisness Journal took a look at all the angles on what the show has brought to Oregon – read more in the links below.




In addition to all the positive contributions the cast and crew of “Grimm” have made to the community over the years, the Grimmster Endowment has raised over $1.4 million for families at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation – incredible!  “Grimm”  NBCUniversal, Comcast, and Nike brought together cast, crew and attendees for one final time, and within 3 hours, over $800,000 was raised from the gala’s auction of unique items, and props, from the show that has called Portland their home for 7 years and 6 seasons.

Gone, but never forgotten!  Thank you, “Grimm”.

The Grimmster Endowment was founded by Sasha Roiz and the cast of Grimm to help OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital patients and families cover uncompensated costs associated with getting care, including travel, lodging and related services. Doernbecher provides the region’s widest range of children’s health care services and is the primary center for OHSU pediatric programs. This campaign benefits the Grimmster Endowment at the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation.”

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