“Stories from the Canoe” Premieres

Canoes have always been integral to our region’s Indigenous cultures and they still are today. That’s the focus of a new film collaboration between Confluence and Tule Films. Stories from the Canoe is the new documentary short by filmmaker Woodrow Hunt (Klamath/Modoc/Cherokee). It explores the history and ongoing development of Canoe Journey. NW Documentary also contributed to the project. This week, Tribal Canoe Families gathered to celebrate the release of the new film at a screening in collaboration with PAM CUT and the Portland Art Museum. Continue reading... ““Stories from the Canoe” Premieres”

McMinnville Short Film Festival Opens this Weekend

MSFF runs from February 23 to February 27 in beautiful McMinnville.

The McMinnville Short Film Festival fosters a critical component of Oregon’s Yamhill County arts community by connecting local filmmakers with their counterparts around the world, and by providing a venue for culturally diverse screenings, events, and gatherings.

Find out more, see the schedule and get your tickets here: https://mcminnvillefilmfest.org

Promoting film in Oregon’s Yamhill County
• MSFF offers a small but culturally-rich community experience usually only offered in large cities or higher-ed academic settings. Continue reading... “McMinnville Short Film Festival Opens this Weekend”

Portland’s Kurt Rosenberg Brings “The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth” To Oregon Short Film Festival

The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth” will have its  US in-person premiere on Feb. 26th at the Oregon Short Film Festival at the Clinton Street Theater.

The musical short film was Executive Produced by Portland-based composer and filmmaker Kurt Rosenberg, based on his song of the same name. It was brought to life with stunning animation by Joël Gibbs of ARMADA studio.

This visually beautiful animated film is reminiscent of the old sea shanties found on the British Isles, a music genre that Kurt Rosenberg loves to listen to and compose. Continue reading... “Portland’s Kurt Rosenberg Brings “The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth” To Oregon Short Film Festival”

My name’s Tristian: I had an idea!

I’m a stand-up, but I want to make movies, or just write them. Or act. Or edit. Or decoupage, but I don’t think anyone would pay me for that, really anything but any stand-up. 

Also, I really like to do stand-up. 

So my idea! I’ll make a movie with stand-up comedians (and a musician.) 

Party Quest showed at the Kiggin’s Theater December the 8th, featuring an hour-long live show of music and comedy with the cast, and finished up with the short film as the headliner.  Continue reading... “My name’s Tristian: I had an idea!”

Eugene Made “Maxie” to Premiere at Broadway Metro on April 29

Maxie, an award-winning independent film shot entirely on location in Eugene and Springfield will premiere on April 29, 2022, at the Broadway Metro in Downtown Eugene.

The film was shot in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, and follows two homeless adolescents over an eventful weekend, as they attempt to get clean and begin anew.

The cast and crew are all local talents from Eugene, Springfield, Roseburg, Florence, and a couple of transplants from California.

Maxie was written and directed by Jarrett Bryant, an ex-television writer, and transplant from Los Angeles. Continue reading... “Eugene Made “Maxie” to Premiere at Broadway Metro on April 29”

Eksod – Altering the Cinematic Experience

As a sound recordist for film & television in Oregon, I’m responsible for keeping synchronicity between the camera department and my location recordings. Motion pictures demand an unceasing audio stream of dialogue, effects, and music to glue at least 24 frames per second of visuals together. It wasn’t always this way of course. Motion pictures began without audio synchronicity, and without field sound recordings. Silent film provided a rapid stream of still frames that reflected an animated reality that was novel enough for this blog to exist. Continue reading... “Eksod – Altering the Cinematic Experience”

CINE / SEEN Short Film Submissions

CINE / SEEN is a short film festival showcasing the talents of filmmakers from PNW. We aim to highlight the unique perspective and films of underrepresented artists. Join us in creating a space for artistic celebration for us and by us here in Oregon.

Event Details

  • Location: Hollywood Theatre
    4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
  • Date: 4-1-2022
  • Tickets: Coming soon!

Fill out the submission form and share your short film today with this link! Continue reading... “CINE / SEEN Short Film Submissions”

#EOFF2022 Call For Entries Open, Encore Screening Series

poster image for EOFF virtual Screening February

It’s February Encore Screening time. Opening up February 13 for our virtual encore series, this month features Lauren Everett’s short doc THUNDAAR LIVES!, Jen Elkington’s JEAN, Rollyn Stafford’s ZOMBIE WALK, and Kerry O’Neill’s short narrative BEA AT REHAB. The short film block will be available until the end of February.

The encore screening series is a way to share #EOFF2021 short films with our community of friends, filmmakers, and audiences alike as we build out our ‘Friends of the Festival’ catalog and make large steps towards our The Liberty Theatre’s opening and our thirteenth annual program scheduled for OCTOBER 20-22, 2022.

Continue reading... “#EOFF2022 Call For Entries Open, Encore Screening Series”

“Bird, Louise & Somebody Else.” | An award winning high school student film | In association with Portland Oregon’s Benjamin Franklin HS film program

Two kids entangled in the pursuit of young love find themselves colliding with the life of a woman experiencing a crisis in a new short film.

Written & Directed by: Quintana Jones and Harrison Hathaway

This is my first time, Quintana’s as well, just making something. I could write pages and pages about how much went in to this, and how much we failed to do. I had just graduated Senior year at High School, and Quintana was moving into Sophomore year. Continue reading... ““Bird, Louise & Somebody Else.” | An award winning high school student film | In association with Portland Oregon’s Benjamin Franklin HS film program”

“Any Oregon Sunday” – 3 Oregon Womens’ Extreme Motocross Adventures!

The winners of the third annual Outdoor Adventure Film Grant – “Oregon’s Outdoors Are For Everyone” – recently presented their winning project “Any Oregon Sunday.”

The Winning Team: Kanani Koster, Janie Faison, and Tiffany Lindquist – all based in Portland, OR, and dedicated to telling “diverse and authentic stories that are created by a majority of women and POC-identifying locally-sourced cast and crew” put together this inspiring and uplifting documentary project portraying Adventure MotorSports in Oregon, specifically told through the lens of diverse women riders. Continue reading... ““Any Oregon Sunday” – 3 Oregon Womens’ Extreme Motocross Adventures!”