Colour Box Announces HD/Film Makeup Workshops in Portland

Colour Box Makeup Studios founder Kerry Herta returns to the Northwest to teach aspiring makeup artists the latest techniques used in the entertainment and beauty industries.

Following successful workshops in Seattle over the last two years, Herta’s workshops – the five-day Makeup Artist Boot Camp and one-day Airbrush Seminar – come to Portland June 1-6. The exclusive workshops are limited to 12 aspiring artists, all of whom will be trained by Herta and complete assignments using live models and industry-leading products and equipment. Continue reading... “Colour Box Announces HD/Film Makeup Workshops in Portland”

Considering Applications Again for iOPIF Projects

I just wanted to send out a note that we are now considering applications for iOPIF again.  As the fiscal year is coming to an end we have gone through several audits of the projects that had applied for the program and now know what funds are available.  In addition with the new fiscal year comes a new round of funding for iOPIF.  So if you are a producer with a local project in the fall, please feel free to contact me to inquire about iOPIF.  Continue reading... “Considering Applications Again for iOPIF Projects”

Earth Day Is Around The Corner and “A Billion Acts of Green®” Is Already Happening In Oregon



It’s April, it’s beginning to sprout green everywhere you look and there are many good and green projects out there that make evident Oregonians are doing their part for Earth Day and a  “A Billion Acts of Green®” this year.

The Ashland Independent Film Festival is screening a handful of Oregon made eco-films, the 48 Hour Go Green project has chosen two Oregon filmmakers to screen at Cannes and we have been working with the Producers Guild of America to help with a searchable green vendor data base to help green your next project. Continue reading... “Earth Day Is Around The Corner and “A Billion Acts of Green®” Is Already Happening In Oregon”

Payroll changes for SAG/AFTRA Contracts

There are some scheduled changes that will take place as of April 1, 2011 in the AFM Commercials Contract and the SAG/AFTRA Commercials Contracts for both radio and television which will affect advertising costs.

AFM Pension contributions increase to 13.08% on April 1, 2011.  This is a Federally mandated increase that was scheduled for implementation in two phases.  The first increase took place on June 1, of 2010 (to 12.48%) with the second increase to 13.08% scheduled to take effect on 4/1/11. Continue reading... “Payroll changes for SAG/AFTRA Contracts”

Update on Film Industry In Southern Oregon

An article this week  in Oregon Business Magazine highlighted film production in the southern region of the state. Producer, Gary Kout, founder and director of SOFAT made note of the production upturn due in part to diverse locations and  experienced crew.  For the details read here.

Continue reading... “Update on Film Industry In Southern Oregon”

Thank You Governor Kulongoski – Annual Meeting Huge Success

Industry Honors Gov. Kulongoski

Attending our Annual Meeting was Governor Kulongoski, members of the Governor’s Office of Film & Television Board, as well nominees for the annual awards and a large audience of industry professionals at the newly rennovated Lincoln Performance Hall at PSU on Friday evening.   PSU‘s technical team made it possible to catch up on industry happenings in Ashland, Bend and Eugene via  live broadcast by teleconference bridge.

Governor Kulongoski presented awards to:

Innovation In Media Arts AwardNaturalPoint OptiTrack, Insight VCS,

Innovation award to Natural Point Optitrack VCS

Film Advocate Awards went to Rob Burchfield (Traffiic Operations, Portland Dept. Continue reading... “Thank You Governor Kulongoski – Annual Meeting Huge Success”

Paydogs LLC Provides Script Clearances

Since September Paydogs has been set up as an Oregon vendor providing fiscal support services to media productions in Oregon.  It’s been an exciting 3 months as we’ve run payroll for two features, and have continued to expand the scope of what we are able to offer.

Most recently Paydogs has become the only Oregon vendor providing Title Search and Script Clearances for feature films, animation or TV projects.  Anyone interested in a rate quote can contact Susan Haley at: [email protected] Continue reading... “Paydogs LLC Provides Script Clearances”

Important Infrastructure Equipment Now in Oregon

I was approached several times to take over an established camera car company. After being employed by them for several years, an opportunity presented itself. I didn’t want to go it alone. One phone call to a long time friend and the decision was made. Oregon now had Elite Camera Cars LLC. A new partnership built by four Oregonians.

One thing that stood out, and was part of my decision was a few conversations about safety from crew members. More like complaints, how could we make this safer?   Continue reading... “Important Infrastructure Equipment Now in Oregon”

Go Green -Got Goats?

(Photo: Don Rohrbacker)

Gearhead Grip & Electric has been practicing sustainable methods for a long time – full recycling on it’s trucks and trash disposal for customers, green holiday gifts etc etc.   – but last week they took their commitment to the next level when Don Rohrbacker decided to employ about 15 brush-munching goats to clear their truck  yard (a 50 x 50 foot lot).  Continue reading... “Go Green -Got Goats?”