OregonAnimation.com Blog Premieres Tonight

Oregon Animation LogoFollowing the successful effort to create a voice for the Oregon Film and Television community in this blog, we recently convened a group of Oregon animation and visual effects professionals that we know, and asked them how a site dedicated to their segment of the industry might be received.  After lots of lively conversation and great ideas, it became clear that there was great interest, and that it would be very helpful for drawing attention to the fact that Oregon has more than just great locations, amazing acting and crew talent, and not to mention, a terrific film incentive program. Continue reading... “OregonAnimation.com Blog Premieres Tonight”

Earth Day April 22nd – Call for Green Vendors for Searchable Database

The Film Office has recently been working with the Producers Guild of America by adding to an on-line searchable database of green vendors for production in Oregon.   As Earth Day approaches on April 22nd, you might consider joining the “A Billion Acts Green®” by  suggesting a green vendor, to add to this database. There is no charge for these listing and the more there are, the more opportunities productions have to make green choices. Continue reading... “Earth Day April 22nd – Call for Green Vendors for Searchable Database”

Payroll changes for SAG/AFTRA Contracts

There are some scheduled changes that will take place as of April 1, 2011 in the AFM Commercials Contract and the SAG/AFTRA Commercials Contracts for both radio and television which will affect advertising costs.

AFM Pension contributions increase to 13.08% on April 1, 2011.  This is a Federally mandated increase that was scheduled for implementation in two phases.  The first increase took place on June 1, of 2010 (to 12.48%) with the second increase to 13.08% scheduled to take effect on 4/1/11. Continue reading... “Payroll changes for SAG/AFTRA Contracts”

Update on Film Industry In Southern Oregon

An article this week  in Oregon Business Magazine highlighted film production in the southern region of the state. Producer, Gary Kout, founder and director of SOFAT made note of the production upturn due in part to diverse locations and  experienced crew.  For the details read here.

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Check out W+K’s Ian Tait’s Presentation – it’s good!

I saw a tweet from W+K today and immediately got immersed with Ian Tait’s presentation on this website.  He was speaking recently in London at the Creativity and Technology conference.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that every creative professional in Oregon check this out.  Ian joined W+K a year or so ago after success in the digital media industry in London.  I think he’s a real visionary and someone I hope will be a great asset for our local community.

Much of what Ian touches on is an extension of what we tried to cover at “The Brave New World of Media” event a few weeks ago and it’s reassuring that someone of Ian’s status in on the same track as many others in Oregon.  Continue reading... “Check out W+K’s Ian Tait’s Presentation – it’s good!”

Travel Oregon issues RFP for Ad Agency

Hello all you creatives out there who either work in advertising or aspire to.  Travel Oregon is looking for an ad agency.  Check it out here http://industry.traveloregon.com/About-Oregon-Tourism-Commission/Job-Opportunities.aspx

Film and Video’s connection with tourism in Oreogon has always been strong.  Here’s a chance to actually profit from this connection! Continue reading... “Travel Oregon issues RFP for Ad Agency”

Old Spice Guy in Portland

Weiden + Kennedy are taking their Old Spice Campaign to the web – in real time!  The past few days they have been recording personalized messages and posting the videos on YouTube and it’s become quite the phenomenon!  Read Write Web got the low down on what W+K is up to.  If you type in  “Old Spice” on YouTube, you’ll see all the videos.  My personal favorite is the message to Alyssa Milano which has already had 72,000 posts.

P.S. Continue reading... “Old Spice Guy in Portland”

Hinge Digital Officially Launches

Thanks to the help of the local PR firm Liaison, Hinge Digital is looking to make a big splash in the animation, visual effects, and digital media industry.  Today Liaison put out the news that the company is officially announcing the launch of their full service facility.  The company was founded by Roland Gauthier, Michael Kuehn, and Alex Tysowsky and quietly they have been able to do land some significant projects.

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Oregon Film Highlighted in the Hollywood Reporter

(Originally posted at http://www.oregonfilmandtvdollars.com)

Oregon’s film industry got quite the write-up yesterday in the Hollywood Reporter! The producers of TNT’s Leverage had wonderful things to say about shooting in Oregon, including this quote about Oregon’s talent from Co-Creator Jon Rogers:

“When we got up there we were expecting to fly in three or four cast members an episode, but we average about one or two,” co-creator/executive producer John Rogers says. “Some of the (local) actors have been so good, we’ve made them recurring characters on the show.”

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