Hinge Digital Officially Launches

Thanks to the help of the local PR firm Liaison, Hinge Digital is looking to make a big splash in the animation, visual effects, and digital media industry.  Today Liaison put out the news that the company is officially announcing the launch of their full service facility.  The company was founded by Roland Gauthier, Michael Kuehn, and Alex Tysowsky and quietly they have been able to do land some significant projects.

Thanks to their over four decades of combined experience, Hinge is sure to be yet another player in the animation and visual effects industry here in Portland.

According to Tracy Brawley at Liaison, Hinge is going to be at Comic-Con in a week to not only market their services, but to also highlight the creative content they have been developing recently.  Good luck down in San Diego guys!  Here’s a link to more info on their announcement.

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