OregonAnimation.com Blog Premieres Tonight

Oregon Animation LogoFollowing the successful effort to create a voice for the Oregon Film and Television community in this blog, we recently convened a group of Oregon animation and visual effects professionals that we know, and asked them how a site dedicated to their segment of the industry might be received.  After lots of lively conversation and great ideas, it became clear that there was great interest, and that it would be very helpful for drawing attention to the fact that Oregon has more than just great locations, amazing acting and crew talent, and not to mention, a terrific film incentive program.

As a result of this collaboration, the OregonAnimation.com blog premieres tonight (May 25th), and will feature postings from people in the local animation, visual effects, and digital media community; as well as several case studies of recent projects that have utilized Oregon’s animation and visual effects talent.  OregonAnimation.com,  like “The Confluence,” will be a community driven blog.  Our hope is that that it will be filled with a diverse variety of postings about relevant projects, both big and small, that are going on throughout our fabulous state.

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2 thoughts on “OregonAnimation.com Blog Premieres Tonight

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing all this. I believe that an animation community requires optimal communication and collaboration in order to thrive; you are helping to provide this.

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