Oregon’s LAIKA Studio Launches New Website and Demo Video

In addition to a recent announcement made by Oregon’s LAIKA animation studio in early May about two new feature film projects, LAIKA also rolled out a newly designed website including the video included below. The video provides another example of the hand-made artisan craft and expertise utilizing cutting edge technology Oregon firms possess.


We want to bring you examples of what the storytellers of the Oregon animation and visual effects sector aspire to; building on our knowledge and experience from the past while embracing the technology and promise of the future. It encouraging to see yet another example that dedication to artistry is still alive and well in Oregon!

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One thought on “Oregon’s LAIKA Studio Launches New Website and Demo Video

  1. hello, look try to contact the company Laika and I could not, can you send this message to the company LAIKA? if not too much trouble:
    Hi, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, this year ise a story or a horror book and want to spend in a movie with the animation of “Corpse Bride” or “Coraline,” with the company LAIKA should be very gothic and dark, this is my email [email protected], Answer me and give them the story or book
    I refer to this page http://www.laika.com, I have created the drawings of the main characters, just create the dolls please answer

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