Case Study: Bent Image Labs and Koodo Mobile

Canada has a new hero and his name is “El Tabador”, a 4-inch tall Mexican wrestler who warms your heart, tickles your funny-bone, and effortlessly works in a few good words about Koodo Mobile.

El Tabador follows in a long tradition of Lucha Libre fighters. He’s part detective, ladies’ man, and a righteous defender of justice and the creation of Portland-based Bent. To meet this brief, Bent drew Director Rob Shaw’s vast knowledge of Lucha Libre culture and worked closely with the TAXI 2 to design Tabador from first sketch to final computer-generated character. In addition to character animation, Bent provided the computer-generated assets for nearly every facet of the campaign.

The studio drew on its long experience building stop motion sets and VFX miniatures to create an idyllic Mexican village. Referencing traditional Mexican architecture, the Art Department built and arranged more than a dozen highly detailed buildings, including the village church. This allowed the agency and client to completely customize the look of the village and avoid the added complications of scouting and filming on location in Mexico.

Ultimately, the resourcefulness and experience of Bent’s production team earned the campaign Strategy Magazine’s “Brand of the Year” award.

Bent Image Lab, Portland, OR
Director: Rob Shaw
Executive Producer: Ray Di Carlo
Senior Producer: Tsui Ling Toomer
Producer: Harry Linden
Line Producer: Darren Demetre
Coordinator: Chris Barber
Director of Photography: Bryce Fortner
Cameraman/Moco: Chris Peterson, Jim Birkett
Gaffer: Joe Bourguignon
Electrician: Ryan Kunkleman
Storyboard Artist: Monique Ligons
Character Design: Huy Vu
Art Director: Curt Enderle
Art Department Manager: Solomon Burbridge
Art Department Coordinator: Evan Stewart
Lead Carpenter: Greg Fosmire
Carpenters: Daniel Miller, John Kirkley
Graphic Artist: Christina Owen
Lead Painter: Mary Blankenburg
Painter: Ryan Schow
Model Makers: Marty Easterday, Kimi Kaplowitz, Jen Prokopowicz
Shopper/Props Buyer: Justin Warner
Client Services: Patricia Hall
Production Assistant: Charlie James
TD Lead: Fred Ruff
TD’s: Josh Cox, Shirack Agresta, Devon Myron
Principal CG Animators: Eric Scheur, Aja Bogdanoff, Joel Brinkerhoff, Max Perelman, Eric Urban
Stop Motion Animator: Jen Prokopowicz
CG Rigger: John Lally
2D Graphics: Dave Manuel, Stephen Bodin, Beau Hudspeth

Taxi, Toronto, Ontario
Creative director: Lance Martin
Producer: Jennifer Cursio
Art Director: Jeff MacEachern
Copywriter: Mike Blackmore

Bent Image Lab, Portland, OR
Editorial Supervisor: Jeff Dawson
Editor: Jeff Dawson
Colorist: Brian Kinkley
Post Production Supervisor: Jeff Dawson
Lead Compositor: Brian Kinkley
Compositor: Alan Winston

Company X Audio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Producer: Brad Nelson
Mixer: Brad Nelson/Adam Moffat
Engineer: Adam Moffat
Sound Designer: Brad Nelson/Adam Moffat

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