Cell Count 2 News


Teaser Poster for the feature film Cell Count II: Blood Count

PORTLAND, Oregon (January 17, 2013)  The feature film “Cell Count” went to film festivals all over the world in 2012 and is now available on all leading digital VOD stores including iTunes.  It is now the Freeman Brothers’ profound pleasure to present the Teaser poster for the upcoming sequel entitled “Cell Count II:  Blood Count.”

“Blood Count” starts where the first film left off and takes our survivors on a high speed journey filled with monsters and fugitives.   Continue reading... “Cell Count 2 News”

2 Exciting Classes Starting Week of Jan 14


2 exciting classes are beginning next week at the Northwest Film Center School of Film:


Taught by Oscar-winning Will Vinton

Get individual consultation and class member coaching support for your animation project.

Topics: bring what you’re already working on or an idea for a short film project; receive group feedback and individual advising for the issues you face, such as: conceptual design and script development, fundraising/budgeting, character, story or performance, technical challenges, post-production, or other challenges; bring in work-in-progress for class critique and one-on-one consultation with instructor. Continue reading... “2 Exciting Classes Starting Week of Jan 14”

New Poster for “Wake Before I Die”


New poster by artist Tom Hodge for the feature film “Wake Before I Die.”

PORTLAND, Oregon (January 4, 2013)  The first film Co-Directed by the Brothers Freeman (Cell Count and The Weather Outside) has some new artwork from artist Tom Hodge at The Dude Designs.

“Wake Before I Die” is the story of “Pastor Dan Bennet who moves his family to a small Northwest town and begins to suspect that all might not be as idyllic as he first imagined. Continue reading... “New Poster for “Wake Before I Die””

Second Half of 2012 is Booming With Indie Film Production in Oregon

Recent Production photo from “Redwood Highway”

Oregon has always been known as a great place for the independent film scene, and 2012 is no exception.  Since July, there have been four independent films that have been accepted as a part of the Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Fund which was created in 2009. In addition, critically acclaimed director Kelly Reichardt is directing her fourth film in Oregon.  The first one to go into production was “The A List”, which was produced in Lake Oswego.  Continue reading... “Second Half of 2012 is Booming With Indie Film Production in Oregon”

Two Portland Made Films from the Brothers Freeman playing back to back nights at Film Festivals in Oregon.

PORTLAND, Oregon (October 15, 2012) The Feature Films The Weather Outside and Cell Count are screening on two nights at two Oregon film festivals.

First up is The Weather Outside and its World Premiere at this year’s Eugene International Film Festival.  The Weather Outside is the story of Max who “finds himself separated from his family on Christmas Eve. He ultimately comes to the conclusion that his wife has left him and taken their children along with her. One year after the disappearance, he begins to discover that he might have one last risky chance to get them back. Continue reading... “Two Portland Made Films from the Brothers Freeman playing back to back nights at Film Festivals in Oregon.”

Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Koerner Camera Systems


For our next video in the Oregon Film Summer Interns’ “Oregon Vendor Spotlight” series (above) we visited Koerner Camera Systems in Portland.

Koerner Camera Systems provides cameras and equipment to many film and television productions in Oregon.  Thanks to increased business from shows such as  “Grimm” and “Leverage,” Koerner is now the largest camera supplier in the northwest.  Thanks to the infrastructure they have created, other productions in the state now have access to cutting edge technology and equipment.

You can view the first three videos in the series here: “Shop Adorn” , “Local Nursery Supply Chain” and “PG&L and Bend Oregon’s ATI”.   Continue reading... “Oregon Vendor Spotlight: Koerner Camera Systems”

World Premiere of “The Weather Outside”

PORTLAND, Oregon (September 19, 2012) – “The Weather Outside”, produced by Polluted Pictures in association with Wooden Frame Productions, will have its World Premiere as part of  The Eugene International Film Festival at 7 PM on October 19th, 2012 at the Regal Valley River Center Stadium 15 & IMAX  in Eugene, Oregon.

“The Weather Outside” was the second of three feature films shot in 2011 from Wooden Frame Productions that utilized the Oregon state iOPIF rebate program which provides rebates of 20% of goods and services and 10% of Oregon labor for films produced by Oregon filmmakers who spend a minimum of $75,000 but not more than $750,000 on their project. Continue reading... “World Premiere of “The Weather Outside””

Cell Count News


PORTLAND, Oregon (August 22, 2012)  The feature film “Cell Count” premiered on May 20th at the Fantaspoa Fantastic Film Festival in Brazil and plays at the Macabro Film Festival, Montreal HorrorFest, Sitges Film Festival, and Celluloid Screams festival later this year.  Today marks the 6th film festival acceptance from the 13th Annual Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival in Argentina.   The BARS is supported by the National Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, sponsored by the Film Museum of the City of Buenos Aires and declared of cultural interest by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.   Continue reading... “Cell Count News”

Independent Feature, “The A-List” Wraps

“The A List”, On Location In Beaverton

We stopped by the set last week on the penultimate day of shooting for “The A-List“, an independent comedy feature  about a high school senior who is “coerced by his guidance counselor into fulfilling a list of all of her high school fantasies in order for him to graduate”.  This is a first feature to be produced for writer D.J. Halferty and produced by; Ian Rao, Brett Cranford, Matthew Karchesky, Kevin Callies and directed by Will Bigham. Continue reading... “Independent Feature, “The A-List” Wraps”