Independent Feature, “The A-List” Wraps

“The A List”, On Location In Beaverton

We stopped by the set last week on the penultimate day of shooting for “The A-List“, an independent comedy feature  about a high school senior who is “coerced by his guidance counselor into fulfilling a list of all of her high school fantasies in order for him to graduate”.  This is a first feature to be produced for writer D.J. Halferty and produced by; Ian Rao, Brett Cranford, Matthew Karchesky, Kevin Callies and directed by Will Bigham.

“The A List” was shooting for 24 days in Lake Oswego, Beaverton and Portland with a 60 strong crew (virtually all local) and 24 speaking roles, of which 16 were taken by local talent and 8 from Los Angeles.  Hudson Thames, Elizabeth Bond, Alyson Stoner and Hal Sparks star. This indie film took advantage of our iOPIF (Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Fund) tax incentive.


“The A List” Director, Will Bigham (left) and Producer, Matt Karchesky (far right)



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