Check out W+K’s Ian Tait’s Presentation – it’s good!

I saw a tweet from W+K today and immediately got immersed with Ian Tait’s presentation on this website.  He was speaking recently in London at the Creativity and Technology conference.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that every creative professional in Oregon check this out.  Ian joined W+K a year or so ago after success in the digital media industry in London.  I think he’s a real visionary and someone I hope will be a great asset for our local community.

Much of what Ian touches on is an extension of what we tried to cover at “The Brave New World of Media” event a few weeks ago and it’s reassuring that someone of Ian’s status in on the same track as many others in Oregon.  Continue reading... “Check out W+K’s Ian Tait’s Presentation – it’s good!”

Convergence, Parallax, Inter-Axial???

Picture This

Picture This Production Services & Stage hosted a 3D Workshop last month to introduce our community to multiple 3D Camera solutions including the Panasonic AG-3DA1 Camcorder, the first professional 3D dual lens HD video camera in the world, as well as 3D projection and 3D post production solutions.

The workshop kicked off with an introduction to 3D basic terminology and fundamental principles. We were guided through how physical science combined with aesthetic choices and art direction can produce successful and compelling 3D video imagery. Continue reading... “Convergence, Parallax, Inter-Axial???”

Thank you to all the Brave New World Sponsors

Just wanted to send out a thank you to all the organizations and companies so far who have committed to sponsoring the “Brave New World of Media” event on November 17.

Brad Smith and his Webvisions team has done an amazing job so far reaching out to the community and getting spons0rs.  It’s been a pleasure so far working with someone who knows how to put together a first class event.  I’m also thrilled to know that this is the first of what I hope is many more “Backstage Pass” events.  Continue reading... “Thank you to all the Brave New World Sponsors”

The Brave New World of Media – November 17

Digital media, the Internet, games and mobile applications have opened up new channels of distribution for film and television and offer tremendous opportunities for enterprising companies. The traditional model of media production is rapidly changing and it’s more important than ever to develop plans to fully leverage film, video and interactive  projects to reach audiences around the country and around the world.

Buy tickets online starting on Mon., Oct. 18th at Brown Paper Tickets. Continue reading... “The Brave New World of Media – November 17”

Meet the trainer and dog behind the OK Go Video

Lauren Henry from Corvallis based Talented Animals was on KOIN’s show Studio 6 yesterday.  Lauren has been a great resource for the Oregon Film community as she’s always out there plugging our state as a great place to film.  I also happened to be in a meeting yesterday where I met John Sechrest from Corvallis and the one thing he mentioned relating to Oregon Film was this video.  He helped the production secure a space for the video and spoke very highly of the experience.   Continue reading... “Meet the trainer and dog behind the OK Go Video”

Eugene, OR Telecommuncations program has $$$ for you!

I just heard from Pam Berrian, Eugene’s Telecommunications & Cable Program Manager that she still has $20,000 available in their filmmaker equipment fund.  Please note that this pool of money must go towards the purchase of telecommunications equipment.  Pam and her department are big supporters of the film industry and it would be a shame to see this money not get spent on a film or TV project.  All remaining funds will go back into the city of Eugene’s reserve fund July 1, 2011.  Continue reading... “Eugene, OR Telecommuncations program has $$$ for you!”

Fluid Images Honored by OSU

Fluid Images' (Central Oregon) Strada Crane facilitating TV coverage at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Fluid Images, based in Sisters, Central Oregon, is being honored by OSU in receiving the “Orange Spotlight” award.   (The award singles out companies that, amongst other things, are innovative,  stimulate and support the local economy as well as hire skilled and talented OSU alums).

Fluid Images was founded in 1990 when Bob Johnson (OSU graduate) and his son Rick, built  the 72 foot Akela Crane in their barn.  Continue reading... “Fluid Images Honored by OSU”

Like "The Simpsons" and Portland? – Bill Oakley is your guy on Twitter

As is the case when you do a little digging, it’s amazing how many talented writers, directors, actors, and other creative professionals living in Oregon slightly under the radar. A few months ago I met such a talented individual – Bill Oakley. Bill was the show runner for the sixth and seventh seasons of “The Simpsons” as well as many other credits and now he calls Portland his home.

Recently I picked up on Twitter that Bill has started up a Twitter account and I found several of the postings to be pretty funny. Continue reading... “Like "The Simpsons" and Portland? – Bill Oakley is your guy on Twitter”

Old Spice Guy in Portland

Weiden + Kennedy are taking their Old Spice Campaign to the web – in real time!  The past few days they have been recording personalized messages and posting the videos on YouTube and it’s become quite the phenomenon!  Read Write Web got the low down on what W+K is up to.  If you type in  “Old Spice” on YouTube, you’ll see all the videos.  My personal favorite is the message to Alyssa Milano which has already had 72,000 posts.

P.S. Continue reading... “Old Spice Guy in Portland”

Hinge Digital Officially Launches

Thanks to the help of the local PR firm Liaison, Hinge Digital is looking to make a big splash in the animation, visual effects, and digital media industry.  Today Liaison put out the news that the company is officially announcing the launch of their full service facility.  The company was founded by Roland Gauthier, Michael Kuehn, and Alex Tysowsky and quietly they have been able to do land some significant projects.

Continue reading... “Hinge Digital Officially Launches”