Corvallis’ Lauren Henry and Her Talented Animals Featured on “Grimm”

The video above comes to us from KMTR in Eugene, OR.   Their studios recently had a visit from Lauren Henry, co-owner of Talented Animals and two of the latest animal stars from NBC’s “Grimm.”  You can read the full article on KMTR.

“Grimm” was rated the number one show on Friday nights for ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.  The cliff-hanger season one finale aired last week, and production for season two begins in Portland tomorrow. Continue reading... “Corvallis’ Lauren Henry and Her Talented Animals Featured on “Grimm””

Corvallis Oregon Great Locations, Talent, and Crews

Recently Sean Brown a Corvallis based Director made a demo scene from a novel called “Reality Crash” by Cyd Ropp and Lou Grantt, in hopes of getting the film made into a feature.

While gathering all the needed expertise to work on the project Sean found that Corvallis had more then enough talent to make the production a great one.

Sean’s AC, Gaffer, Set Designer/Builder, Costumer, and a few other positions all came from Corvallis. Ryan E Walters as Cinematographer and Christina Kortum for make-up came from the Portland area. Continue reading... “Corvallis Oregon Great Locations, Talent, and Crews”

New Film Hits Corvallis Oregon

Filmmaker Sean Brown has another film in Pre-Production based on the novel Reality Crash.

The Local paper has a short blub about his fund raising project on Kickstarter here.

Corvallis GT

You can find out more by following the links on the Kickstarter page.. He is hopeful to bring the Feature Film to Oregon.

Lets support local film. Continue reading... “New Film Hits Corvallis Oregon”

Meet the trainer and dog behind the OK Go Video

Lauren Henry from Corvallis based Talented Animals was on KOIN’s show Studio 6 yesterday.  Lauren has been a great resource for the Oregon Film community as she’s always out there plugging our state as a great place to film.  I also happened to be in a meeting yesterday where I met John Sechrest from Corvallis and the one thing he mentioned relating to Oregon Film was this video.  He helped the production secure a space for the video and spoke very highly of the experience.   Continue reading... “Meet the trainer and dog behind the OK Go Video”