VFX/PDX Resolve Workshop, 6/21 @ Ai

Part of VFX/PDX’s continuing workshop series aimed at keeping Portland up to date on the latest and greatest when it comes to post production, we bring you a special evening with Davinci Resolve 14. Dave Jahns (Joint) and Blackmagic Design bring you a hands-on look at what’s new with Davinci Resolve 14.

Blackmagic continues to expand and innovate the Davinci Resolve toolset, and with version 14 comes a major step forward via an extensive set of audio tools, facial tracking and correction, and reduced Studio level pricing to compliment the robust free version.  Continue reading... “VFX/PDX Resolve Workshop, 6/21 @ Ai”

Congratulations W+K

The only way you weren’t entertained by at least one Weiden + Kennedy campaign this year was if you refused to look at one screen all year.  Between their “Old Spice” campaign and various “Nike” campaigns, it’s been a banner year for the Portland headquartered ad agency.  Here is a link to their blog where they list all the year end accolades the agency has received so far in 2010. It’s hard to call W+K and ad agency any more after “Old Spice” campaign considering the campaign was as entertaining as most programming these days.  Continue reading... “Congratulations W+K”