Convergence, Parallax, Inter-Axial???

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Picture This Production Services & Stage hosted a 3D Workshop last month to introduce our community to multiple 3D Camera solutions including the Panasonic AG-3DA1 Camcorder, the first professional 3D dual lens HD video camera in the world, as well as 3D projection and 3D post production solutions.

The workshop kicked off with an introduction to 3D basic terminology and fundamental principles. We were guided through how physical science combined with aesthetic choices and art direction can produce successful and compelling 3D video imagery.

Three different types of 3D projection was demonstrated; hybrid anaglyph (viewed with ColorCode glasses) , circular polarized glasses and active shutter glasses. Next we received a crash course in 3D camera equipment and function as we watched a video produced by Panasonic. The 3D format includes new and different levels of complexity that have to be taken into consideration when shooting. This video helped reinforce the basic 3D principles as well as when/how to use the camera’s internal convergence point calculation functionality.

Panasonic’s Bill Kupferle, Stereographer Craig Adkins, and Perry Loveridge were all extremely helpful fielding questions and providing informative answers. Craig showcased footage he shot to illustrate what works and what doesnʼt work when shooting with the 3D format. Being able to, not just see, but experience the physical and psychological depth perception was an extremely successful teaching tool. The imagery really drove home the concepts being discussed.

Human eyes and brain are used to perceiving physical depth information and have very clearly established expectations. It takes knowledge, skill, and practice to develop a successful 3D shooting style. Viewing and deconstructing 3D films on DVD is a great way to learn about this art form.

The 3D format is new to a lot of production houses. We were encouraged to carefully weigh budget considerations regarding the advantages of hiring 3D expertise for shoot days. Another recommendation, increase post-production budgets for your convergence setting. That translates into multiplying some line items times two.

Picture This served a tasty catered lunch and afterwards we experienced a hands on session with multiple 3D camera systems pointing at multiple sets, and in-depth answers to specific questions regarding production, post production and exhibition.

Across the street at the Digital Foundry with Chief Editor John Meyers, a Final Cut Pro demonstration using the Dashwood plug-in was viewed with very cool active shutter glasses.

To learn more about 3D equipment and services call Picture This or check out their website:

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  1. A fantastic front to back solution workshop. If you were unable to make it, contact Aj at 503.445.7877 for a personal tour. Picture This offers 3D and many other cutting edge technologies. Follow us on Facebook for updates of new equipment as it arrives. Stay informed of all the new tools that take your productions to a new level! Check out our new 5D primes and tilt shift lenses, as well as the Kessler Evolution head.

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