How do You Get Cameron, Scorsese, or Tarantino to Teach You at Home?

One of the greatest resources we as filmmakers have today are DVD’s. I can’t tell you how much they come in handy. I myself have over 200 flicks that range from Noir to Horror, Foreign to Family, or Musical to Mayhem, but no matter what the material is, I find that there is a lesson I can learn from each of them and it’s called COMMENTARIES!!!!

Many times I refer to certain discs’ that I have in order to hear the audio commentary. You’ll be surprised how entertaining and informative they can be. With the ever expanding enhancements in our business it seems appropriate that not only directors & cast give their voice, but now we get to hear from Editors, Writers, and other Below the Line talent. As a Producer I’m constantly worried about BUDGET and how I can bring the director’s vision to the screen while at the same time managing someone else’s money. So whatever project I’m on I will watch “like” movies, and hopefully gain some insight into “How did they shoot that”, “why that way”, “how were the effects done”, “post process”, etc.

I chalk it up to more “homework”. We can never learn enough. Listen making movies is not rocket science, we all know how to do it, but at times we all need a good teacher or a little guidance so why not listen to the ones doing it successfully.

So pop the corn, pour the drink, grab Bigelow, Lee, or Rodriquez and push play. Remember…one day we’ll be listening to you.

Best of luck!!!!

-Michael Jones

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