Stories From The Oregon Film Trail – Film Tourism Is Thriving In Brownsville

In recent years, Film Tourism is growing into a more robust niche sector of cultural tourism, and remarkably Oregon has hundreds of incredible locations that have starred in films, TV series, and shows, as well as commercials. The Oregon Film Trail has been slowly rolling out more and more trail stops that highlight our State’s contribution to the film industry.  Historic Brownsville was one of the first towns to welcome Oregon Film Trail signs in recognition of its contribution to the film, “Stand By Me “.   Continue reading... “Stories From The Oregon Film Trail – Film Tourism Is Thriving In Brownsville”

Spotlight On Location Professional – Mike Floyd

Mike Floyd on Mount Hood: Photo by Rob Jenkins
The stunning landscapes of Oregon have been a great inspiration for the past 25 years.  I have been exploring and photographing around Oregon and the NW since 1993.  
After graduating from photo school at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a couple years as the park photographer for Yosemite National Park, I found my way to Portland and have been loving it ever since.
Several years as a photo assistant and photographer gave me the experience to know what a crew may need from a location, and what may go wrong once the crew is on site. 
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Tips For Renting Your ‘Hot Property’ As A Film Location

Filming “Train Master 2” in Portland

Of the five major broadcast television networks’ 23 new one-hour dramas offered up last year, only two were filmed in Hollywood. State tax incentives from outside California have successfully lured many productions to other economies, and created a growing market for a variety of property owners in Oregon as location providers. Indicating the extent to which films are made outside the confines of studio lots in America, about five years ago- when California still commanded the lion’s share of the film location market -Los Angeles County issued permits for over 30,000 film location days, with about 75% of Southern California’s location filming shooting in private residences. Continue reading... “Tips For Renting Your ‘Hot Property’ As A Film Location”