Celebrate & Connect with OMPA On June 29! (Virtual Event)

Celebrate & Connect: June 29, 2021 from 5-6:30pm PT. RSVP for Zoom info.
EVENT GRAPHIC CAPTION: Indie filmmaker Dawn Jones Redstone co-led the HB3010 effort with Actor/Producer Ashley Mellinger. Photo by Kisha Jarrett.

Our industry thrives when we work together! Join us virtually on Tuesday, June 29, from 5-6:30pm to celebrate all of the advocacy accomplishments of the last six months, and the people who made them possible. Plus, stick around and chat with your peers. We’ll lead breakout rooms with conversation starters to help spark connection.Thank you, Portland Film Office, for sponsoring this virtual event!

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#ThankYouGrimm – Governor To Unveil Grove Of Trees

Next week, Governor Kate Brown, will unveil a grove of trees in a north Portland park, as a way to permanently thank many departments in the City of Portland, and to celebrate the crew, vendors and service people of Oregon that made it possible for the show to be such a success.

Friends of Trees will be planting; Hamamelis virginiana- Witch-hazel, Crataegus doiuglassii-  Black Hawthorn and Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’- Canada Chokecherry, in a small grove, befitting of the show. Continue reading... “#ThankYouGrimm – Governor To Unveil Grove Of Trees”

Grove of Trees To Be Planted In North Portland Park- #ThankYouGrimm

Behind the scenes shooting of “Grimm” (NBC Universal)

We are excited to announce that, along with City of Portland, and Friends of Trees, we will be planting a grove of trees in a north Portland park as a fitting way to say #ThankyouGrimm. “Grimm” the #OregonMade, NBC Universal series, shot in many locations around the metro area.  The show ended earlier this year after 6 years and 123 episodes, all based in Oregon.  This remarkable series not only added to Oregon’s marketing perception around the world, it also provided 300 jobs on a year-to-year basis and directly spend almost $300M in the state. Continue reading... “Grove of Trees To Be Planted In North Portland Park- #ThankYouGrimm”

Welcome Shelley

Today Portland announced that Shelley Midthun has taken over the position of the Liaison for the Mayor’s Office of Film and Video at the Portland Development commission.  Here is the announcement from the Mayor’s office.

I’ve had the chance to meet Shelley a few times and I can promise you that she is coming into the office with a lot of enthusiasm and desire to help the industry continue to move forward.  In the two years that I’ve been at the state film office, the city of Portland has been a great partner in bringing projects to the state and I’m sure that Shelley will do all she can to continue that positive partnership. Continue reading... “Welcome Shelley”