#ThankYouGrimm – Governor To Unveil Grove Of Trees

Next week, Governor Kate Brown, will unveil a grove of trees in a north Portland park, as a way to permanently thank many departments in the City of Portland, and to celebrate the crew, vendors and service people of Oregon that made it possible for the show to be such a success.

Friends of Trees will be planting; Hamamelis virginiana- Witch-hazel, Crataegus doiuglassii-  Black Hawthorn and Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’- Canada Chokecherry, in a small grove, befitting of the show. Continue reading... “#ThankYouGrimm – Governor To Unveil Grove Of Trees”

Over 7000 High Schools Students Attended NW Youth Careers Expo 2016

Students talking with HouseSpecial
Students talking with HouseSpecial

Oregon Film hosted a booth again this year at the NW Youth Careers Expo, and we were joined by representatives from:

Selected high school students, and Governor Kate Brown, addressed the pre-expo breakfast attendees, reinforcing the message that supporting Oregon’s youth as they emerge into the workforce is integral to our state’s growth.

The expo was put on by the Portland Workforce Alliance, and had over 160 exhibitors. Continue reading... “Over 7000 High Schools Students Attended NW Youth Careers Expo 2016”