Grove of Trees To Be Planted In North Portland Park- #ThankYouGrimm

Behind the scenes shooting of “Grimm” (NBC Universal)

We are excited to announce that, along with City of Portland, and Friends of Trees, we will be planting a grove of trees in a north Portland park as a fitting way to say #ThankyouGrimm. “Grimm” the #OregonMade, NBC Universal series, shot in many locations around the metro area.  The show ended earlier this year after 6 years and 123 episodes, all based in Oregon.  This remarkable series not only added to Oregon’s marketing perception around the world, it also provided 300 jobs on a year-to-year basis and directly spend almost $300M in the state. On top of that, the dedicated cast was so invested in Oregon, they annually hosted a large fundraiser for the world renown Doernbecher Children’s hospital raising more than $800,000 this year in under three hours for a total more than $1.5M donated over 3 years to a program they started to support the families of children being treated at Doernbecher called The Grimmster Endowment.  We hope the grove of trees will serve as a reminder for years to come, of all the good the show has brought to Oregon.  #ThankyouGrimm

Watch out for more news on this to come…..



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