Portland Digital eXperience Showcases Local Animation Talent

Portland has a reputation for creating world-class animation.  Whether we’re making feature films or iconic commercials, using traditional stop-motion, CG or state of the art VFX, Portland is a hub for animation within the entertainment industry.

But what exactly do we mean when we refer to “animation”?  Beyond movies and television, animation plays an increasing role in education, business solutions and interactive experiences of all kinds.  Animation creates movement; it brings ideas to life.

On Thursday, Sept. 6 at 4:30pm Portland Digital eXperience presents  Creative Technology in Portland:  Local Innovators in Animation at Pure Space in Northwest Portland.  Continue reading... “Portland Digital eXperience Showcases Local Animation Talent”

Welcome Shelley

Today Portland announced that Shelley Midthun has taken over the position of the Liaison for the Mayor’s Office of Film and Video at the Portland Development commission.  Here is the announcement from the Mayor’s office.

I’ve had the chance to meet Shelley a few times and I can promise you that she is coming into the office with a lot of enthusiasm and desire to help the industry continue to move forward.  In the two years that I’ve been at the state film office, the city of Portland has been a great partner in bringing projects to the state and I’m sure that Shelley will do all she can to continue that positive partnership. Continue reading... “Welcome Shelley”