BENT Goes “Over the Garden Wall” for Cartoon Network

Portland, Or – Animation studio BENT Image Lab conjures up a series of whimsical storybook promos for Cartoon Network’s “Over the Garden Wall”. Directed by BENT’s Solomon Burbridge, the promos bury the viewer deep inside the beautiful CG/stop-motion pages of a forest-woven book, seamlessly transitioning to clips from the show.

“I wanted to take the well worn old trope of ‘from the vaults’ or ‘magic book opening’ and add a new twist to it,” says Burbridge. “The idea of an infinite tunnel book was a great way to further this idea by giving the interior pages dimension and atmosphere. Continue reading... “BENT Goes “Over the Garden Wall” for Cartoon Network”

Bent Image Lab Takes Manhattan

Reception4_blogPortland, Or. – BENT Image Lab, the internationally award-winning animation and visual effects company, has opened a new office in New York City. Coming on the heels of its expansion into Spain, the thriving studio specializes in all forms of animation including CG, stop motion, 2D as well as VFX for TV and film, live action projects and post production. The growth is fueled by BENT’s strong commercial roster, its move into long form programming, and its expansion into the digital markets. Continue reading... “Bent Image Lab Takes Manhattan”

Hallmark and Bent Image Lab’s Halloween Comedy: “hoops&yoyo’s Haunted Halloween”

Airing this Friday, October 26, 2012 7pm/6pm central on Hallmark Channel …

Bent Image Lab and Hallmark have joined forces once again this time to produce the 2D animated comedy “hoops&yoyo’s Haunted Halloween”. Based off of the popular Hallmark e- card characters, the “hoops&yoyo” TV Special was directed by Bent’s Rob Shaw and features the hilarious pink cat and green bunny getting trapped in a haunted mall on Halloween night. 

Starring Mike Adair, Bob Holt and Bev Carlson as Hoops, Yoyo and their friend Piddles (of undetermined species), the story starts as the threesome race to buy costumes the afternoon of Halloween. Continue reading... “Hallmark and Bent Image Lab’s Halloween Comedy: “hoops&yoyo’s Haunted Halloween””

Portland Digital eXperience Showcases Local Animation Talent

Portland has a reputation for creating world-class animation.  Whether we’re making feature films or iconic commercials, using traditional stop-motion, CG or state of the art VFX, Portland is a hub for animation within the entertainment industry.

But what exactly do we mean when we refer to “animation”?  Beyond movies and television, animation plays an increasing role in education, business solutions and interactive experiences of all kinds.  Animation creates movement; it brings ideas to life.

On Thursday, Sept. 6 at 4:30pm Portland Digital eXperience presents  Creative Technology in Portland:  Local Innovators in Animation at Pure Space in Northwest Portland.  Continue reading... “Portland Digital eXperience Showcases Local Animation Talent”

Bent Image Lab launches into Television Programming with “Jingle All the Way” for the Hallmark Channel

Bent Image Lab, the animation studio behind many successful commercials, music videos, shorts, and visual effects projects is now co-producing long format content for television. “Jingle All the Way”, a stop motion animated show for Hallmark Channel is Bent’s first endeavor into long form animation. Airing November 25th as part of Hallmark Channel’s “Countdown to Christmas”, “Jingle All the Way” is based off of an original storybook from Hallmark. The show was directed by Bent partner Chel White, produced by Bent’s Executive Producer Tsui Ling Toomer and executively produced by Bent Partner Ray Di Carlo and Hallmark’s Jodi Schade, Diana Stuart, Chad Harris, and Shawn McClaren. Continue reading... “Bent Image Lab launches into Television Programming with “Jingle All the Way” for the Hallmark Channel”