Good Sundance Review Of @MaconBlair ‘s New #OregonMade Film

Macon Blair‘s #OregonMade, “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore” received a good Sundance Film review.   Macon Blair has a history in Oregon, as he starred-in, and co-produced, (alongside Oregonian, Neil Kopp) in another #OregonMade project, “Green Room“.


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Call For Shooters: Displaced – THEATRE/MUSIC/MULTIMEDIA FULLY STAGED READING / Presented by CompassWorks / Written & performed by Eliza Jane Schneider

“Displaced,” running Jan 20 to 28 at Portland’s Abbey Arts in Portsmouth as part of the Fertile Ground Festival, is an innovative documentary theatre experience that gives us a new and powerful way to connect with the phenomenon of homelessness and the extraordinary value of those who see us, even though we have forgotten that they exist. A solo show by actor, musician, and dialect guru Eliza Jane Schneider, “Displaced” uses interviews from her travels around the world busking and interviewing people living homeless in New Zealand, Liverpool, Dublin, Hong Kong, Lagos, San Diego, and Seattle.

We invite you all to come and we are seeking local shooters to video the show for us. Details are below. If you are available, please call 310-455-0007 email [email protected] to talk rates and timing.

CompassWorks presents
Written & performed by Eliza Jane Schneider
Directed by Bruce A. Hostetler
Festival Dates:  Jan 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 @ 8pm; Jan 22 @ 3pm
Venue:  Abbey Arts
7600 N Hereford Ave.
Tickets:  $20; $15 Students (with ID)
Buy tickets:

Displaced is an innovative documentary theatre experience that gives us a new and powerful way to connect with the phenomenon of homelessness and the extraordinary value of those who see us, even though we have forgotten that they exist. Through live-looped music (performed on a 7-string violin) and character impersonations by an actress described by Bruce Weber of the New York Times as “capable of astonishing transformations,” Displaced brings the world’s untouchables to life. Eliza Jane Schneider, the award-winning actress best known for voicing all of the female characters on Comedy Central’s South Park, spent the first two decades of her career traveling the world as a street musician. Her role evolved into that of a grass-roots journalist, one who shared space with, broke bread with and, ultimately, tape-recorded the unique and powerful stories of abandoned, mistreated and, often, triumphant human beings living in the streets of our planet’s wealthiest and poorest cities. Bruce A. Hostetler is the Artistic Director of CompassWorks, a Portland theatre company focused on illuminating untold stories through work based on interviews. He holds an MFA in Directing from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, and directs throughout North America. This production contains mature subject matter and language.

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“Grimm” Is Almost Gone, But Not Forgotten, Portland Business Journal Sums Up 7 years and 6 Seasons

Portland Business Journal

Grimm” has made Portland home for 7 years, hired around 1,000 people (80 percent of the crew have been local, and about 250 full time crew), spent a little over $55 million each year, and has helped many vendors and support businesses expand in equipment and employees, as well as showcase Portland’s varied locations.  The show leaves behind a honed, skilled crew, and world class vendors and services. Last week, The Portland Buisness Journal took a look at all the angles on what the show has brought to Oregon – read more in the links below.



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“Wie is di Mol” Showcases Oregon

YouTube Preview Image

The Dutch version of the reality show, “The Mole” showcases virtually the whole state in it’s splendor.  The Dutch show shot throughout Oregon last spring, and just begun airing to Dutch viewers over the week end.  Read more on this story the Oregonian.

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ShadowMachine’s “BoJack Horseman” Gathers Accolades

Netflix 2015

Netflix’s original animated series, “BoJack Horseman” , (its 4th season, coming this summer)  created by ShadowMachine, has been gathering some accolades.  Nominated this year for an Annie Award for Best General Audience Animated TV/Broadcast Production and Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production(announced next month) and recently won the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Animated Series (as well as nominations for 2016 Annie and WGA Awards.0

The show is created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, and stars Will Arnett as the title character, Amy Sedaris, and Alison Brie, and is animated by ShadowMachine.




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Goodbye To “Grimm” – Last Season Premiering Tomorrow Night on NBC

YouTube Preview Image

Tomorrow night sees “Grimm“‘s last season premiere – we will all be sad to say goodbye to the show’s quirky and murky portrayal of Portland’s fictitious underbelly, the real city locations, the Wesen, the Police precinct, and the many character actors and stars alike.  Six seasons, seven years in the making, and well over 100 episodes later, “Grimm” is set to come to an end, but it leaves behind a healthy and successful legacy of collaboration between the city, NBC, the many crew members, special effects houses, extras,  and literally hundreds of local services and vendors.

Read how much the show’s stars (David GiuntoliSilas Weir Mitchell, Bree Turner, Hank Griffin, Sasha Roiz, Bitsie Tulloch, Reggie Lee, Claire Coffee) will all miss Portland too!

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Baker Heritage Museum Starting To Plan For 50th Anniversary of “Paint Your Wagon”

YouTube Preview Image

Paint Your Wagon” shot outside of Baker City, filming between May and October, 1968 – a western musical film starring Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, and Jean Seberg, adapted by Paddy Chayefsky from the 1951 stage musical by Lerner and Loewe.  “Wagon”was set in a mining camp in Gold Rush-era California, although the actual location of the main set was close to Baker City, and the Eagle Cap Mountains along East Eagle and Jack Creek.

The Baker Heritage Museum is starting to plan for the 50th Anniversary of “Paint Your Wagon” exhibit, and will be on display at the museum 2018-19. They are currently gathering stories, loans of artifacts, and photographs to add to their current exhibit.
“The film was released at a time when movie musicals were going out of fashion, especially with younger audiences. Its overblown budget and nearly 3-hour length became notorious in the press. Eastwood was frustrated by the long delays in the making of the film, later saying that the experience strengthened his resolve to become a director. According to Robert Osborne, Marvin drank heavily during the filming, which may have enhanced his screen appearance, but led to delays and many retakes.” BHM.
If you  are interested in participating in this project, contact the Baker Heritage Museum, 541-523-9308.


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Portland Global Game Jam® 2017 (hosted by PIGSquad)



The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development.

Attn jammers! Global Game Jam gives creatives an opportunity to develop games among friends and new acquaintances in 48 hours with the Portland Indie Game Squad!


The event kicks off on Friday evening at the Art Institute of Portland with a keynote, icebreakers, idea generating activities, and team forming (approx. 1-2 hours). After jammers are satisfied with their ideas and teams, they will work on their games until they approach the deadline on Sunday afternoon, when they can share our games with each other in a showcase setting! To support a fun, inspiring environment, jammers are welcome to stay on site (48 hour access) at the Art Institute for the entire weekend.

The event is free, and registration is open to the public (18+). GGJ provides great opportunity for total beginners, industry veterans, and anything in between. PIGSquad will be hosting events leading up the the jam, and after for those who want to showcase their projects, and as always the last 2 hours of our jam will be used as a showcase.

To hold your place at the jam, sign up for a ticket via Eventbrite!


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YouTube Preview Image

Conversation with fascinating people, Table sits at the crossroads of socializing and social issues; activism and pessimism; face-to-face communication and the virtual age. Blending race, gender, generation, and party into a conversation where opinions are equal and relationships are developed. Replacing fear based sound bites; Table creates memorable entertainment with dialog, story, and community wrapped in the lost art of an entertaining dinner party. Table is a loose interpretation of the Jeffersonian dinner where in order to address a major cultural issue of the day, the finest minds were assembled and asked to share compelling personal stories as the entire party looked for the answers.

Two episodes are being released today: Civility and Grace.

Ways to Watch:
The project is exciting and the format really leads itself to what our country needs right now. I hope you enjoy it.
And…….please do me one favor and LIKE the project on Facebook here:
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#OregonMade – Brand New Products Supporting The Oregon Made Creative Foundation

Available  now to order – two fantastic  #OregonMade products for all of those you know who love Oregon as much as we do!  These first two quality products we have created are limited in numbers, and printed (bandana) and hand-crafted (key fobs) in Oregon, and best of all, the proceeds will go towards a new fund we have created – the  Oregon Made Creative Foundation. (Both $10)

WHAT IS THE OREGON MADE CREATIVE FOUNDATION? Oregon Film has partnered with the Charitable Partnership Fund (a 501[c][3]) to create a limited and unique line of products that celebrate the #OregonMade brand. All net proceeds will be used for grants for low or micro-budget #OregonMade creative content projects initiated in Oregon by Oregonians, or made in Oregon with Oregonians!

So don’t delay! Order now for all those you know who love Oregon, and in doing so help smaller Oregon projects get off the ground! Please help us spread the word!  Shop.





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