#OregonMade 50th Anniversary Film Series – “My Own Private Idaho” April 2nd

#OregonMade Film Series

To put it simply, there have been a lot of great movies made in Oregon. Going back more than 100 years to “The Fisherman’s Bride” in Astoria, through to Buster Keaton’s, “The General”  shot in Cottage Grove; then moving into the westerns that took advantage of the diverse locations of Central Oregon and Mt. Hood – “True Grit”, “The Way West”, and “Bend of The River.”  These were followed by musicals like, “Paint Your Wagon,” and classic indies like, “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Drugstore Cowboy,” and “Sometimes A Great Notion.” More commercial successes such as, “Stand By Me,” “Point Break,” “Twilight”, and of course, “The Goonies” soon followed.  To help Oregon Film celebrate its 50th anniversary, this series will call on just a few examples of this rich history to be enjoyed (again) by us all.


April 2nd, 7.30 PM at the Hollywood Theatre:  “My Own Private Idaho” on 35mm Print – don’t miss it!
As part of its 50th Anniversary, Oregon Film has teamed up with the Hollywood Theatre to bring several films shot in Oregon back to the big screen. Gus Van Sant’s Shakespearean tale with River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves follows two friends, Mike and Scott, as they embark on a journey of personal discovery that is mostly set in Portland but takes them to Mike’s hometown in Idaho and finally to Italy in search of Mike’s mother. Visually and stylistically stunning in every way, “My Own Private Idaho” brings together many of the best attributes of the contemporary “Oregon Cinematic” genre. Presented on a 35mm print!

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Oregon’s Top Trainer Talks To The Animals


Lauren Henry and partner Roland Sonnenburg started Talented Animals in 2005, and, if a film was made in Oregon and there was a live animal in it, chances are they were trained by Talented Animals.

Willamette Week’s Jay Horton profiled Henry and Talented Animals which are now, arguably, the most sought-after animal trainer in the Pacific Northwest. Remember the llama and rattlesnake in “Wild?” Yup, that was them. But make sure you check out the upcoming “Lean on Pete” (playing at Portland International Film Festival on Feb. 28) to see their incredible work with horses.

We caught up with Lauren and her time on “Lean On Pete”  –

“It was a great production!  We really enjoyed working in some of the less typical parts or Oregon – usually everyone wants Portland, the lush green woods, the beautiful mountains, or the coast, so it was a fun change of pace to go to central Oregon and work in some of the expansive deserts.  The landscapes were phenomenal. The only drawback was they kept wanting to film the awe-inspiring sunsets, and we really wanted to stop working and just bask in the splendor for a while!”

“There were three horses that played Pete, the lead, Starsky and two doubles.  There were three other acting horses that played characters in the film, plus of course race horses race and pony horses that were not provided by us but were actual horses from the racing world. We even used a local horse in Burns for a few scenes, and she did a great job. Charlie (Plummer) , Steve (Buscemi), and Chloë (Sevigny) were all really good with the horses. They all came out and spent time training and getting comfortable with them and working with horses, and genuinely were all fabulous to work with. They rolled up their sleeves, put on boots, and got in there working!  Charlie especially had to get comfortable in the role, so for several days we pretty much put him to work cleaning stalls, grooming horses, and building a friendship with Starsky the lead horse, Charlie was great.  He has a natural gentleness that all the horses loved, and he was always happy to do what was needed.  The director,  Andrew Haigh, although a bit nervous around horses at first, had a really good eye and knew what he was looking for.  In the beginning, we sent him pictures and videos of many horses to look at, and then had several casting sessions where he came out and met them.  The day he met Starsky he said he knew that was “Pete” before he even got out of the car.”

“Lean On Pete”  premiered to exceptional reviews at The Venice Film Festival in competition and also played Telluride and Toronto earlier this year and will be in theatres Marhc 30th

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Comedy, Web Series Focus Group!!

Watch a half hour to an hour of four, comedy, web episodes in Portland!

Complete a two minute survey and discuss answers with a moderator.

Snacks and drinks provided.  My film partner and I are looking forward to your feedback!

Date/Day/Time/Location T.B.A. (end of March or April 2018).

Please RSVP if you or someone you know is interested.

I may be reached by email at [email protected] for questions or comments.

Thank you.

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Ashland Independent Film Festival to Announce Full Line-up at Festival Preview Night and Offers a Sneak Peek at 10 Highlights


Adapted by Ian McEwan from his bestselling novel, ON CHESIL BEACH centers on a young couple of drastically different backgrounds in the summer of 1962. Photo courtesy of the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

The Ashland Independent Film Festival will announce its 2018 film and event lineup at their Festival Preview Night at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 20 at the SOU Music Recital Hall in Ashland. This is the first chance to see clips from festival films, pick up the Pocket Guide, and get insider information on special guests and new events for AIFF2018. This event is FREE, and open to the public. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. There is a suggested donation of $10.

 Read More »

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[SEE] the Power of Story – March 10 – Field Office

Get ready to participate in a historic first at [SEE] 2018.

[SEE] Story | Experience | Engagement | brings together world-class storytellers through their unique mediums such as food, technology, voice and film to explore story as a powerful form of communication and the role it plays in shaping our world. With an intimate audience of 250 guests, only 100 tickets are available to the public so be sure to reserve your spot today.


30 filmmakers travelled the globe in pursuit of the most inspiring stories. Join the cast and crew at the premiere of their five remarkable short story films.  Read More »

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Spotlight On Location Professionals – Don Baldwin

Don Baldwin on location in the Oregon high desert

A native Oregonian, Don Baldwin is a location scout and manager with broad production experience over nearly three decades of work in the Pacific Northwest. Following six years of active duty as a naval officer, including three extended deployments to the Western Pacific, he returned to Portland and began work in film and video production. Working mainly in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho he’s built a varied resume including experience in major feature films, independent film, and episodic television, with extensive credits for commercial production companies and still photographers.
In 2016 he was location manager for Andrew Haigh’s “Lean On Pete,” helping create the hardscrabble Portland existence of the film’s characters, and tracking the journey of its hero from Portland through eastern Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and, ultimately, Wyoming, almost all within Oregon’s borders. (“Lean On Pete” is on theatres March 30th.)

Most recently he was named, with his wife, Beth Melnick, a finalist for a Location Manager’s Guild International award for Outstanding Locations in a Commercial for The North Face’s Ventrix™ jacket . When on production he is a faithful observer of Hawaiian Shirt Friday!

An avid soccer fan, he lives in Portland and spends his free time supporting the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns, and volunteers teaching CPR through the Timbers Army supporters group.”

Tillamook State Forest: photo Don Baldwin

Some of the commercial companies and accounts Don has worked on are: Anonymous Content, RSA Films, Farm League, Gravy Productions, Radical Media, Harvest Films, R2C Group, Ford, Toyota, John Deere, The North Face, Subaru, Consumer Cellular, US Cellular




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Eastern Oregon Film Festival Submit

Eastern Oregon Film Festival (EOFF) is now accepting submissions for its ninth year of programming. Hailed as “one of the country’s most inspired small showcases for true indie cinema” by Hammer to Nail and noted as “top 25 coolest film festivals in the world” by MovieMaker Magazine — EOFF looks to be another great year of programming.  Read More »

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RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARCHIVE Body of Evidence (Uli Edel, 1993)

Fair warning intrepid Archivists – this one is adult-themed and, well, (retro)(un)sexy. Be warned.

This week we pay a visit to a lightning bolt of 80’s and 90’s love/hate iconography; that vamp and Diva, strike-a-pose devotress: Madonna. For those of us who lived through the days of trying to determine if the aluminum clad, coffee table, button-pusher “Sex” was (self)exploitation or art, we know that any and all Madonna movies are to be taken with their own particular grain of salt(iness), and this week’s Raid to the Oregon Film vaults is no exception.

(And make sure you read to the end where a film this humble intro-host worked on oh-too-many-years-ago that he felt would never be mentioned again, is not only mentioned but lauded. Who knew Last Exit to Brooklyn had fans? I guess that makes standing on the freezing streets of Red Hook before it was hip…well, now hip. Thanks for that.)

And, don’t forget, Madonna may be just-this-side of a memory with a faux-British accent these days, but Willem Defoe was just nominated for an Oscar. And, not only that, Joe Mantegna’s daughter was in town last summer shooting a series here.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

When Macbeth heard the three witches’ dismal predictions about his future, he took care of business so that he might avoid losing his head on the way to the throne, making sure that their prophecy couldn’t come true.  But in the back of his mind, he always knew that something was amiss: he can never shake his “horrible imaginings” of a vague dark fate waiting him in the future, regardless of how well prepared he thinks he is.  He knows something bad is coming his way.  He feels it and dreads it, until the day it arrives, carrying a sword with Macbeth’s name on it.  Read More »

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Behind the Scenes of Pixar’s Coco – March 8 @ OMSI

VFX/PDX and OMSI are teaming to bring you a can’t miss night of Reel Science, taking us behind the scenes of Pixar’s Coco.

Sponsored by SideFX, Pixar Animation Studios FX Supervisor Michael O’Brien and FX Lead Keith Klohn will be live in-person, navigating us through the challenges met during production. Pixar’s workflow and innovation will be on full display, highlighting their FX setups and the power of SideFX Houdini in their toolset. These are behind the scenes “dvd extras” and untold stories from the trenches that you’ll never see anywhere else! We are lucky to have Michael and Keith take the time out from other projects and a busy awards season.  Read More »

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Filmed by Bike Film Fest Heads to SXSW


The Filmed by Bike film festival was started in 2003 as a way to get people excited about bikes and to celebrate the creative Portland bike community. Founder and Director Ayleen Crotty says she never imagined the festival would grow to where it is today with film submissions from all over the world.

Now, in its 16th year, the festival is headed to SXSW in Austin this March.

 Read More »

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