NOW OPEN: Submissions for the 2015 Portland Film Festival

Portland Film Festival

Filmmakers, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Portland Film Festival is looking for some good films with compelling stories for submission. Do you have any suggestions? Please submit your narrative features, documentaries, shorts of all kinds, transmedia, web series, student films and more.

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KLCC Interview with Oregon Film Exec Dir Tim Williams

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 3.08.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 3.08.52 PM

Tim Williams is the new Executive Director of Oregon Film—more formally known as the Governor’s Office of Film and Television. He speaks with Eric Alan about the growing and shifting media industry in Oregon, at a time when the word “film” is losing its traditional meaning, as the creative form opens to new digital horizons.

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Ashland Independent Film Festival Opens April 9th

YouTube Preview Image

Southern Oregon University and AIFF Alum, Austin Halvorsen, put together this promo for #AIFF 2015.  The festival opens April 9th and runs through 13th. View the schedule here.

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“Ansys Forte – Follow the Chemistry” New rDMS work

With their quirky and ultra-stylish Pizza Schmizza social media spot hot off the press, the Revolver DMS (rDMS) team shifted gears/genres and produced a more suspense-based web spot in collaboration with tech B2B marketing agency McClenahan Bruer (McBru).

The original Producer we were working with had resigned from the project for personal reasons, and I requested a couple of bids,” explains McBru Senior Communications Counsel Tarah Hartzler. “We had a script, storyboards and a few actors who fit our needs. We still needed the creative direction, video production and a spot delivered on a quick turnaround.”

The video’s main message is that “ANSYS Forte” is the CFD software of choice, leaving all other competitors in the dust. It is film noir style, playing up the mystery behind the hero character’s journey and arriving at a solution for engineers and companies operating in the marketplace. Director Bryan R. Thompson pointed out, “We looked at the opening sequence of Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Drive’ [2011] for visual inspiration.”

The storyboards and script called for a metaphorical car chase. Producer Benjamin James worked with the City of Portland and Northwest Traffic Control to close down a lane of traffic in Southeast Portland:

Our primary goal on every project is that everyone goes home safe. We scheduled several pre-production meetings with every department head to ensure every detail was addressed and properly communicated. We covered every problem that could arise and made sure we had a successful, safe and swift work around during the video shoot.”

The final spot, “ANSYS Forte – Follow the Chemistry” is currently viewing on Vimeo and various social media channels. Revolver Digital Media Studio is a West Coast-based video production company that produces music videos, shorts, web series, commercials and feature films.

For more information on how to create affordable, compelling visual stories for your brand, contact rDMS at (503) 896-2226 or [email protected].

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Hollywood Theater’s Amazing 70mm Efforts Featured in “State of Wonder”

The Hollywood Theatre Resurrects 70mm Film with “2001: A Space Odyssey” – great story from OPB’s State of Wonder by Aaron Scott.


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Portland’s LOWER BOOM at SXSW 2015

Lower Boom, a new Portland-based micro-budget movie studio and talent incubator, is heading to SXSW to host a filmmakers get-together, this Sunday, March 15th at the Austin Marriott.

Lower Boom will be giving guests a sneak-peek of their inaugural movie, LETTER B, as well as unveiling the prototype of their Discovery app. The app allows users to discover new films, stories and videos in an easy, fun and mobile-friendly way, as well as providing the opportunity and infrastructure to support exciting new storytellers. Lower Boom is reaching out to filmmakers everywhere to help beta test the app.

Follow Lower Boom’s Austin adventure at, check out the new website:, and email [email protected] to learn more, or to take part in the Discovery app beta test.

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DisOrient Asian American Film Festival Gets Surprise “Fan Mail” on YouTube

Check out the great testament to the festival from an award winning filmmaker on this video and then make sure you get to Eugene next month to check out the Festival itself which runs at Bijou Art Cinema from April 17 – 19.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 11.40.24 AM

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Hinge Brings Households Together for Cox Communications

Hinge teamed up again with PM Publicidad in Atlanta to create this broadcast spot showcasing six very different consumer households in one seamless camera move for Cox Communications. The deceptively simple looking spot was the product of meticulous orchestration between the live action and CG worlds.

VFX Breakdown:
The project workflow began with the previs team: They roughed out the six virtual sets and developed a loopable camera move to program the Milo motion control rig. At the shoot, a RED EPIC was mounted to the Milo arm, and captured each household’s performance on the green screen sweep, as the Milo moved down the tracks. Back at Hinge, the CG look development team dressed and lighted the digital sets, while the composting team pulled keys, rotoscoped and integrated the talent and central props into each household. Last but not least, final color grading brought it all together for delivery.

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Tom Kane’s Film Production Workshop, April 11 and 12

2015_workshop_PORTLANDOn April 11th and 12th, Tom Kane is bringing a 2-Day Film Production Workshop to Portland, Oregon. Tom has had a long and distinguished career in the Film and Television industry. As a Producer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director, his clients have included Twentieth Century Fox, Miramax Films, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros., ABC Motion Pictures, Universal Pictures, Turner Network Television, CBS, NBC, ABC, and Hallmark Entertainment.

Tom’s Film Credits include: Kramer vs. Kramer, Prizzi’s Honor, Raging Bull, The Flamingo Kid, Taxi Driver, The Stepford Wives, Crossfire Trail, Swimming to Cambodia.

Tom has taught Film and Video production to thousands of students from around the world. He created “The Assistant Director & Unit Production Manager Workshop” for The Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine, where he instructed for 13 years.

The Workshop will teach you how to successfully plan, organize and manage a film or video production. You will break down a feature script, create a shooting schedule, production board, and day-out-of-days. You also go on a location scout to learn the professional approach to detail for each location. This workshop is ideal for aspiring producers, production managers, assistant directors, screenwriters, actors, and anyone wishing to explore a career in film and video production. Beginners are welcome.

Location: To Be Determined 9am to 6pm
Log onto for details E-mail: [email protected]

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Short Film from Oregon Humanities

Oregon Humanities is proud to debut “Future: Portland,” a short video inspired by Ifanyi Bell’s essay from the Quandary issue of Oregon Humanities magazine, “The Air I Breathe.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.13.56 AM

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