“Simpsons” Mural Unveiled In Springfield, Oregon

"The Simpsons" Mural on the side of the Emerald Arts Center in Springfield, Oregon

“The Simpsons” Mural on the side of the Emerald Arts Center in Springfield, Oregon

Honoring the 25th Anniversary of  “The Simpsons“, a mural went up on the side of the Emerald Arts Center in downtown Springfield with Matt Groenings’s blessing.  It can finally be put to rest ,that the Springfield in the show, is indeed the Springfield in Oregon!

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Laika’s “The Boxtrolls” Screens At 71st Venice Film Festival

YouTube Preview Image

Laika’s  third big, stop motion feature, “The Box Trolls”  screened out of competition last Sunday at the 71st Venice Film Festival and in theatres later this month, (September 26th).

Based on Alan Snow’s “Here Be Monsters”, the cardboard wearing Boxtrolls live beneath the streets of Cheesborough, only coming up from underground at night to collect items they need to build machines for their underground city. Ben Kinglsey, Elle Fanning, Toni Collette, Jared Harris, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Richard Ayoade all star in feature, with Anthony Stacchi (“Open Season”) and Graham Annabel (story artist on “Coraline” and “ParaNorman“) co-directing, and produced by Travis Knight and David IchiokaFocus Features holds the worldwide distribution rights. “The Boxtrolls” was made at Laika’s studio in Hillsboro, Oregon, and employed a cast and crew of around 200 people.


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“Brother In Laws” Currently Filming in Southern Oregon

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Bill Pullman (“Independence Day”, “While You Were Sleeping”) and Rita Wilson  (“Jingle All The Way”, “Runaway Bride”) are currently starring in “Brother In Laws” (working title) shooting in and around Klamath Falls this month and next.  Downtown Klamath Falls, a rural cabin, and Lake of Woods are some of a number of locations being used.  Line Producer, Jenny Hinkey, told NBC 2 News, that she expects at least $700,000 will be spent in the local economy.  Hinkey said, “In a very brief amount of time we can have a have a great impact on an area, and it’s a lot of fun for the community”.

According to Southern Oregon’s  Herald &News, Linda Warner from the Klamath Falls Downtown Association said the production “loved the energy of the downtown and the wonderful old buildings,” and were attracted to the location during a “Third Thursday” event taking place in town.  Some local businesses are already benefiting from the production setting up shop, a home decor store is being used as a location, and a scuba shop is renting some gear to the costume department.  The Ledge store owner and Downtown Association member, Mike Angeli said, “It looks like they’re really trying to spread the wealth”.

“Brother In Laws” is being produced by Broadway Video .  Read more here from Daily Variety.

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Fox Searchlight’s “Wild” Premieres In Telluride

YouTube Preview Image

The 41st Telluride Film Festival announced it’s lineup today. Fox Searchlight Picture’s “Wild” will be premiering at the festival.  “Wild” starring Reese Witherspoon, and produced by her production company, Pacific Standard, shot in more locations throughout Oregon than any other project filmed in the state to date.  From southern Oregon; Crater Lake and Ashland; to the Badlands, Smith Rock and Bend in Central Oregon; and also the Portland metro area, Timberline and Bridge of The Gods in the Columbia River Gorge, to name a few.  “Wild” will be in theatres this fall.

Anne Marie Fox/Fox Searchlight Pictures

Crater Lake, Oregon
Anne Marie Fox/Fox Searchlight Pictures

Cheryl Strayed (author of the book “Wild: From lost To Found On The Pacific Crest Trail“) and Jean-Marc Vallee (director of “Wild”, “Dallas Buyers Club”) are traveling to Telluride today for the premier.

Additionally, “Wild” will have it’s International Premier at the Toronto Film Festival September 8th, 2014.

 Telluride Film Festival takes place Friday, August 29-Monday, September 1,2014.

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Roy W. Dean Fall Filmmaker Grant Now Accepting Applications

Applications are now being accepted for the Roy W. Dean Fall Grant.   The grant gives filmmakers a chance to get their films going or completed with an award of $2,500 in cash and $30,000 in film products and services.  Films can be documentaries, short films, and features and must be unique and contribute to society. Deadline for submission is September 30th, 2014

New this year for the grant is the Britt Penrod Audience Award.  Twenty finalists chosen for the grant will have the opportunity to enter their trailers in competition for a $250 cash prize.  Trailers will be posted on the Roy W. Dean Grant Facebook contest page for site.  Fans get to view the trailers and vote for their favorite. 

Even if you apply and don’t win the grant, you win something valuable.  Each applicant for the grant receives a consultation on their project from Carole Dean, head of the non-profit grant sponsor From The Heart Productions and author of “The Art of Film Funding” now in its second edition.

Testimonial about the grant:
One Woman’s Legacy of Helping Filmmakers From the Heart

For more information on the grant, you can go to:
or email [email protected].

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Stop-Motion Series in Eastern Oregon Needs Your Help

Hak and Gnasher Poster

Chuck Peters, a small town filmmaker and LEGO stop-motion animator has launched his Kickstarter campaign for his latest project Hak and Gnasher.  The campaign’s aim is to raise $1350.00 for acquiring the necessary LEGO bricks, animation software, and a DSLR camera to allow him to produce his web series Hak and Gnasher in house.  The campaign is over half over, with only 25 days left, and he has raised 67% of the goal so far.

Boinx Software, developer of the popular stop-motion animation apps iStopMotion for iPad and iStopMotion for Mac, recently published a story to their blog to help raise awareness for the Hak & Gnasher Kickstarter campaign. To read the blog, click here.

Chuck first popped on the YouTube scene with the stop-motion series titled “Planet TR-57”; a cooperative comedic project that he worked on with Chris Wunz, and Jonathan Griffith of Valley Video Services back in March of 2009.  In 2010, the show met its untimely end and the group went their separate ways but Chuck has always yearned to return to stop-motion animation.

Chuck’s small stop-motion studio is located in La Grande, Oregon and utilizes the skills and energy of small town artists and actors that inhabit it. Hak and Gnasher are slated to begin production late 2014/Early 2015. Episodes will be available at Chuck’s YouTube website at www.youtube.com/planettr57 and through his Facebook page www.facebook/chuckitfilms in 2015. Chuck’s production website is www.chuckitfilms.com.

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VFX/PDX and OMSI Science Pub present: Cardboard Castle + Live MoCap with CCC, 8/19 @ Crystal Ballroom

Join us for a night dedicated to all things imagination as Cooper Johnson & his crew at Cardboard Castle will guide us through inspiration laden breakdowns of their recent work.  Also on hand will be Damon Redmond (Art Director at SuperGenius by day/instructor at CCC by night) and DMC department Director Andy Mingo from Clackamas Community College, both strapped with a loaded Motion Capture setup, with intent to demo it!  There are some lively things happening down at CCC, which will be undeniably clear after seeing the tech in action.
All bundled up within the framework of a OMSI Science Pub night (which needs no intro) and, with the Crystal Ballroom as the venue, all signs point towards the makings of an incredible evening.  Come watch the pixels fly!


Tuesday, August 19th
Doors 5pm, Presentation 7-9pm
McMenamins Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside, Portland
Age 21+, minor with adult
OMSI suggested donation:  $5

More info at vfxpdx.com and an extended blurb over at the OMSI website.

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Oregon Girl Turns Web-series into Major Hollywood Deal

YouTube Preview Image

This is one of those local success stories that we love to hear.  If you haven’t already read the recent story in Willamette Week, “80 Million Paige Views: How an Oregon girl, her mother and a struggling local director turned their YouTube series into a major Hollywood deal,” we definitely suggest taking a look at the full article.

Paige McKenzie, who lives in rural Oregon, about an hour outside Portland started her YouTube ghost series, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, in 2010.  Earlier this year, her series (now produced by her mother Mercedes Rose) caught the eye of the Weinstein Company. In early May, the film studio announced it would turn Sunshine Girl into a book series and movie franchise, with McKenzie to star. The first book is due out March 2015, with a second to follow soon after.

We would like to give a big congrats to Paige and Mercedes!  Read the full article on Willamette Week’s website here.

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Storytelling Matters. Join Us and Win $100,000 in Amazing Filmmaking Awards

When was the last time you told a story that you felt so connected to, that if you could, you would tell it entirely for free? And as a storyteller, when was the last time you made a film that truly moved people, and intensely reminded you of your passion for this craft?

Inspired by 10 years of filmmaking, 7 years of giving back, and 1 about-to-launch filmmaking platform, we are excited beyond words to announce Storytelling Parade.

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Eastern Oregon Film Festival: Call for Entries 2015

10527480_815468441798227_7075829521956691079_n-1Filmmakers are invited to submit works for consideration in the 6th Eastern Oregon Film Festival —held in La Grande, OR, May 7-9, 2015.

EOFF has been graced by many artists and industry professionals—whether in-the-flesh or via Skype Q&A—including Terence Nance, Matt Porterfield, Ornana, Elizabeth Mims, Nandan Rao, Kentucker Audley, Dustin Guy Defa, Zach Weintraub, Lucas Leyva, Tristan Patterson, LAIKA,Evan Glodell, Sophia Takal, Jessica Oreck  and many more.


  • Secure Online Screener—VIMEO ONLY. No discs. No Youtube links.
  • Submissions must have been completed after August 2012.
  • Payment via check or PayPal only.
  • Preference is given to premieres and works not yet available on the Internet. However, if your work is on the internet you will not be excluded from consideration.


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