Autumn Film Festivals Celebrate “The State of Jefferson”

seal-of-jeffersonA region of the Pacific Northwest that has imagined its own independence as far back as the 1850’s, the ‘mythical’ 51st State of Jefferson, is a proposed U.S. state that would span the contiguous, mostly rural area of southern Oregon and Northern California.

Many a liberated spirit claim this State their home, and as of the 2010 US Census, if the Jefferson counties were a state, the state’s population would be 457,859 and be roughly the size of West Virginia.

As Summer turns to Autumn in this neck of the woods, independent film fans and creators have two film festival opportunities to celebrate the art and entertainment of their local industry.

flixxfestThe 2016 Jefferson State Flixx Fest is coming Sept. 22-25 and “is committed to showcasing films and screenplays that capture some of the Jefferson State’s iconic values: rebellion, beauty, irreverence, landscape, vision and independence, in whatever storytelling form that takes.”

Brought together by the Scott Valley Film Coalition, this festival will be held at the REC (Resource and Event Center), 11236 Hwy 3 – Ft. Jones, CA. See the schedule and list of films at

kiff-2016The Klamath Independent Film Festival unofficially celebrates The State of Jefferson from Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, with a showcase of filmmakers from counties on the California/Oregon border (Klamath, Lake, Jackson, Josephine, and Curry counties of Oregon. Siskiyou, Modoc, and Del Norte counties of California). The KIFF will be held at the Ross Ragland Theater, 218 N. 7th St., Klamath Falls, OR.

In fact the KIFF 2016 Headlining Film is the “… future noir set in the rebel State of Jefferson in 2029” called Black Road, the third feature film from Southern Oregon duo Anne and Gary Lundgren, of Joma Films. Full schedule and list of films available at

Jefferson State Flixx Fest

Klamath Film Festival

State of Jefferson – Wikipedia

State of Jefferson – The California Map Society

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More Good Day Oregon Features The #OregonMadeShows Exhibit at PDX

Fox’s More Good Day Oregon did a great job showcasing the #OregonMadeShows exhibit at PDX.  When you are next traveling through PDX, don’t forget to check it out on Concourse E.

#OregonMade  #OregonMadeShows

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Bent Image Lab Unveils Secret Augmented Reality Project

YouTube Preview Image

Portland, OR August 15, 2016: Bent Image Lab, announces their Augmented Reality platform, “youAR”TM, is coming out of stealth mode into alpha testing.

For the last three years, Bent has been developing youARTM along with computer vision technology and systems enabling multiuser, real-time, markerless AR content to be viewed with a single lens smartphone.

Along with the announcement, Bent released a demo video showcasing the use of its proprietary AR and computer vision technology; “NEXT LEVEL AR!!! Bent Pokemon Go Tech Demo”.

The video is a fun play on how the current AR technology found in Pokemon Go could be enhanced showing how Bent’s advanced tech could add to the user’s experience in the future. Notably, characters can have an understanding of their environment and multiple users can interact.

“This is the first of many tech demos that Bent will be releasing in the upcoming months,” says Bent’s CEO Ray Di Carlo. “It only scratches the surface of the experiences to come. The ability to bring people together with this new media, and all of its potential social applications, makes this an exciting time.”

Just as smart phones have become ubiquitous in a decade, Bent foresees AR growing into a useful everyday experience for billions in the near future.  Read More »

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Brownsville’s “Stand By Me” By-The-Numbers Summary


The small town of Brownsville, Oregon celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the classic movie “Stand By Me” on Saturday July 23, 2016.

In 1985 Brownsville was turned into a town named Castle Rock and was teaming with film crews, actors and all the excitement of the movie making process. On August 8, 1986 the movie had a limited release at 16 theaters around the country. Today, 30 years later, the fans are more passionate than ever before and yearn to visit the locations of their favorite movie and mingle with others who are just as passionate.

Our goal was to offer a reason for the fans of the movie “Stand By Me” to come from near and far to celebrate the 30th Anniversary. We estimate there were at least 3,000 visitors to our one day event on July 23rd. Not only were the fans polite and well behaved, they also spent money at most of our businesses in town.

The owners of businesses I talked to were very happy with the event. I heard of two people who want to come back and open a business here. The Brownsville Art Center shared that they have two new members because of our event. The owner of the property where the tree stands, that was used for the tree house scene, estimated that at least 600 fans visited the famous tree! We even had a near exact replica of the tree house that was in constant use for photos. Food vendors said they did well (Backyard BBQ had to close in Lebanon on Sunday because they ran out of food and had to use Sunday’s supply at our event). There were 128 participants at the 5K Walk/Run, which was amazing for a first time event. We had 31 vintage trailers and 65 cars at the Cruise In, including a handful of cars used in the film! There were approximately 1,000 fans watching the movie in the park that night.  Read More »

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Portland Store Fixtures – Propping Up The Film & TV Industry

12132572_10153947139916874_6298689688665635448_oMy company, Portland Store Fixtures, is exactly what it sounds like: we rent and sell store fixtures. (In Portland.) We stock mostly used so we have a lot of interesting oddities, but the basics of our business are shelving units, showcases, clothing racks, cash counters, mannequins, display forms – everything you need to make a store look like a store.

The majority of our revenue comes from selling fixtures to retail establishments, and most of our rentals are to clothiers, jewelry designers, and other retailers who just need a rack or a mannequin for a one-day event like a convention or a festival. Since 2010, though, we’ve also had a healthy sideline serving as a prop shop for locally-filmed productions – in 2015, we brought in just over $10,000 renting and selling to productions like “Wild”, “Portlandia”, “Grimm”, “The Librarians”, and countless small local projects like commercials and web series.

Working as a prop shop was never something we actively set out to do – we never marketed ourselves that way, or researched how to go about it. It just kind of happened, bit by bit and production by production. The first film we rented to was William Friedkin’s “The Hunted” in 2003. I have no idea how they found us – of course, not many people do store fixtures, so they probably just picked us out of the yellow pages. (Back then, people actually used the yellow pages.)  Read More »

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What Chris Chambers Means To Me, by Leenie Gabe

Chris Chambers from a fan

A fan of the movie “Stand By Me” shared this on my Stand By Me Day July 23rd Facebook page. I think you should read it and remember that not all movies are just entertainment. Look at what this movie has done for so many fans…

Having just passed the 30 year anniversary of the classic movie “Stand By Me”, I was scrolling through the popular “Stand By Me Day” Facebook page with all its marvelous photos of the filming locations in Brownsville, Oregon, where this year, the biggest celebration was held in honor of the movie’s anniversary. Looking at the bridge and the roads that I recognize from the movie, surrounded by loyal fans, and listening to Wil Wheaton’s video where he remembers the whole experience from a 12 year old’s perspective, I found myself thinking about Chris Chambers. Not River Phoenix, although from everything I’ve read, the two were pretty much the same, but Chris Chambers. I’m thinking about that kid in the white t-shirt with the cigarette hanging from his mouth, delivering his young words of surprising wisdom and wondering “why am I, along with so many others, so intrigued and captivated by this person? Not “character,” but this “person?” Before I knew it, my hand started scribbling and this is what I wrote down as I sat at Barnes & Noble today sipping iced tea on this beautiful, sunny, ungodly hot afternoon.  Read More »

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Two New Filmmaking Grants Announced By NW Film, Oregon Film & Playa

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.36.26 PMFilmmakers, creators and writers should check out the recent announcement from the Northwest Film Center & The NW Filmmakers Festival this November for  details on two new grant programs: The Oregon Production Award and the Oregon Filmmaker’s Residency Award.

The OREGON PRODUCTION AWARD is an open competition in which filmmakers are asked to make a short 2 – 3 minute film on the topic of “The Frame.”

The winning film will receive $1,000 in cash, or $1,500 in cash (if film is shot outside of Portland) from the Governor’s Office of Film and Television to be applied towards making a film to be screened the following year. In addition, we are working with the Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) and its members to contribute in-kind production donations to help you along the way.

The OREGON FILMMAKER’S RESIDENCY AWARD is a unique residency opportunity for screenwriters, filmmakers and creative teams done in conjunction with Playa in Summer Lake, Oregon.

This program calls for proposals from filmmakers and related creators to work on a script/film/visual narrative project during a 4 week residency at PLAYA in Summer Lake, Oregon.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.37.22 PM Oregon-Film---OMPA


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“The General” Celebrates 90th – With Live Score by Mark Orton

YouTube Preview Image

The General DVD Cover

“In honor of the 90th Anniversary of the Hollywood Theatre and the 90th Anniversary of Buster Keaton’s classic film, Buster Keaton’s, “The General”, which was shot in Cottage Grove, OR, the Hollywood Theatre and Oregon Film present a state-wide tour of the film with a new live score composed by renowned Portland film composer Mark Orton. (OPB did a short piece on this project which explores Orton’s thoughts and inspiration behind this project.)

One of the most revered comedies of the silent era, “The General” finds hapless Southern railroad engineer Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) facing off against Union soldiers during the American Civil War. When Johnny’s fiancée, Annabelle Lee (Marion Mack), is accidentally taken away while on a train stolen by Northern forces, Gray pursues the soldiers, using various modes of transportation in comic action scenes that highlight Keaton’s boundless wit and dexterity.” Hollywood Theatre.

Check back with us for the release of a special DVD. #OregonMadeShows  #OregonMade


Friday, August 12
Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR. Times.

Saturday, August 13
Bohemia Park (outdoor screening), Cottage Grove, OR
In partnership with the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce, the Cottage Grove Historical Society, and The Damfinos (The International Buster Keaton Society) 7.30pm

Sunday, August 14
Egyptian Theatre, Coos Bay, OR. 2pm

Tuesday, August 16
Tower Theatre, Bend, OR 8pm

Wednesday, August 17
Ross Ragland Theater, Klamath Falls, OR 7pm

Friday, August 19
Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR. Times here.


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Shot In Newport Spinoff “Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove” Premieres September 13

Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove” shot in Newport, it is the new spinoff of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” that will begin airing this September.

The show chronicles 4 families that fish for Dungeness crab in the treacherous, beautiful and rugged Oregon Coast.  The show follows Newport locals; Marc Sehlbach; Mikey Retherford, Jr.; Chris Retherford; Gary Ripka, his son, Kenny Ripka; and Jonny Law.

Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove” is slightly different in format from “Deadliest Catch”, in that the fishermen go home after their day’s work and the families feature prominently in their story line.  The stakes are high, the weather unpredictable, and the fishermen  must cross  the treacherous “bar” as they go out, and again when they come back.

The stunning Newport, Oregon scenery is stunning, and the story lines gripping, in this new series.

“Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove” premieres 9pm September 13th.



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Alaska Airlines’ Magazine Covers “Oregon In The Movies”

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.33.59 PMAlaska Airlines’   Beyond Alaska Magazine interviewed Oregon Film’s Tim Williams this month, and set out to see if there was six degrees of separation to filmed-in-Oregon shows.  (page 120)

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