Oregon Film is Seeking Your Input

As you may know already, Oregon Film and the Portland Film Office are working with Teresa Koberstein and Assembly Arts to look into the viability of developing a new soundstage facility and filmmaker/music/creators campus at the Portland Expo Center.  This is the first steps of what may be a long process but one of the initial tasks for us is to undertake a comprehensive community engagement process to begin to unearth the community and cultural sector’s space needs, and this survey is key to that. Your input into the community’s needs as it pertains to a new facility is a critical piece of the research process and we are so grateful for time and hope you can take a moment to fill out this survey.  Note that a strategy will be developed from the responses we get from all of you, not what we as the consultant team think should be done.
You can find the Survey for Film/Music Production at Expo Center here.  We are also collecting video testimonials using AnswerStageand would like to invite your video response if you are interested.
This survey is in addition to individual interviews, stakeholder group meetings, and other community input. The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone who you think would be interested in providing input. If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Koberstein at [email protected].

Please Respond by Sunday October 24th. 
Many thanks for your time and candid thoughts.
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Evening Classes At The Art of Makeup School

Once a year The Art of Makeup School offers a night schedule.  This year’s evening program begins this Monday September 27th. Schedule is Mon-Thurs from 6-9, except for the last day Fri Nov 19th.

The Fashion Makeup Artistry Program includes Corrective Beauty, Fashion & Media, Decade Makeup, and Hairstyling for Production & Media, Career Marketing, and photo shoots throughout.  All 4 classes are offered individually and are focused on those seeking a career or continuing education in professional hair and makeup artistry for any path in the industry.

For more information please contact us at [email protected], 503-244-1558 or go to


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Eastern Oregon Film Festival – October 21-23

The Eastern Oregon Film Festival will celebrate its twelfth year of programming independent cinema in La Grande, Oregon on October 21-23. The festival will present 52 films over the course of the three days, both in-person and also via a virtual streaming platform.  The official selections were announced on August 15th, and include 12 Feature-length films and 40 shorts in a variety of styles, formats, forms, and content. The festival catalog is available for viewing on the festival website. Virtual passes are currently available for purchase.

Selections to note include Kentucker Audley & Albert Birney’s “Strawberry Mansion,” Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe’s “The Beta Test,” and a breathtaking first-time feature, “Everything in the End,” directed by Mylissa Fitzsimmons.

Still image from The Beta Test

Jim Cummings as ‘Jordan’ and Virginia Newcomb as ‘Caroline’ in Jim Cummings’ and PJ McCabe’s THE BETA TEST. Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films Release. (In-person Screening Only)

The short film selections will have something for everyone and the festival team is working to place selections into blocks that allow for filmmakers to respond to their work with an in-person or virtual audience.

Special musical guests for this year’s event will be Boise, Idaho’s Blood Lemon, and Floating Witch’s Head.

The Regional production team and key EOFF Filmmaker’s Fund recipient Out of Character will present an update on their epic battle to make this film over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

#EOFF2021 Virtual Pass for SaleIn-person passes are limited to Festival Members and Visiting Filmmakers. Virtual passes are available online and grant access to all programming on the virtual platform over the course of the festival weekend.

In-person events may allow for ticketing at the door come October, but the EOFF team will make those decisions the week of the festival.

All information, pass purchasing and complete film guide can be found through the Festival’s Official Website.  www.eofilmfest.com

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CryptTV and Peacocks’ “Girl In The Woods” Set To Stream October 21st

The first season of CryptTV and Peacocks’ #OregonMade “Girl In The Woods” is set in the Pacific Northwest and follows the character, Carrie’s, escape from her mysterious, cult-like colony that guards the world against monsters hidden behind a secret door within the woods.

Peacock adapted this YA supernatural drama as a streaming series, and Krysten Ritter (“Breaking Bad”) will direct the first four of eight episodes.  The series is based on a short film from Crypt TV (2018) titled “The Door in the Woods,” which was written and directed by Joey Greene, and the 2020 sequel “The Girl in the Woods,” written by David Calbert, Van Nguyen and directed by Roxine Helberg.


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SOLDIER Documentary – Trailer Live!

SOLDIER focuses on Daniel Krug: a heroic firefighter, father of five, SWAT trainer, amateur MMA champion and armored combat enthusiast. Daniel is also a former military sniper, with combat, security, rescue and recovery experience in the middle east and Tibet. And in the past 9 years, he’s lost 11 of his close friends to suicide… and almost lost himself to PTSD.

After 10 months of filming, the official SOLDIER trailer and GoFundMe campaign launched this week. And we’d love for you to be part of the team. Without further ado, please visit…


From COVID conscious sets to an array of Portland post processes, the trailer embodies the hard work of a number of creators over this past year. And we’re not quite done with production yet! At least two more shoots ahead and plenty of editing left to accomplish, what with the 40+ hours of 4K footage and the massive amounts of archival material we’ve gathered.

None of which would be possible without kind and generous partners across the board. In these – let’s call them unique – times, hats off to anyone capable of creating anything, period. For our part, we’re forging ahead with something we believe in, and hopefully will affect real change.

Enjoy tons of behind-the-scenes pictures here: www.facebook.com/SOLDIERdocumentary

And please share the SOLDIER documentary campaign with your communities, stay safe… and thank you in advance for your help!



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“Bird, Louise & Somebody Else.” | An award winning high school student film | In association with Portland Oregon’s Benjamin Franklin HS film program

Two kids entangled in the pursuit of young love find themselves colliding with the life of a woman experiencing a crisis in a new short film.

Written & Directed by: Quintana Jones and Harrison Hathaway

This is my first time, Quintana’s as well, just making something. I could write pages and pages about how much went in to this, and how much we failed to do. I had just graduated Senior year at High School, and Quintana was moving into Sophomore year. Pretty much zero experience with anything we were doing, but we shot for the stars. There are so many people I want to thank, but the credits couldn’t handle it. Here’s to many more… We made this with about $800, but the big 500 went into a sound designer to help wrap up loose ends. He gave us a fantastic discount since we are so young, honestly shout out to Jebari Dean for humoring all my curiosities with it as well. The remaining 300 was an estimate from the production and set costs.

Behind The Scenes:


 Read More »

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Fall Is Almost Here – St. Helens’ Spirit Of Halloweentown Fest Returns – Now A Featured Stop On The Oregon Film Trail!

The lighting of the giant pumpkins is a must-see during the Spirit of Halloweentown Festival. (Photo: City of St. Helens)


This fall the annual St. Helen’s Spirit of Halloweentown festival will transform this small Oregon town into a spooky, family-friendly destination for six weekends beginning September 18 and running through October 31.  This year celebrity guest appearances from Ashley Greene, (Alice Cullen) “Twilight” and movie actors J. Paul Zimmerman and Phillip Van Dyke from“Halloweentown” have been added to its abundant offering of family-friendly events.  As well as the magical transformation of the historic Riverfront District to all things Halloween, and an homage to Disney’s “Halloweentown” and the vampire movie “Twilight,” you can now find two commemorative Oregon Film Trail signs in the downtown area.

While general admission to the festival includes a variety of activities such as a haunted house, costume contest, live performances, vendors, and photo ops, each weekend features unique activities which are only available for a limited number of days.

Oregon Film Trail – St. Helens

St. Helens, Oregon was the filming location for several scenes in the first “Twilight” movie, including the house of Bella Swan’s father, the Petite Jolie dress shop, the Thunderbird and Whale bookstore, the Bloated Toad Italian restaurant, and the location where Edward saved Bella from her would-be attackers in an alleyway. St. Helens also starred in Disney’s popular TV movie, with Debbie Reynolds, “Halloweentown.” (To find and navigate to scene locations download the Film Tourism app from SetJetters.)

On Saturday, October 23, Ashley Greene will be available for exclusive photo ops, autographs, and a VIP meet and greet.  Actors J. Paul Zimmerman and Phillip Van Dyke will be at Spirit of Halloweentown on October 23 and 24. Zimmerman co-starred as Marnie’s brother Dylan and Van Dyke played the braggadocious love interest in the made-for-tv movie. Both actors will be available for a VIP lunch and a question and answer session.

The most popular event of Spirit of Halloweentown is the lighting of the giant pumpkins. Help kick off the start of the holiday season with your family by counting down the seconds until two giant pumpkins are lit in the city’s historic town square. In 2021, the Pumpkin Lighting Ceremony takes place on Saturday, October 2. One pumpkin is a replica of the giant pumpkin featured in “Halloweentown” and the other is an enormous work of steampunk metal art. The pumpkins, which both stand over six feet tall, are available for photo opportunities every day until the end of October.

The Spirit of Halloweentown ends the season with a special parade for children. Parents, guardians, and children are encouraged to dress in their best Halloween costumes and join in the Little Trick or Treaters Costume Parade on October 30. The event is free and includes prize opportunities and a chance for kids to parade along the city’s main downtown street in full costume.

General admission tickets to Spirit of Halloweentown, along with special celebrity engagement tickets and a full list of events, are available on the festival’s website. The festival will observe the latest COVID-19 restrictions as changes occur. Masks are currently required to be worn at the festival and we strongly encourage you to check the event website for any COVID-19 changes prior to your arrival.

For media inquiries regarding the 2021 Spirit of Halloweentown festival, please contact City of St. Helens Communications Officer Crystal King at [email protected]

About Spirit of Halloweentown:

In 1998, the riverfront city of St. Helens, Oregon served as the filming location of Disney Channel’s Halloween television classic “Halloweentown.” Each year thereafter, the city has transformed its Riverfront District into the Spirit of Halloweentown, a festival that celebrates all things spooky. This month-long event attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year and is geared toward anyone who loves Halloween. The Spirit of Halloweentown festival is regularly listed as a national destination spot for Halloween celebrations and has been featured on ABC News, MTV, Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, BuzzFeed, Country Living, Huffington Post, and many other recognized news outlets.

About the Community:

St. Helens is a Columbia River community rich in history and culture. On their expedition to the Pacific Ocean in 1805, Lewis and Clark made a stop in what is now St. Helens. In 1850, Captain H.M. Knighton of New England founded the town, which was first named Plymouth before being rechristened within a year to St. Helens for the town’s magnificent view of Mount St. Helens. Originally established as a river port, St. Helens is located 30 miles northwest of Portland. As the county seat, it is the largest community in Columbia County with a population of about 13,000. Many of the city’s community events are held in the Riverfront District where visitors and residents enjoy an expansive view of the Columbia River, Mount Hood, and Mount St. Helens.

Originally settled by New England loggers, St. Helens’ basalt rock quarry was a major industry in the early 1900s. Because of the industrial operations occurring in St. Helens and its location on the Columbia River, it rivaled Portland as a competing port city. After an unfortunate fire burned the docks of Pacific Mail, a team of Portland businessmen persuaded Pacific Mail to locate in the new port town of Portland, establishing the port of Portland as the dominant port in the region.

The Riverfront District of St. Helens features a Nationally Registered Historic District encompassing 10 blocks, which includes residences and civic buildings dating back nearly a century. The town has also served as the backdrop to many popular films, most notably the Disney Channel television film “Halloweentown,” and the film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s novel “Twilight.”

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Outside the Frame: Riders in the Storm

Outside the Frame hosts a screening of new films from their members – good films about a bad year by homeless and marginalized youth – at the Hollywood Theatre on September 30.

This screening features a variety of short films: music videos about the Movement for Black Lives featuring Mic Crenshaw and the Oregon Symphony, documentaries about grassroots, government, and healthcare efforts during COVID, and more.

Outside the Frame trains homeless and marginalized youth to be directors of their own films and lives.

Book your tickets here: All funds go to support our filmmaking programs.

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#OregonMade Film Series – Double Feature: “The Ring” and “The Ring Two”

The next installment in our #OregonMade Film Series at the Hollywood Theatre is the first double-feature we’ve programmed, so get comfy and dig in. There’s no denying the impact and legacy of THE RING (directed by Gore Verbinski) – only part of which was shot in Oregon (but it’s the really good part featuring Yaquina Head lighthouse outside of Newport) – and the somewhat different legacy of the mostly Oregon shot THE RING TWO (directed by RINGU director Hideo Nakata). TWO features Astoria as so many of our great #OregonMade films do. We love them both and that’s why we’re celebrating both. Naomi Watts stars alongside a super creepy water well and an even creepier VHS tape and a highly flexible evil spirit entity in this dynamic duo of turn-of-the-millennium thrillers based on Japanese horror films.

Book your tickets now: https://hollywoodtheatre.org/events/the-ring-and-the-ring-two/

Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test will be required to attend this screening. Learn more here. Most screenings are currently at 75% capacity. Some screenings will be at 100% and, if so, the page for that event will note that. Masks are required while in all common areas, including in your seat when not actively eating or drinking.

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Film Tourism & The Oregon Film Trail – Why The Connection Works For Communities

The fast-growing sector of Film Tourism has been on Oregon Film’s radar for multiple years and was one of the many compelling reasons that motivated and helped develop the Oregon Film Trail.  The Trail is now totalling 33 stops (and growing) and stitches together communities, locations, small businesses and notable film sites at iconic filming locations and strategic points across Oregon. The markers create a presence and a point of interest for visitors to gather, take pictures, retell stories, and celebrate Oregon’s rich contribution to filmmaking since the early 1900’s.  Many Oregonians worked on, or were part of these productions that have highlighted Oregon on the screen for scores of years, and the exposure has meant that Oregon receives an increasing volume of tourists every year. We are starting to more fully understand what it means to accommodate movie lovers who seek to visit the real-life locations of their favorite favorite films, TV shows, and video games. This is why the Oregon Film Trail  is partnering with SetJetters  to elevate what they call “the Reel to Real” experience!  As Film Tourism (also known as SetJetting) is becoming more popular and the demand for visiting filming locations is growing, it is becoming clear that building a physical Trail infrastructure and partnering with our communities to accommodate visitors (both local and more far-flung) is worthwhile. Our partnership with SetJetters extends the Oregon Film Trail initiative so that visitors from anywhere in the world can easily find actual scene locations around Oregon via an interactive experience on the Setjetters mobile app.  The app not only allows the user to find locations but also to connect to special deals and experiences within our local communites, as well as the ability to caputure on-site location photos “exactly the way you remember them from your favorite films.” (SetJetters.)

The Oregon Film Trail and SetJetters recently had an opportunity to help support a community event – the annual Stand By Me Day celebration in Brownsville.  This charming small town was the main filming location for Stand By Me and many visitors from all over the world travel to Brownsville every year to experience the magic for themselves. It is also home to three stops on the Oregon Film Trail, and close by in Eugene and Cottage Grove are multiple locations from other well-known films.  As well as enjoying the events of the annual Stand By Me Day we collectively invited the public to immerse themselves in finding as many scene sites as they could from movies filmed in the region by downloading the SetJetters app  and playing what we dubbed as the “Tri-City” Scavenger Hunt.  Many players visited Brownsville, Eugene and Cottage Grove and through the SetJetters app they were able to see themselves in their favorite scenes by using the fun “ShotSync” feature to recreate a unique split-screen image. We asked players to post their images and selfies with the Trail signs and use the #OregonFilmTrail and #StandByMeDay tags. The winner was Mike Schwab (from Eugene) who visitied and posted the most scene sites by the deadline.  He received a fantastic prize package that was sponsored by local businesses who saw value in the contest; the Village Green Hotel (Cottage Grove), the Valley River Inn (Eugene), Buster’s Main Street Café (Cottage Grove), Randy’s Main Street Coffee (Brownsville), Linn County Historical Museum ,Travel Lane County and the City of Cottage Grove.

Mike Schwab and Rex Moody on the Oregon Film Trail in Brownsville

We caught up with Mike and asked him a few questions about this community experience:

Oregon Film (OF): How did you hear about the Tri-City Movie Locations Scavenger Hunt?

Schwab: I’m involved with the filmmaking community in Eugene, so I’m in the “Lane County Filmmakers” (LCF) Facebook group. Oregon Film posted about the scavenger hunt in the LCF FB group.

OF:Can you tell us a bit about why you wanted to participate in this Scavenger Hunt?

Schwab: I like to do fun adventurous activities, and I like movies. Considering the scavenger hunt was right around where I live, I had to do it.  In Brownsville, it was really fun checking out the cool Linn County Historical Museum. We got some great photos of us dressed up as Oregon Trail pioneers (as men and women). Also, Brownsville was the location of my favorite SetJetters pics, such as the spot where the penny was picked up.

OF:Would you participate in another movie location scavenger hunt, and did you learn anything you didn’t already know about Oregon film history, etc?

Schwab: Yeah, I’d do another one, especially if it was in a different part of Oregon. I didn’t know there was a movie called “Five Easy Pieces” filmed in a Denny’s in Eugene. That was one of the best scenes in the movie, and it was fun to recreate the look. It would have been cool to have some sort of meetup social opportunity for other participants to meet each other. Also, while I gladly accepted the hotel stay prizes, it’s funny to receive free nights in hotels around where I live. This would make more sense if people were coming from far distances to do the scavenger hunt. Maybe some did, but realistically it’s hard to get many people to travel far to do a scavenger hunt like this. Maybe in the future, the prizes would be hotel stays in another part of Oregon where movies were filmed, like Astoria. Finally, an idea for a future scavenger hunt is one where you have to solve clues to know what movie scene locations you need to go take pictures of. I’ve done similar clue based scavenger hunts, and they are a lot of fun.

In a very close second place, was Carlos Hererra and his son, both from Corvallis.

Carlos Herrera and son, on the Oregon Film Trail and SetJetters Tri-City Scavenger Hunt.

Carlos said, “My son and I enjoy the outdoors and finding movies scenes and I enjoyed seeing the smile on my son’s face posing for the movie scenes. The whole thing was a very good experience for both of us.  I didn’t know there were that many movies scenes and movies shot in Oregon.
For well over a century, Oregon’s diverse towns and regions have served as varied production backdrops for more than 500 films and television shows. The film industry has flourished in Oregon, bringing recognition and economic gains to countless communities and Oregon’s contribution to film began with silent-era films and it continues to be a destination for creative media producers from around the world to this day – and now too for film tourists who want to experience Oregon for themselves!

More about the Oregon Film Trail: The Governor’s Office of Film & Television (A.K.A.Oregon Film) and the Oregon Made Creation Foundation partnered to create the Oregon Film Trail. To date, 33 markers have been installed, from Astoria to Klamath Falls, Warrenton to Wallowa Lake State Park, and including the Portland International Airport mural and exhibit. All seven of Oregon’s tourism regions are represented on the Trail. Each Oregon Film Trail marker is funded in collaboration with many local community partners and, with matching fund grants (to date) from Travel Oregon, the Oregon Visitors Coastal Association, and Willamette Valley Visitors Association, and with help from Oregon Made Creative Foundation.

More about SetJetters: aims to reinvent film tourism through a location-based app experience. They strive to not only empower existing SetJetters with great new capabilities but also introduce the joy of film tourism to travelers around the world. The mobile app provides travelers with a single point of engagement for their interest and passion in film tourism. Designed for everyone from the most devoted SetJetters to the most casual tourists, the system will empower travelers with a variety of tools and features, such as:

  • Browse through and conduct research with our robust film/TV/game location database that covers the entire globe
  • Plan your film location travel and gain access to special deals and experiences through our travel partners
  • Capture on-site location photos exactly the way you remember them from your favorite films
  • Organize, report, and share your SetJetters travels with friends, family, and colleagues
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