Ashland & Portland Make MovieMaker’s 2020 Best List

Oregon cities Ashland and Portland have (once again) been named among the Best Places to Live and Work as a Filmmaker in North America (well, yes, Montreal, Toronto and that other city across the border to our north [but not the one in Washington] are on the list too).

We knew this all along, but it’s certainly nice to be properly recognized. If you haven’t seen the complete list you can check it out for yourself here. Congrats to all the hard working and talented filmmakers, actors, crew and wonderful creatives that help make it happen, every day.

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McMinnville Short Film Festival Presents 9th Annual Event

McMINNVILLE, OR: The McMinnville Film Festival Foundation is proud to present the 2020 McMinnville Short Film Festival (MSFF), being held at Linfield College, McMinnville Cinemas, and Chemeketa Community College on February 21st through 23rd.

A festival for amateur and professional filmmakers alike, the MSFF welcomes short films of any genre and of no more than 20 minutes in length. In its 9th year, the MSFF will be screening 85 films from around the world, and will feature keynote speaker Scott Ballard, an award-winning Portland-based filmmaker. The films will be shown in screening blocks: Narratives (Comedy/Drama), Environmental, Animation, Horror, Experimental/A Bit Strange, Documentary, and two new categories – Student Showcase (filmmakers are from Grade 6 through college) and Native American.

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“The Goonies” Celebrates its 35th Anniversary with Statewide Tour

It’s been 35 years since The Goonies audiences first went in search of treasure with a lovable band of kids from Astoria into the caves beneath the northern Oregon coastline and Ecola State Park. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the film, Oregon Film and Travel Oregon will offer public screenings of the movie in seven cities around the state—from Salem Cinema to BendFilm, Eugene’s Broadway Metro to Baker City, La Grande and The Egyptian Theatre in Coos Bay all the way to the birthplace of the film – The Liberty Theatre in Astoria.

This combined effort and tour is to support the Oregon Film Museum, the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce and the official Goonies Day in Astoria celebration event June 4-7, 2020.

During the four-day event, Goonies fans can hear tales about filming from those who were there, bowl at “Chunk’s Bowling Alley” as seen in the film, and embark on their own adventure with an interactive scavenger hunt. Official memorabilia, including t-shirts, hats, glassware, and more, will be available at the event’s headquarters, which will once again be at the Astoria Armory. Visit the event’s website at for updates.

Possibly the most renowned of all #OregonMade films, “The Goonies” remains a seminal experience for generations of filmgoers and self-described Goonies around the world who never say die. Throughout each year thousands of people come to Astoria to celebrate the film and the iconic setting of the movie through combined efforts spearheaded by the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce, the Clatsop County Historical Society and the Oregon Film Museum (who’s building is the actual set for the opening jail-break scene of the film) with support from dozens of community members.  Read More »

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Applications Are Now Being Accepted For The 2020 Outdoor Adventure Film Grant

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Animations That Put An Impact On Customer Experiences

It is for a fact that human beings are driven through visual stimulation, not only does it influences them to think out of the box but piques their interests. It has been noticed that visual imagery has the ability to catch eyes, no matter what the person might be doing they will surely look up if they witness something bright going past them. That is how impactful visual imagery is, which further emphasizes on the importance of animation.

Animations too bring unique ideas and concepts to life. Which is exactly why businesses are after video content, mainly animations so that they can be implemented within their marketing campaigns to gain more customers. However, there are methods to use the animations in the right manner and in the right position.

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Winter Season Grant – “Wish You Were Here” – Blue Chalk Media

Blue Chalk Media were the winners the 2019 $15,000 “Winter Season Grant” – provided by the OregonMade Creative Foundation and Travel Oregon – and have now successfully created two short films of “moving postcard stories” based on the brief to make a film series that would “captivate and encourage people to experience the winter season for themselves.”

We pitched a series of short narrative pieces that highlighted different, often overlooked, winter areas of Oregon. The resulting films are a love letter to Oregon’s Alvord Desert and the Suttle Lake near Sisters. For this project, we were given the freedom to create something that we personally found compelling which resulted in some of our team’s favorite moments of the year.” – Blue Chalk Media

The purpose of this grant was to support local content creators who are producing high-quality, innovative multimedia content about Oregon that inspires travel to or around the state.

Read more about the Grant.
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Local Story, National Impact: Living An American Dream Film

The first official trailer opening title card

New director, Clare McKay graduated with a bachelors in Communications Media from a University in San Diego County and moved back to her home in Juntura, Oregon to pursue her dream as a filmmaker. Though Oregon seemed an unlikely area for making movies she understood the basic idea behind “supply and demand”. Clare wanted to use her skills and knowledge in a way that was meaningful not only to herself but to her community as well. This is not the first project she has worked on, it is just the largest. 

Prior to her return home she had an idea brought to her by a fellow classmate that, at the time, she had brushed off a “good idea, but not compelling enough”, fast forward a year later and she was preparing for filming to start on that very idea. Before she launched into preparations for the project a lot of research and time was put into making sure the project feasible and probable to undertake. She worked closely with her family and friends to create a story that was heartwarming and honest and set out to complete preproduction. When she was ready to begin filming she launched the films facebook page and the response was a resounding excitement from hundreds of people interested in the project.

Joe McKay riding into the sunrise

She has since finished principle photography and is currently in postproduction stages of the film. She and her family will be attending the 36th Annual Cowboy Poetry gathering in Elko, Nevada at the end of January in promotion of the film. The film titled Living an American Dream tells the story of a family brought together by unique circumstances and thriving in a world that so few understand.

Luke McKay riding a saddle bronc

Adopted as infants six children (Clare included) were given an opportunity to live life in the rugged mountains and dry deserts of Eastern Oregon. Not only does this film tell a unique and fascinating story, but it educates those who don’t know what the western lifestyle entails on how it is lived and why. Moreover, it allows the audience to view everyday activities through the lenses of several members of the community including the McKay family. 

Living an American Dream is an in depth view of the western lifestyle as lived and explained by several cowboys and cowgirls who live it and love it. While immersed in the breathtaking beauty of Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon’s deserts and green valley’s viewers can follow the rodeo journey of Luke and Gabe McKay, as well as the lives of each member of the cast as they work and play in natures way.

Gabe McKay riding a saddle bronc

The film seeks to educate, motivate and even inspire people from all backgrounds and cultures to live their own dreams. It is a heartfelt, beautiful film created for everyone to enjoy. By watching it Clare hopes that most viewers will leave feeling a new fire burning in their hearts to achieve whatever goal they believe they cannot not attain and with that desire they can endeavor to embody the truth behind what it means to live an American dream.

She hopes this film will, “bring unity back to Americans far and wide with the idea that we don’t all have to be living the same American dream to chase after it. No single person is the same, we are all unique and one-of-a-kind designs and in that we have something only we, individually, can give to this world and if we can figure out how to do that together, this world might stand a fighting chance of survival and us along with it.



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Day 1 At PLAYA!

Day 1 at the PLAYA Screenwriting Residency. So honored to be here. Thank you Oregon Made and NW Film!

Mostly off the grid until 1/31, will post from time to time, see you in February!

#screenwritingresidency #filmresidency #playasummerlake

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#OregonMade “The Phone Dead” Attack Amazon Prime & Troma Now! Playing Jan. 19 At The Portland Underground Film Festival

Bloated Cat Productions introduces a new short film… THE PHONE DEAD

Phone Zombies Attack!!  Shot on location in Portland, Oregon.

The film plays in a fun block of comedy shorts as part of the Portland Underground Film Festival at the historic Clinton Street Theater on Sunday, January 19th at 5pm.  The film will be followed by a Q and A with Director Josh Hoffman.

“The Phone Dead” was featured in the sixth edition of the wild, Japanese anthology TETSUDON and World Premiered at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.  It also played at the Yokkaichi Film Festival and as the closing film for the Asian Summer Film Festival in Spain before touring Japanese theaters.

Other films from local filmmaker Josh Hoffman include the plastic surgery horror feature UNDER THE KNIFE and EYETANIC, a new short film that completed filming this fall about a giant eyeball attacking a city.  Both are scheduled for 2020 releases.



You can follow along on TWITTER: @ThePhoneDead1

or on INSTAGRAM: @ThePhoneDead


Bloated Cat Productions Official Site:


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New Doc in the Works, “Learn No Evil: Catlin Gabel’s #MeToo Reckoning”

Learn No Evil is an upcoming documentary about a #MeToo reckoning for one of Oregon’s most prestigious schools. In this explosive, and still-unfolding story, former students uncover decades of teacher abuse at Catlin Gabel.

Since my initial posts about the inappropriate conduct I experienced at Catlin Gabel, there’s been a perpetual flow of victims coming forward. The severity of offense ranges from disturbing and gross, to shocking and horrific. There was physical abuse, emotional abuse, molestation, rape and even incest – all at the hands of TEACHERS, some of whom were seen (by many) as God-like at the school. The discoveries have sent waves of grief and heartbreak throughout the network of students, parents, alums, and staff at Catlin Gabel. However, along with the darkness, there comes a light.

The public release of Catlin’s year-long internal investigation was a watershed moment. Countless victims who’ve been keeping painful secrets, for fear of shame, exile, or retaliation, are learning that they are not alone. One person said, for the first time, she no longer has self-doubt, what she experienced was real, and the violations were indeed, major violations. Another victim, a Catlin Gabel lifer, sent me this message:

“You might have saved my life.”

People are re-connecting with old classmates, sharing love and support. We are having meetings and building a plan of action for our own healing, as well as demands for the school. The first gathering was put on by Catlin Gabel administrators, on campus, with very short notice. Not to mention, it was during the holidays. Despite all that, a multi-generational crowd of about 75 people attended. We took turns sharing personal stories of the various forms of abuse we endured there. There was a box of tissue on every table and not a dry eye in the house.

That’s when it hit me, what MY next step(s) should be…

Given that I am one of the folks who sparked this firestorm, and I happen to be a gonzo journalist, I am determined to build something positive from the ash. Therefore, I am producing a documentary about the cult-like “community” that insulated and covered-up what has turned out to be decades of abuse at Catlin Gabel. I have a growing list of subjects who wish to share their stories. This is an opportunity to shine light on a deep trove of formerly unspeakable secrets, while also addressing the wider epidemics of Rape Culture and Toxic Masculinity. It astounds me to witness new pages turning in so many chapters we thought were over, long ago.

Unlike my usual Audreality Productions content (where it costs nothing but my own precious time), right now the goal is to raise enough funds to make a “real” feature length film. A professional documentary costs one-to-two thousand dollars per minute to produce. Therefore, we are trying to raise at least $100k. This will cover a small crew and an animator, to help illustrate stories for those who wish to remain anonymous.

If you’d like to share your Catlin Gabel experience, or to contribute funds, please email:

[email protected].

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