The Great American Western Comes to Oregon

The series is called “The Fairfield Boys” and we are bringing the great American western to Oregon!

Our Story:

In the backwoods of the old west, two brother outlaws (The Fairfield Boys), are hunted by a skilled bounty hunter out for his own kind of justice. Inescapably the brother’s lives are intertwined with two unsuspecting runaways, changing all of their lives forever. From the rights and the wrongs, to the twists and the turns, they discover the bonds of family among thieves in this five part mini-series set in the old west. Filmed entirely against the scenic Oregon landscape.

Based on:

Some of the best westerns made were mini series. Take Lonesome Dove and Larry McMurtry’s further series Streets of Laredo, Dead Man’s Walk and Comanche Moon. Then there were the History Channels popular Hatfields & McCoys and Texas Rising. Of course there have been countless westerns throughout the years, ranging from the black and white Roy Rogers and Errol Flynn movies to today’s Dances With Wolves, Hostiles and The Magnificent Seven (remake of the original). Of course I would be remiss if I did not include John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. All of these are shot against beautiful landscapes and are full of thrilling adventure and stories of survival, during a time that was rough and gritty. What better place to film a western than right here in Oregon (home to the Oregon Trail)? Why not tell a gritty story of survival, hope, redemption and love?  Read More »

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The Portland Circuit Presents: “FRANK & ZED”



Oregon Film and the OregonMade Creative Foundation have teamed up with four of the best independent cinemas in Portland, The Northwest Film Center, The Hollywood Theatre, Clinton Street Theater and Cinema 21, to announce the fifth film of The Portland Circuit, a unique program designed to give locally produced, #OregonMade feature length films a short preview screening window in the city.

These preview screenings consist of a four-day run, with one night at each theatre, in the four “quadrants” of Portland.

Coming April 27- 30, 2020 is Jesse Blanchard’s magnificently unique and extreme puppet monster movie:

“Frank & Zed”

Frank & Zed is the story of two monsters left behind when their maker is murdered by torch-wielding villagers. Centuries later, when they’re finally discovered, they must confront a bloodthirsty mob — and the history they buried along with their master.

Made entirely with classic glove puppets and full of old-school practical effects, from cloud tank shots to fiendishly complex puppet disembowelments and decapitations, Frank & Zed is a blood-soaked homage to classic monster movies and handcrafted cinema.

A breakthrough film by a visionary new director, Frank & Zed celebrates everything audiences love about horror and monster movies, but it also aims higher, telling a story that is deeply emotional and surprisingly tender.

“As fun as it is scary.” Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night)

“Unbelievably Ambitious.” Chris Walas (Oscar Winner, The Fly, Gremlins) 

This film is not appropriate for children.

About The Filmmaker

Writer/director Jesse Blanchard tapped into the explosively creative energy of Portland, Oregon’s arts scene to assemble a team who shared his punk rock sensibility and his ambition. Working and shooting mostly in Blanchard’s garage, the team (almost none of whom had ever worked on a feature film before) made everything by hand: the sets, the actors, and an array of intricate props that bring to life the folklore and rich history of Frank and Zed’s world.

“Frank & Zed” will hold preview screenings in four of the best independent cinemas in Portland –

The Hollywood Theatre – Monday, April 27 at 7p (Tickets)

Clinton Street Theatre – Tuesday, April 28 at 7p (Tickets)

Cinema 21 – Wednesday, April 29 at 7p (Tickets)

Northwest Film Center at The Whitsell Theatre – Thursday, April 30 at 7p

Puppets, puppeteers, and crew will in attendance at each screening.  Read More »

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Randall Jahnson is baaaaack at ISA PDX THIRD THURSDAYS, March 19!

Screenwriters & Filmmakers — Randall Jahnson is baaaaack at ISA PDX THIRD THURSDAYS, March 19!
We’re bringing back guest speaker RANDALL JAHNSON one year later because he has a whole bunch of new stuff to share, including: HOW TO BUILD A PITCH DECK and HOW TO ADD PIX TO YOUR FD SCRIPT. Randall’s produced credits include: Dudes, The Doors, The Mask of Zorro, Sunset Strip and episodes of the HBO series Tales from the Crypt. Most recently: Narcos Vs. Zombies!

WHEN: Thursday, March 19th – 7pm

WHERE: NW Film Center Office & South Park * 934 SW Salmon, Portland OR, 97205

* We begin at NW Film then migrate across the street to South Park.

Register for this FREE event at:

Coronavirus contingency: we’ll monitor events, and let you know if we determine to cancel.

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#OregonMade Film Series: “Point Break”




Welcome in the sweet tubes of Spring and help the ex-presidents finance an Endless Summer by joining us to celebrate the rain of the Oregon Coast (specifically Indian Beach in Ecola State Park and downtown Wheeler) with a 35mm print of Katherine Bigelow’s classic surf-thriller. Oregon is the home to a drenched Swayze/Reeves fight on the north coast sands while waiting for a closed out set that came in from Hawaii but plays in Australia (our locations are just that flexible). Bring your board and bring your best Bodhi and Johnny Utah and then “Vaya con Dios,” Brah.

The screening of this film on 35mm print is at The Hollywood Theatre on April 6th at 730p.

Tickets and further information can be found here.

35mm print courtesy of the Phil Blankenship collection at the Academy Film Archive.

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DisOrient Asian American Film Festival Opens March 12 in Eugene

Celebrating 15 Years of Asian American Indie

Join DisOrient as they celebrate authentic Asian Pacific American voices, histories and stories with 15 inspiring film programs, encompassing 45 films in all.

DisOrient is the premiere Asian American independent film festival of Oregon, celebrating films with authentic Asian Pacific American voices, histories and stories. We highlight social justice themes that translate to universal human experiences. We promote representation, diversity and inclusion to broaden the narrative of who is American, and to strengthen and build community.

The festival runs March 12-15, find out more by going here.

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#OregonMade “Lorelei” to Premiere at Tribeca

The #OregonMade movie, Lorelei, will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, 2020. The film shot in various locations in Portland, Clackamas County, Marion County, Multnomah County and Washington County in 2018.
Lorelei stars Pablo Schreiber (Den of Thieves, Orange is the New Black, The Wire) and Jena Malone (The Hunger Games, The Neon Demon, Inherent Vice), along with a cast of local actors cast by Simon Max Hill. Amelia Borgerding, Parker Pascoe-Sheppard and Chancellor Perry, three upcoming child actors, make their acting debuts in the movie. Lorelei was written and directed by Sabrina Doyle. Francesca Silvestri & Kevin Chinoy (The Florida Project) and Jennifer Radzikowski (Moonlight) produced. Portland-based producer Lara Cuddy (Birds of Neptune, The Mortuary Collection) is co-producer on the project.
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Oregon Doc Camp Fellowships – Application Period Now Open

The OregonMade Creative Foundation has partnered with the arts-based nonprofit, NW Documentaryand OregonMade, to establish fellowships for two documentary filmmakers to attend ​Oregon Documentary Camp from May 14th-May 17th, 2020.

Doc Camp is an annual, 4-day professional development retreat that brings working documentary filmmakers to Silver Falls State Park for screenings, workshops, panel discussions, networking events, and a chance to share their own work. Attendees are given a unique opportunity to leave the often-isolating world of documentary filmmaking behind, and gather in the beautiful woods of Oregon to develop their professional networks with peers from around the country.

This year’s themes are storytelling and impact, and Doc Camp’s keynote speaker will be internationally renowned filmmaker ​Frederick Wiseman​.

NW Documentary has been teaching and supporting nonfiction storytelling for 15 years, and strives to provide programming and services for groups diverse in age, race, income, experience, and minority status.

The OR Doc Camp Fellowships will be awarded to established documentary filmmakers from Oregon with from under-represented backgrounds.

Fellowship Details
Winners of the fellowship will receive room, board and travel expenses from Portland for the 4-day Doc Camp experience.

Find out more an apply to the program by going here.

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Job Mixer III – A PDX Style Job Fair w/OMPA+SIGGRAPH 2/27 @PNCA

Coming to PNCA Thursday evening, Feb 27th, 2020, we bring you Job Mixer III!  The entire Portland post-production and stop motion industry is taking time out for an evening of mixing it up under the same roof.  Currently 17 companies/studios (and counting) will have tables on the main floor, with gracious beverage sponsors 2 Towns Cider and Super Brewing providing refreshments.  If you are interested, working, or studying in the 3D, VFX, Animation, Stop Motion, Video Production, Gaming, Illustration, or the growing “Creative Tech” space, this is an important mix that we hope you’ll be a part of.  Brought to you by Portland ACM SIGGRAPH and OMPA, with support from PNCA and 52ltd.

Full details are posted at this page.

Registration is free and required for entrance – sign up now at this OMPA link.

Check out the growing list of studios posting immediate needs here.

Make a full night of it and attend the P&P after mixer meetup.

Job Mixer III
Pacific NW College of Art (PNCA) Lobby/Atrium *entrance on Park blocks side
511 NW Broadway, Portland OR 97209
February 27th, 2020 5:30pm-7:30pm

Artists – be sure to also check out the SIGGRAPH Demo Reel Review contest – a great excuse to sharpen up your reel before the mixer and have a shot at some great prizes (and most importantly, feedback from a panel of awesome judges).  See you at the mixer!

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SOU Digital Cinema Launches: THE CREW EXPERIENCE

SOU Digital Cinema Launches:

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Help SOU Students #LearnOnLocation

Southern Oregon University’s Digital Cinema program is pleased to announce the launch of our new CREW EXPERIENCE with an SOU Foundation crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. In this groundbreaking program, juniors and seniors majoring in Digital Cinema earn 12 upper-division college credits in a 10-week production immersion, leaving the classroom behind to #LearnOnLocation in a professional filmmaking environment. Under the supervision of faculty and industry mentors, our student crew will collaborate in the creation of an original short film. This one-of-a-kind workforce training immersion prepares us for below-the-line jobs in the film and television industry like no other academic endeavor available in the Pacific Northwest.

“The fact that this exists here, in Southern Oregon, in a smaller school, is fantastic!” — Randy Cordray, Producer (THE OFFICE), who recently co-taught SitCom Production at SOU with veteran television prop master Jim Falkenstein.

Based in Ashland, Oregon — a town that MovieMaker Magazine has named a “best place to live & work as a moviemaker” for seven consecutive years — SOU’s Digital Cinema program offers a world-class film school education at an affordable price, without requiring a portfolio for admission. We believe every aspiring filmmaker has a story to tell. Even filmmakers who have not previously had the advantage of access to equipment or resources for skill-development are invited to pursue their degree in filmmaking at SOU. Indeed, many of our students are first-generation college attendees and come from rural communities. Our Digital Cinema program is hands-on, student-centered, and focused on cultivating career pathways into the film industry. It is with these ideals in mind that we offer the inaugural Crew Experience.

Today, Digital Cinema students, in cooperation with the SOU Foundation, have launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo in order to finance the Crew Experience. Because we have partnered with the not-for-profit foundation, every contribution is a tax-deductible donation in support of SOU’s educational mission.

We will use these funds to cast SAG-AFTRA talent, to secure locations, props, set dressing, and wardrobe; to purchase digital storage space, to feed the cast and crew, to score and license music for our film, then finally, to send the completed project to film festivals. The aim of the Crew Experience is to emulate, as closely as possible, a large-scale professional production.

Please follow our campaign and social media, help us amplify our message by sharing with your friends, and consider contributing if you can. Every dollar donated has an impact on student lives.
Please join and share our crowdfunding event on Facebook.
Follow our campaign Twitter and retweet updates about our efforts.
Share our IndieGoGo pre-launch landing page.
We are also looking for volunteer industry mentors, food donations, and equipment loans.

With your help, our students can meet their goal and have an unforgettable learning experience!

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“American Idol” Comes to Sunriver Resort in Central Oregon

Our hard working friends at the Central Oregon Film Office sent us a link to an episode of “American Idol” that shot at Sunriver Resort back in November and you have to check it out.

Last autumn, COFO worked with the producers to focus on finding ‘B Roll’ locations for the episode, securing regional permits and supplying local production crew for the shoot.  COFO also liaised with the producers and the City of Bend (thank you Ben Hemson), the park rangers at Smith Rock and staff at Bend Park and Recreation while also working with the Shops at Sunriver staff to handle drone approval.

And the result is a great piece of television.


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