Oregon’s “Soldier” Kickstarter Live!

Bricker-Down Productions® is excited to announce the Kickstarter campaign for its next Oregon project, “Soldier”, which is now live at www.SoldierDocumentary.com. The documentary is about a modern-day superhero.

“Soldier” focuses on Daniel Krug. He’s a heroic firefighter, father of five, SWAT trainer, amateur MMA champion, and armored combat enthusiast. Daniel is also a former military sniper, with combat, security, rescue, and recovery experience in the middle east and Tibet. Frankly, Daniel is as close to a superhero as there is!

But, as Daniel says in the Kickstarter introduction, “Soldier” is about much more than him. In the past 8 years, he’s lost 9 of his close friends to suicide. And that’s the reason he’s partnered with director Justin Zimmerman to tell his story.


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Virtual Production in Portland

Kevin Fletcher on set Virtual Production

DP Kevin Fletcher and actor Nancy Ortiz on set


In a not-so-distant future, an off-world syndicate of couriers transport precious and illicit packages via inter-planetary portals. They alone hold the secret to the dust that powers them. Our story takes place in the early morning hours, when a disheveled retired bureaucrat wanders through the unfamiliar streets of Neo Tokyo to hand off a mysterious briefcase.
That’s the premise of the short narrative technical test recently completed on the LED Volume at Picture This.
Afuera, created by noted Director of Photography Kevin Fletcher, Lower Boom founder Matt Schulte, filmmaker Wil Magness, and produced by Devin Fei-Fan Tau, with additional VFX by Hinge Digital, showcases the fact that the  same tech that made The Mandalorian possible is now in Portland. This has the potential to have a huge impact on the local filmmaking scene, as well as an additional incentive for projects from out-of-town to shoot here.
The combination of the LED volume and Unreal Engine falls under the umbrella of  Virtual Production, and marries Unreal Engine’s video game rendering technology and LED screen ‘volumes’ to create immersive new worlds on a film set.

Imagine bringing Transylvania, Mars, Mexico City, or the Pacific Ocean to the Picture This soundstage in Portland, Oregon.

Watch Afuera

A next step in the evolution of storytelling using Virtual Production is education. Unreal Engine has a thorough learning platform to learn the technical aspects of Virtual Production.  Read More »

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Ashland Independent Film Festival Announces its 20th Anniversary Festival Awardees

David Oyelowo directing “The Water Man” in Oregon. Photo Credit: Karen Ballard

The Ashland Independent Film Festival is excited to announce the winners of the special Rogue Award, Pride Award, and James Blue Award who will be honored during this year’s hybrid “Double Feature” festival running online for two weeks from April 15-29 and outdoors in Ashland and Medford from June 24-28, 2021. The full virtual and live cinema program will be announced on March 24 in a Preview Night presentation on www.ashlandfilm.org.

Rogue Award Winner:

Actor David Oyelowo (Selma, The Butler) will receive the Rogue Award, presented annually to an accomplished mid-career artist.  Oyelowo will present his directorial debut, The Water Man, a mystical adventure filmed around Portland, Oregon, on the festival’s opening day. The story is set against the backdrop of Oregon wildfires, which connects the film to the festival’s central theme this year of “Rising From the Ashes.” Oyelowo will also join critic Warren Etheredge for a conversation on his film and theater career.

“Helping David Oyelowo, Harpo Films and ShivHans Pictures bring their beautiful film, The Water Man, to life with our state’s crews and locations has meant a great deal to us and to the entire film community in this state. We look forward to seeing the film at yet another great Oregon cultural asset – The Ashland Independent Film Festival,” commented Tim Williams, director of Oregon Film, the governor’s film office.

 Read More »

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#OregonMade “Sophie Jones” Release – On VOD & In Theaters This week!

The feature film, SOPHIE JONES, directed by Jessie Barr, is having its release on March 2nd! We shot on location in 2018 with an incredible local crew and local talent. Portland made this movie possible and we are so grateful to everyone involved in bringing the film to life. To watch the film, visit sophiejones.oscilloscope.net

On Monday, March 8th at 7PT The Hollywood Theater will show the film virtually and host a QA with the director, producers, and cast, moderated by director Megan Griffiths!


In this debut feature by filmmaker Jessie Barr, from executive producer Nicole Holofcener, 16-year-old Sophie Jones grapples with the recent death of her mother. Physical intimacy with another person becomes the only way for Sophie to feel anything. Eroticism becomes the antidote to her mother’s death. She tries to keep her relationships strictly for her own empowerment and as a means of distraction. But what happens when Sophie finds that she does want more than physical intimacy but she’s terrified of being vulnerable and receiving love or pleasure? What if none of Sophie’s relationships with the boys in her life is the answer but they are all part of her journey back to healing herself? These are just some of the questions that the film SOPHIE JONES explores with humor, heart, and authenticity. Ultimately Sophie learns that sexual intimacy is a temporary salve but love is lasting medicine and her mother’s death is the material of her life. This coming-of-age film is inspired by true experiences of grief, girlhood, and growing up. Written by cousins with the same name – director/co-writer Jessie Barr and her cousin co-writer/star Jessica Barr both lost a parent to cancer when they were 16-years-old and collaborated on the script together. The story is inspired by Jessica Barr’s experience of grieving the loss of her mother. Director/co-writer Jessie Barr immersed herself in the lives of local Portland teenagers and worked closely with them while drawing upon her own experience of loss, resulting in the film’s authenticity, which combines poetic realism with an honest portrayal of grief and girlhood. SOPHIE JONES precisely captures the experience of a young woman discovering her sexual agency and sense of self within the context of grief. The film features a score by Nate Heller (Composer for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Can You Ever Forgive Me and Diary of a Teenage Girl) and was filmed on location in Portland, Oregon.

Directed by / Jessie Barr
Starring / Jessica Barr, Skyler Verity, Claire Manning, Charlie Jackson, Dave Roberts, Tristan Decker, Sam Kamerman, Elle Layne, Chase Offerle, Jonah Kersey, Katie Prentiss, Sharae Foxie, Hannah Sapitan, Natalie Shershow.
Director of photography / Scott Miller
Edited by / Naomi Sunrise Filoramo
Executive producer / Nicole Holofcener
Produced by / Lindsay Guerrero, Joe Dinnen, Jessie Barr and Jessica Barr
Written by / Jessica Barr and Jessie Barr (Cousins with the same name)
Music by / Nate Heller
Music supervision by / The Crystal Creative

Festival du Cinéma Américain de Deauville 2020 (Deauville, FR) / World Premiere In Competition

Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2020 (Buenos Aires, AR) / In Competition

Festival de Cinéma de la ville de Québec 2020 (Quebec, CA) / Official Selection

Heartland Film Festival 2020 (Indianapolis, IN) / Official Selection

Montana Film Festival 2020 (Missoula, MT) / Official Selection
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Historic Marker, Film Screening To Honor Klamath Falls-Made Film “Phoenix, Oregon”


Summary: Historic marker on the Oregon Film Trail will be unveiled in downtown Klamath Falls in recognition of the film “Phoenix, Oregon” (shot in Klamath Falls in 2018) with a day-long celebration on Saturday, Feb. 27.

Event Details:
WHAT: Oregon Film Trail marker unveiling and “Phoenix, Oregon” film screening

WHERE: The Daily Bagel (1 p.m.), 636 Main St., Klamath Falls. Ross Ragland Theater (2 p.m.), 218 N. 7th St.

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 27, 1 p.m. Available in-person and online livestream

COST: $10 tickets for virtual livestream or theater seat (limited to first 100 people)

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – An historic marker will be formally unveiled as part of a full slate of activities in celebration of the film “Phoenix, Oregon” on Saturday, Feb. 27 in downtown Klamath Falls with a simultaneous livestream.

Multiple events are planned for the official addition of the latest historic marker on the Oregon Film Trail – a network of recognizable signage placed in many iconic filming locations across the state, stitching together film history, communities, and celebrating Oregon’s contribution to filmmaking since 1904.

The sign to be placed in Klamath Falls is the 33rd historic marker designated in the State of Oregon, but only the third in Southern Oregon – two were placed in Ashland in 2020. Additionally, the program has created a large exhibit and mural at the Portland International Airport honoring Oregon’s film legacy.

The Oregon Film Trail marker identifies the making of the film “Phoenix, Oregon” as well as other notable films at least partially made in Klamath County. The markers serve as an economic driver and recognition of cultural heritage and are actively promoted as tourist stops for film fans. The Oregon Film Trail markers are intended to strengthen the correlation between the film/TV industry and Oregon communities for its economic and cultural impact.

 Read More »

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“CONTACTEE” is now streaming on Amazon

A bunch of broke nobodies making a film in rural Oregon isn’t an easy proposition…

Sometime in 2016 I spoke to a group of confidants about making a movie on the sly. The plan was to keep expectations low and develop something we could be proud of but not, per se, something that should or would be released. I was at a pretty low place at the time, honestly. My previous filmmaking endeavours hadn’t exactly set the world on fire and I was now a parent supporting himself and family with manual labor jobs and barely scraping by. Most of my conspirators were probably in a similar place in one way or another.

The production began on the page. The idea was simple: we lose people because the world around us and inside us changes and with it we change. We often grow apart before we even know that it’s occurred. I then imagined that instead of being awash in the randomized whims of fate and modern life there was an intelligence behind these life events one as inexplicable as with that big universe around but one with motives. The immediate response would be to seek an audience with this force, to beg redress for wrongs committed. This was the kernel that grew into the story of Jay and Talia, it grew out of long coffee fueled conversations between myself and lead actress Sara Robbin.

What begins as a film that would seem to be about a couple on a cozy vacation to Mt. Hood is revealed to have a somewhat darker backstory.

 Read More »

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#OregonMade “Chad” Premieres April 6th On TBS

This new eight-episode TBS comedy follows a 14-year-old pubescent Persian boy (SNL’s Nasim Pedrad) navigating the freshman year of high school on a mission to become popular. “Chad” shot the first season in Portland partially during the Covid pandemic.  Read more from Oregon Live.

The new series premieres on April 6th on TBS.

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The Art of Makeup Night School

The Art of Makeup School evening schedule is offered once a year and begins this April 5th.  All classes are offered in person and following all CDC recommended guidelines and production protocol for makeup artists. You can see what we have been doing here Safety Blog


The Art of Makeup School also has a job board for graduates.  Students are trained in beauty, advertising, film, stage and special fx makeup. If you have a production needing a  makeup artist, you may contact us to be placed on the job board. Please fill out this form to Hire a Makeup Artist

Virtual or in person tours are available. For more information please call 503-244-1558, or email [email protected], and read all about our programs & courses on our website www.artofmakeup.com

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🍷 Wines To Pair With Your MSFF Experience

We’re almost LIVE! #MSFF2021!

Get Ready with Important Festival Supplies

An excellent question! Being in Willamette Valley wine country, we here at MSFF love a good tipple of vino. It can complete a meal, spur lively conversation, and delight the senses…just like film!

You’ve browsed our film listings and you’ve bought your passes and tickets (if not, no fear, you can buy them here), and now you’re ready to watch some amazing films! But wait: essential supplies are still needed to ensure you fully enjoy our first all virtual festival. Stock up on popcorn of course, call dibs on your favorite comfy seat, and plan out your #MSFF2021 adventure. And of course: don’t forget the wine!

Behold… our recommended wine pairings to accompany your films by screening:

Drama – an Oregon pinot noir: the Goldilocks of wine grapes. Temperamental grapes, sensitive and finnicky to make, absolutely delightful to drink. We’re loving the 2016 Reserve Pinot Noir from Yamhill Valley Vineyards, just a hop, skip, and a jump from us here in McMinnville!

Comedy – a light & fruity white blend, enjoyable and doesn’t take itself TOO seriously, from our winery friends throughout Oregon.

Suspense-Horror – something dark and brooding. A bold red blend would do the trick, but try not to look it directly in the eyes! We love the 2017 Oregon Roan from Laurel Ridge, a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel.

Environmental – a wine with “earthy” flavors, and/or made naturally without additives or filtration. Minimal intervention with these wines; the winemakers let the grapes speak for themselves. Our pick is the 2018 Denison Cellars Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, unfined and unfiltered, that represents this diverse wine region.

Documentary – an aged gamay noir, from an historical Oregon winery, which tells the tale of the Oregon Trail – and the storied history of our local wine industry. A Gamay Noir from the nearby Ribbon Ridge AVA would be the perfect complement to thoughtful documentaries.

Native American – a beautiful syrah with earthy tones, wrapping you with warmth, connecting you to the land from whence it came. A Syrah from Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley AVA would fit the bill!

Experimental – an unexpected blend of different red grapes, clones, or vineyards. A winemaker’s wacky idea, that often turns out amazing – just like experimental film. Our choice: 2017 Björnson #21003 Pinot Noir, a “field blend” of all of their planted clones of pinot noir in the nearby Eola-Amity Hills AVA.

Animation – a playful, energetic sparkling wine, delighting your tongue with its effervescent brightness. Our choice: 2017 Benza Brut Sparkling Wine from the newly-approved Laurelwood AVA in the Willamette Valley.

Tell us what you’ll be drinking during #MSFF2021 on social!

Instagram: @macfilmfest
Facebook: @mcminnvillefilmfest


Celebrate our 10 year anniversary with this special label Pinot Noir from Stoller Family Estate! By purchasing this beautiful bottle of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, you are contributing to the future of the MSFF.

$38 per bottle

Purchase in-person from our partner The Gallery at Ten Oaks, located at 801 SW Baker St, McMinnville, Oregon.

Need it shipped? Email James at Stoller Family Estate, and he will make the arrangements for purchase and shipment!


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Cinema Unbound Awardees Announced – Attend the Drive-in Experience

Steve McQueen, Garrett Bradley, Gus Van Sant, Mollye Asher, and Alex Bulkley to be honored at the 2021 Cinema Unbound Awards presented by the Portland Art Museum & Northwest Film Center.

The Northwest Film Center and Portland Art Museum are pleased to announce the annual Cinema Unbound Awards 2021. This year’s honorees are Steve McQueen, Garrett Bradley, Gus Van Sant, Mollye Asher, and Alex Bulkley: boundary-breaking multimedia storytellers working at the intersection of art and cinema.

The awards will be presented on March 4, 2021, kicking off the 44th Annual Portland International Film Festival running from March 5 to March 14, 2021. This year’s Cinema Unbound Awards will be offered both in a Virtual Experience, available for free worldwide, and in a Drive-In Experience at Zidell Yards in Portland, Oregon. Ticket sales directly support the work of the Northwest Film Center and the Portland Art Museum.

Steve McQueen, the Academy Award-winning British filmmaker and artist whose anthology film series Small Axe recently won Best Picture at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, says he is grateful for the support of artists’ creative exploration.

“I feel particularly honored to receive this Cinema Unbound Award from Northwest Film Center and Portland Art Museum at a time in my own creative journey when I have gone back to my true source and inspiration with Small Axe and felt more unbound creatively than I ever have,” says McQueen. “The work NWFC and PAM do in supporting creatives across different mediums in discovering their own artistic identity is vitally important.”

The event will be available free to the public virtually throughout the US and internationally by registering at cinemaunbound.org/awards. To purchase tickets and tables for the in-person drive in awards experience to be held at the NWFC’s Cinema Unbound Drive-In in Portland, Oregon, please visit cinemaunbound.org/awards.

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