Town Hall: A Film & TV Political Party

Ye Olde OMPA, One Man One DrinkThursday, October 21

@Large Films
807 NE Couch Street
Portland, OR

Hosted By OMPA

6:00 pm Doors
7:00 pm Presentation

Oregon’s commercial, film and TV workforce development programs are due to “sunset” on January 1, 2012 unless they are renewed by the 2011 state legislature. The candidates running for your state House and Senate seats today will be making difficult budget decisions for the state, and will decide which tax credits are renewed, including the Oregon Production Investment Fund and the equally important Greenlight Oregon Labor rebate. Continue reading... “Town Hall: A Film & TV Political Party”

Meet the trainer and dog behind the OK Go Video

Lauren Henry from Corvallis based Talented Animals was on KOIN’s show Studio 6 yesterday.  Lauren has been a great resource for the Oregon Film community as she’s always out there plugging our state as a great place to film.  I also happened to be in a meeting yesterday where I met John Sechrest from Corvallis and the one thing he mentioned relating to Oregon Film was this video.  He helped the production secure a space for the video and spoke very highly of the experience.   Continue reading... “Meet the trainer and dog behind the OK Go Video”

Just Saw this KOIN Piece on "Portlandia"

So I love nothing more than doing a little googling on a Thursday night (kind of sad commentary) and I came upon this piece that aired on KOIN this week.  Last week the principals of the the show “Portlandia” held a low key press conference and KOIN’s show Studio 6 covered the press conference as well as the other local media outlets.  They got some good stuff from Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein so check it out!

-Vince Continue reading... “Just Saw this KOIN Piece on "Portlandia"”

Extreme Makeover Reveals………..

The crew at Extreme Makeover have been working around the clock for the past few weeks to get ready for the big reveal of the School for the Deaf in Salem today.  As well as the school, they have also overhauled their haunted house that acts as an annual school fundraiser.

Paige Hemmis and Michael Moloney of Extreme Makeover in Salem, Oregon

For more information read the article in the Statesman Continue reading... “Extreme Makeover Reveals………..”

Portlandia Appearing at Musicfest NW?

Photo from ThunderAnt Website - Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen

Just picked this up from Kristi Turnquit’s article in The Oregonian and  Willamette Week blog.  Sounds like the IFC show “Portlandia” will be able to use the popular Musicfest Northwest to its benefit.  According to the report in the blog, the show will be shooting part of its series at the Festival next week.  Also in the article is the mention of several guest appearances in the show – band members from the Shins and Decemberists, Gus Van Sant, Selma Blair, Kyle MacLachlan and Steve Buscemi.  Continue reading... “Portlandia Appearing at Musicfest NW?”

Fluid Images Honored by OSU

Fluid Images' (Central Oregon) Strada Crane facilitating TV coverage at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Fluid Images, based in Sisters, Central Oregon, is being honored by OSU in receiving the “Orange Spotlight” award.   (The award singles out companies that, amongst other things, are innovative,  stimulate and support the local economy as well as hire skilled and talented OSU alums).

Fluid Images was founded in 1990 when Bob Johnson (OSU graduate) and his son Rick, built  the 72 foot Akela Crane in their barn.  Continue reading... “Fluid Images Honored by OSU”

Fuji TV films Geiser Grand Hotel

Geiser Grand Hotel

“Unbelievable” TV Show is one of the highest rated TV shows in Japan, now in its 11th season. More than 15 million people watch every show. We’re thrilled here that they chose the Geiser Grand for a special show on the ten most interesting spots on the planet! Director and crew arrived last night, joined by a translater/producer out of LA (only one stop from Tokyo to Baker City, Oregon!)

This is Director Nakayama’s second trip to the Geiser Grand Hotel. Continue reading... “Fuji TV films Geiser Grand Hotel”

Extreme Makeover shows up in Salem, OR to help School for the Deaf

Courtesy of the Statesman Journal
Courtesy of The Oregonian

Today in Salem the long running ABC show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” showed up at the Oregon School for the Deaf.  This season the show is focusing on community projects and they picked the school this year for their Halloween episode as they will be remaking the school’s dorm and a new haunted house.  Construction on the project began today and the project is slated to be completed by next Sunday.  All of the students from the school are traveling to Minnesota to visit the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Continue reading... “Extreme Makeover shows up in Salem, OR to help School for the Deaf”

MOPAN helps with broadcast from Oregon State Fair

When the bulk of the high profile and higher budget film and video work happens in the Portland metro area, we at the film office naturally get caught up with detailing all the good work happening in the Portland area.  But there is plenty of interesting work happening outside the Portland area and we would be remiss not to mention it.  Recently the Eugene based MOPAN redesigned their website and added a blog feature.  I’m not sure how much credit should go to new President Erik Talbert but I wanted to highlight one posting Erik put up today regarding the national broadcast shoot that happened at the Oregon State Fair.  Continue reading... “MOPAN helps with broadcast from Oregon State Fair”

Aimee Mann in "Portlandia"?

I was just scanning the twitter universe and picked up on a tweet from Aimee Mann (thanks PA Wilhelm!).  Apparently she just left Portland after doing a bit on the show “Portlandia”.  Here’s her tweet –


I had a great time shooting my thing in “Portlandia.” Fred and Carrie are so hilarious together. It was very fun! But weirdly exhausting!

Although “Portlandia” is not due out on IFC until next year, I’m guessing it’s going to build it’s own audience before anyone sees a frame of footage.  Continue reading... “Aimee Mann in "Portlandia"?”