Interesting Trend in Box Office Receipts

I was reading this post from Deadline Hollywood today that predicts that the U.S. box office receipts will only account for 30% of the total worldwide box office receipts by 2014.  That’s an amazing number.  Why?  Because it will most likely change the way films are developed.  If you’ve already noticed that there are more and more films out there that require less dialogue (think all of the comic book films and “Transformers”) it’s probably because the studios are looking to appeal to the world wide market more than before. Continue reading... “Interesting Trend in Box Office Receipts”

Extras Casting Call: TNT's "Leverage"

Casting Company, EXTRAS ONLY, announces FINAL EXTRAS CASTING CALL FOR SEASON 3 of the hit TV show, “LEVERAGE.”

EXTRAS ONLY, Portland’s busiest extras casting company with recent credits that include “Extraordinary Measures” with Harrison Ford and “Twilight”, is still casting real people to be paid extras in episodes of LEVERAGE Season 3, still filming in Portland!

Casting Director, Danny Stoltz, says in general his company is “always looking for real people of all types who are interested in working as extras. Continue reading... “Extras Casting Call: TNT's "Leverage"”

Industry Golf and Wine Tour on July 23rd

OMPA Final Cut Classuc

Over 100 industry guests are already signed up to attend the Final Cut Classic on July 23rd in Hood River Oregon. Participation is designed to bring more exposure and deeper business contacts to the attendees. The event raises money for education scholarships and the OMPA, and it is a great show of support for the crew and other business owners who work together to continue growing the industry. Continue reading... “Industry Golf and Wine Tour on July 23rd”

Funnelbox Wins National Telly Award

Reprinted from the Oregonian:

Oregon City’s Funnelbox Motion Picture Studios received national recognition with a Silver Telly Award in May for its short promotional video “Blue Collar Creative.”

The film was a pro bono project conceived by CEO Robb Crocker for Main Street Oregon City’s “Blue Collar Creative” campaign to attract more creative firms to downtown Oregon City.

“We’re just really proud of the production and the effort that went into it,” he said. “This is pretty special.”

Crocker and about a dozen of his staff donated nearly 500 hours plus materials to shoot, edit and animate the one-and-a-half minute film. Continue reading... “Funnelbox Wins National Telly Award”

Oregon Film Highlighted in the Hollywood Reporter

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Oregon’s film industry got quite the write-up yesterday in the Hollywood Reporter! The producers of TNT’s Leverage had wonderful things to say about shooting in Oregon, including this quote about Oregon’s talent from Co-Creator Jon Rogers:

“When we got up there we were expecting to fly in three or four cast members an episode, but we average about one or two,” co-creator/executive producer John Rogers says. “Some of the (local) actors have been so good, we’ve made them recurring characters on the show.”

Continue reading... “Oregon Film Highlighted in the Hollywood Reporter”

"75,000 $2 Bills floating around the city"

We just got sent this nice little article that appeared in the Oregon Business Magazine July issue. Although their numbers are a little low (total spend is higher than listed), it’s still a nice article. It was nice to see that they included the mention of the show’s practice of distributing $2 bills for per diem payments. Here’s the article if you’re interested. The film office intends to put out more complete data for not only season 2 but season 3 late in August or early September. Continue reading... “"75,000 $2 Bills floating around the city"”

Don't Miss the Season 3 Premiere of "Leverage" this Sunday

Season 3 of “Leverage” premieres this Sunday on TNT with a 2 hour premiere episode.  For those of you that enjoy watching it in a communal setting, it sounds like the Morrison Hotel is once again going to be the gathering place for fans as well as local cast and crew.  TNT has gathered a lot of online promo material leading up to the premiere and be sure to check it out on their website –

The show is already heading into production of episode 12 and from everything we’ve heard season 3 is going even better in Portland than season 2.  Continue reading... “Don't Miss the Season 3 Premiere of "Leverage" this Sunday”

"Biggest Loser" Filming at Tom McCall Waterfront Park this Weekend

Over a third of Americans are not just overweight, they are obese. The question is, are you ready to change your life? If so, then here is the first courageous step you need to take. Season 10 of NBC’s hit television show “The Biggest Loser” will be visiting cities all across America and we want to see you, your friends and family all there to make this healthy change. One of our world famous trainers, either Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels, will be in each city to reveal some of the contestants who will be on season 10 of “The Biggest Loser.” Continue reading... “"Biggest Loser" Filming at Tom McCall Waterfront Park this Weekend”

Extras Casting Call: TNT's "Leverage"


Oregon’s busiest extras casting company, EXTRAS ONLY, is still currently casting all the extras, featured extras, stand-ins and photo doubles for the third season of TNT’s hit TV series, LEVERAGE.

We are hiring thousands of real-people and professional extras from our database who are getting paid to be background actors on a hit prime time show. It’s a great opportunity to make some extra money and have fun being involved in the process.

Continue reading... “Extras Casting Call: TNT's "Leverage"”