Thank You Governor Kulongoski – Annual Meeting Huge Success

Industry Honors Gov. Kulongoski

Attending our Annual Meeting was Governor Kulongoski, members of the Governor’s Office of Film & Television Board, as well nominees for the annual awards and a large audience of industry professionals at the newly rennovated Lincoln Performance Hall at PSU on Friday evening.   PSU‘s technical team made it possible to catch up on industry happenings in Ashland, Bend and Eugene via  live broadcast by teleconference bridge.

Governor Kulongoski presented awards to:

Innovation In Media Arts AwardNaturalPoint OptiTrack, Insight VCS,

Innovation award to Natural Point Optitrack VCS

Film Advocate Awards went to Rob Burchfield (Traffiic Operations, Portland Dept. Continue reading... “Thank You Governor Kulongoski – Annual Meeting Huge Success”

Call For Nominations!

Every year we give a grateful shout out to people and businesses in Oregon who have been integral in helping production during the year.  At our Annual Meeting in December (more details to follow) several awards and achievements recognizing the importance of innovation, vendors and services to the film and TV industry will be presented by Governor Kulongoski.

Innovation In Media Award – for progress and innovation across all mediums

Film Advocate –  in appreciation and recognition for on-going support and leadership to the Oregon film and TV industry

Green Leader Award – an addition this year, for vendors or services that have contributed to making the film and TV industry more sustainable

Send your considered suggestions for nominees to [email protected] Continue reading... “Call For Nominations!”

Go Green -Got Goats?

(Photo: Don Rohrbacker)

Gearhead Grip & Electric has been practicing sustainable methods for a long time – full recycling on it’s trucks and trash disposal for customers, green holiday gifts etc etc.   – but last week they took their commitment to the next level when Don Rohrbacker decided to employ about 15 brush-munching goats to clear their truck  yard (a 50 x 50 foot lot).  Continue reading... “Go Green -Got Goats?”

"Deep Green" – A Good Case Study in Good PR

I just got an email update from Lyla Foggia about the current film she’s promoting – “Deep Green”.  The documentary was written, produced, and directed by first-time filmmaker Matt Briggs.  After years of witnessing the slow decline of Oregon’s forests, Matt decided to travel the world to find out what we are doing to solve the global warming issue.  What he found was solutions to the problem, and the film is an informative detailing of the solutions we as individuals and as a society can enact immediately. Continue reading... “"Deep Green" – A Good Case Study in Good PR”

Interview with Lauren Selman

Greenlit documented the making of the feature film The River Why and the trials and tribulations that go with trying to green a film set.  I had a chance to ask Lauren Selman, (Reel Green Media) the hired set “greener” for The River Why production, a few questions:

GOFT: What was the hardest hurdle to overcome when shooting The River Why – from a green standpoint…..set recycling, water bottles on set, transportation, services  etc.??

LS: Getting city services (i.e. Continue reading... “Interview with Lauren Selman”

It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Playing in the Ashland Independent Film Festival this year (April 8-12) is “Greenlit,” the documentary chronicling the attempt to make the feature film, “The River Why “green” from pre through post-production.  The film portrays the enthusiasm, challenges and successes when trying to green a film.  “The River Why” was shot entirely on location in Oregon.

Following the screening of “Greenlit,” a panel will discuss what it means to live and work green in the entertainment industry.

More on the documentary at: Continue reading... “It’s Not Easy Being Green…”