Go Green -Got Goats?

(Photo: Don Rohrbacker)

Gearhead Grip & Electric has been practicing sustainable methods for a long time – full recycling on it’s trucks and trash disposal for customers, green holiday gifts etc etc.   – but last week they took their commitment to the next level when Don Rohrbacker decided to employ about 15 brush-munching goats to clear their truck  yard (a 50 x 50 foot lot).  The cost difference of employing a landscaper to do the same job was  negligible and additionally a weed-whacker spreads seeds around but the goats’  grass-eating process pretty much destroys all seeds – good value in the long run.

The goats came from Goat Rentals NW – all rescue or retired dairy animals.  Follow Gearhead’s lead – Go Green

– Jane Ridley

Goat - from Goat Rentals NW
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