An New Way For Actors and Models To Promote Themselves.

Photo of Aris Juson by Levy Moroshan Photography

Do you have a reel?  Head shot?  Website?  I’m sure if you are, or want to be, a professional actor or model you’ve been asked these questions by filmmakers, casting directors, and agents.  Sometimes the answer can be long with explanations.  Other times you have everything you need but have a hard time getting them all tightly bundled for easy consumption.

So you might ask be asking yourself… “What is that strange looking black box on the picture above?”  Continue reading... “An New Way For Actors and Models To Promote Themselves.”

Audi Commercial Shot In Oregon Drives Controversy

You only need to glance at the comments posted on this YouTube clip to see how this particular commercial, showing off the new Audi A6, has people fired up!  But non-the-less, we like car commercials and we have many shooting here to know!  They often have healthy budgets and of course, provide local jobs.  We make an effort to promote the versatile roads of Oregon and in some ways it’s not that difficult; beautiful high desert, mountains, beaches, urban scenes, small towns and an easy distance between them.  Continue reading... “Audi Commercial Shot In Oregon Drives Controversy”