April 17-April 22, 2018   Eugene, OR DisOrient is a social justice film festival showcasing the work of independent filmmakers, and features honest portrayals of Asian American and Pacific Islander experiences. The festival encompasses 5 days and 7 venues, with 29 filmmakers attending from Hong Kong, Canada and across the United States A refreshing break […]

Oregon Doc Camp 2018

Registration is Open for Oregon Documentary Camp 2018! Join more than 60 filmmakers for a 4-day retreat in the woods We’ll hear from award-winning presenters: Alexandria Bombach (ON HER SHOULDERS) Doug Block (112 WEDDINGS) Jax Deluca (Director of Media Arts at the National Endowment for the Arts) …and more! We’ll watch & discuss films, attend […]

Comedy, Web Series Focus Group!!

Watch a half hour to an hour of four, comedy, web episodes in Portland! Complete a two minute survey and discuss answers with a moderator. Snacks and drinks provided.  My film partner and I are looking forward to your feedback! The comedy, web series focus group is on Saturday, April 21st.  Two times to choose […]

[SEE] the Power of Story – March 10 – Field Office

Get ready to participate in a historic first at [SEE] 2018. www.seethepowerofstory.com [SEE] Story | Experience | Engagement | brings together world-class storytellers through their unique mediums such as food, technology, voice and film to explore story as a powerful form of communication and the role it plays in shaping our world. With an intimate audience of […]

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARCHIVE Body of Evidence (Uli Edel, 1993)

Fair warning intrepid Archivists – this one is adult-themed and, well, (retro)(un)sexy. Be warned. This week we pay a visit to a lightning bolt of 80’s and 90’s love/hate iconography; that vamp and Diva, strike-a-pose devotress: Madonna. For those of us who lived through the days of trying to determine if the aluminum clad, coffee […]

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARCHIVE Tandem Hearts (Jon Garcia, 2012)

This week our intrepid Archivist takes us into the heart and soul of Portland indie filmmaking with a recent classic, made on a proverbial shoestring, from prolific filmmaker Jon Garcia. If you don’t know Jon’s work, it’s worth starting with this one and then taking in his “The Falls” trilogy – making a day/night of […]


  Bloated Cat Productions and Penguin Films will World Premiere their latest horror feature film, UNDER THE KNIFE, at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2018 on Saturday, March 17th at 9pm. Among the world’s elite genre festivals, Yubari, now in its 28th year, is the largest horror festival in Japan.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARCHIVE #Blockbuster&Chill: Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers (Chip Mabry, 2010)

The New Year (literally) rolls in with a vengeance this week as our intrepid Raider/Contributor takes us behind the scenes of Portland’s much beloved Rose City Rollers. There’s language to be wary of below and in the film itself, so if that kind of thing isn’t your proverbial cup’o’tea then stop here; but if that […]

Free Workshop About Production Insurance – ABI Insurance & Northwest Film Center

MOVIE DAY – YOU BROUGHT EVERYTHING ELSE, HOW ABOUT THE INSURANCE? Free workshop for makers and creatives about production insurance, including navigating the application process and insurance jargon, and knowing what types of insurance your creative project needs at every stage, from pre-production through distribution.

Upcoming Wildlife Mini-Series aims to change how we see the natural world

Have you ever wanted to stand eye to eye with an elephant, or watch as a tiger slowly walks past you?  Or maybe you dream is to swim with a manta ray, or see the frozen tundras of the north? Well, good news, one team is working to make this a new type of reality, […]