Oregon State University International Film Festival

The Oregon State University International Film Festival Presents: A Screening of Mademoiselle Paradis September 24th, at 7pm Cinema 21 616 NW 21st Ave, Portland Join Oregon State University at Cinema 21 in celebrating the first event of the International Film Festival, organized and hosted by the School of Language, Culture, and Society in partnership with […]

“The Portland Circuit’s” Inaugural Season Is Underway

  This week the Willamette Week did a great job of covering the inaugural Portland Circuit. The Portland Circuit, a collaboration between the #OregonMade Creative Foundation, the Northwest Film Center, the Hollywood Theatre, the Clinton St. Theater, and Cinema 21, has been created to provide a local theatrical run for #OregonMade feature films. This initial pilot […]

Tax Credit Auction for the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF), Second Round

Support an industry and get a tax break! Did you know that the film, television, animation and interactive industry is now directly spending more than $200M and supporting more than 4000 jobs per year?  And all of this work is supported through the Oregon Production Investment Fund and that fund is dependent on the sale of tax […]

PDX Latinx Pride Presents: Noche de Película (September 16th, 2018)

Being part of the PDX Latinx Pride planning and organizing committee has satisfied many parts of us, the members. The group wants to build community and heal ourselves through workshops, retreats and conversations. We also seek to see ourselves in many parts of the artistic spectrum. In fact, creating safe spaces and diversifying art in […]

New Documentary: “Dreams of the Bubble People”

With the help of Sally Spaderna of Koerner Camera Systems, we are starting a new documentary project with the goal of Netflix distribution: “Dreams of the Bubble People”.  It may sound silly, but I assure you: do not underestimate the unexpected, and very human story of: “The Amazing Bubble Man” His name is Louis Pearl, […]

Eastern Oregon Theatre Resoration Needs Help

The Gem Theatre renovation in Northeast Oregon is nearing completion and is about to commence a Kickstarter campaign aimed at finishing up. We are new to this form of fundraising and would like to connect with any other Oregon theatres/arts organizations with successful Kickstarter experience. Please contact Rob McIntyre if you can help or have […]

OMPA to host networking event with “Isle of Dogs” Production Designer

Join Oregon Media Production Association on August 28 for an exciting evening immersed in the local production scene! Portland-based production designer Paul Harrod will kick things off with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs. We’ll get to see how the director’s distinct artistic sensibilities informed every step […]

Lower Boom Launches Diversity And Inclusion Initiative

OVERVIEW Lower Boom is launching, today, August 1st, a diversity and inclusion initiative to create opportunities for Television and Film writers. http://lowerboom.com/diversity Lower Boom will be doing outreach and accepting writing samples throughout the month of August to select 4-6 writers who will then participate in a weekly writer’s room during September and October. Special […]

Oregon Film – A “Who We Are & What We Do” Update

This time last year we tried to give some context and background to the work of our office in a post we shared called, “Who We Are & What We Do.” This year, we’d like to add to that. So, first things first. In the last year we have been lucky enough to find dedicated […]

Shoot A Film. Make A Poster. Tell Your Story Of NASA’s Plans For Mars!

  NASA is inviting college students and early career professionals to express their visual interpretation of NASA’s deep space exploration initiative from the Earth to the Moon and onto Mars! Entries will be judged by notable film and graphics industry professionals including Gareth Edwards, the director of Rogue One; Mickey Fisher, w riter and producer […]