BAMPIRE: New Bambi horror movie produced in Eugene, OR!

BAMPIRE, a new Bambi horror movie produced and filmed in Eugene, Oregon was just announced on Indiegogo! The film is an independent horror comedy directed by Taylor Morden (The Last Blockbuster) and written by Zoë Wassman both of whom are based in Eugene, OR. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign features first-look footage as well as limited edition merchandise and the ability to pre-order copies of the movie. 

A full description of the project is available at:

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Makeup Artistry Classes Begin In September!

Programs begin Sept 11, 2023

The Art of Makeup School is a boutique licensed career school located in Lake Oswego, OR on the border of southwest Portland.  We have been open for 11 years. We teach the fundamentals of makeup artistry as applied to everything from beauty, character, stage makeup and special effects.  We strive to be a supportive part of the Oregon film community, strengthening local crews with trained makeup artists.  Continue reading... “Makeup Artistry Classes Begin In September!”

Portland Filmmaker Josh Hoffman’s “UNDER THE KNIFE” Now Slashing!



Bloated Cat Productions and Penguin Films have unleashed “The New Face of Horror.” UNDER THE KNIFE is a psychedelic journey into the vortex of vanity.

“Beverly travels to South Korea to get plastic surgery, but ends up unknowingly getting a computerized implant from a surgeon who maniacally turns his patients into beautiful killing machines.”

Prep for surgery. This film will get implanted in your head! Bloody deaths, exotic locations, atmospheric nightmares, and much more. Inspired by the fun vibe of 80’s American slashers and the hypnotic visual decadence of 70’s Italian giallo films. Continue reading... “Portland Filmmaker Josh Hoffman’s “UNDER THE KNIFE” Now Slashing!”

The New Normal – How Our Production Community Is Adapting To Covid-19 – Christina Kortum at Ravenous Studios

In our series of blog posts – the “New Normal” – we are looking at what creative options have been put in place to offset the disruption that Covid-19 has caused for production businesses here in Oregon.  This month we caught up with Christina Kortum at Ravenous Studios.

Ravenous Studios is one of the Pacific Northwest’s go-to character makeup and prop-making shop based in Portland, Oregon, and now also Los Angeles.  Ravenous is owned and operated by Christina “CK” Kortum and offers a wide variety of makeup fx to all levels of budget.

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