Oregon Film – Who We Are and What We Do (June 2024 Update)

It’s that time of year again. Here’s an update on the work we’ve been doing.

Oregon Film, sometimes called the Oregon Film & Video Office other times called the Governor’s Office of Film & Television, is the oldest US state film commission that we know of. Founded in 1968 our mission is to develop, grow and support the film and media industry here in Oregon.

That mission has pretty much remained the same for years but the things that we do and how we try to achieve them often change. There’s a long version and there’s the elevator pitch, but, most recently, it seems like a “did you know” approach might work best.



Did you know?


  • Over the last 18 months we have answered and addressed almost 300 requests for location or permit information, budget reviews, incentive calculations, project applications and contracting and other, more general guidance on how to make your creative project here in Oregon.


  • We have seen 7 recent films released with another 11 projects either in production or just completed production with another 5 projects that feature #OregonMade VFX. These projects include locally produced “Above the Trees” and recently featured NYTimes projects “Lazareth” and “New Life” while high flying series like “Shōgun,”  “Fallout” and the upcoming “Cross” feature visual effects from Portland based RefugeVFX.


  • We manage and update The Oregon Confluence – a community blog that provides information on projects, grants, events, openings, trailers and other industry related news.


  • We provide direct support to and we audit 35-45 projects a year. Projects that annually spend between $160M and $200M and provide more than 3500 jobs. More than half of those projects are produced by local producers or local companies. Most of these projects are independently produced.



  • We partner with organizations like Outside the Frame to run the Pathways training and placement program – a program that has provided hands-on training to countless people and supported the paid placement of more than 55 people into over 100 positions on the sets and studios in Oregon.


  • We launched a new website in January of this year that boasts a beautiful image based “front end” while supporting nearly 100 articles in an informational Knowledge Base behind-the-scenes.



  • We oversee and manage the Creative Opportunity Program – a dedicated fund of nearly $375,000 derived from the incentive program that supports local programs through grants, training, education and partnerships.

You can find out more about all of our work on OregonFilm.org.

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