Mt Angel Theater Studio & TUNE TOURS

Seasoned photographer and musician, Jon Deshler has taken over the Mt Angel Theater & Studio. A unique 3000 sq ft space in a special town, built out by a novel local, his friend – Stu Rasmussen. Deshler once owned and worked out of what is now the Coopers Hall in SE Portland and has for a time been working just outside of the Portland metro area south of Oregon City in the beautiful countryside of the north Willamette Valley. Having collaborated with Rasmussen over the last twelve years on myriad projects, the two became friends and supporters of each others endeavors. With Rasmussen’s passing last November Deshler has taken the reins of this special space. Complete with permanently installed and comprehensive overhead stage lighting, this 100 seat theater has been converted from its original 1912 silent movie house purpose to a live performance, production, and livestream theater and studio.

Deshler having worked with most Oregon Corporations over his long career has decided to blend his current endeavors with the potential of this studio and local communities in this post covid era. Internationally published for clients like: AFLAC, Consumer Reports, HP, Kaiser, InFocus, Intel, Nokia, Sony, Wacom, and many more, most recently Deshler began a covid response with his music which became TUNE TOURS – an outdoor, from safe distances, live performance, and video production endeavor in the beautiful Oregon landscape. In the summer of 2020 Portland’s KOIN 6 did a story on this effort:

Most recently Deshler has expanded and enhanced his own video productions for TUNE TOURS, as seen in this piece from the Painted Hills – He’s offering live music concerts every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with an emphasis on retirees in the area, photography and music lessons and workshops, and he’s exploring additional ideas and collaborations to best utilize this unique studio. Please Contact Jon with inquiries, and for more information at: email: [email protected] or call @ cel:323.449.1183

Cheetah Ambassador
Shot for the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
Two Hens Kiss
Chicken model test
Old Church Poster Image
Single complex long exposure on one sheet of 8×10 film.

email: [email protected] or call @ cel:323.449.1183

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