Celebrating #OregonMadeShows

animal-house-of-blues-33-3-posterI first heard about the #OregonMade trademark at the Portland International Airport while viewing actual artifacts from several films shot in Oregon on display.

Now the Oregon Film Museum is stepping out and celebrating ‘Animal House’ with a huge party in Portland on October 30th, 2016. And the local communities, who hold their own local celebrations, are stepping up to support the Oregon Film Museum too.

Film is such a collaborative effort, but this scale of collaboration in celebrating Oregon creative projects is something I have never seen as a 47-year veteran of Oregon filmmaking.

So I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! to not only the Oregon Film Museum, but to all the local vendors supporting this! And a special shout out to Meg Trendler at Eugene Cascades to Coast/ Travel Lane County, and Travis Palmer and Lloyd Williams at The Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce for your part in contributing to the ‘Animal House Celebration’ with the arrival of the Deathmobile and set decoration of the “Animal House Set” in Portland!

Now, in addition to members of the 1977 cast and crew, Otis Day, Original Knight Robert Bailey and The Kingsmen, who were all a part of ‘Animal House’; The CRY!, Curtis Salgado and DK Stewart, who star in ‘Animal House of Blues 33.3 Edition” will be performing too!  “Animal House of Blues 33.3 Edition” is also being celebrated in Portland because it will be premiering Friday, November 17th in Cottage Grove at the Armory (which was where we filmed all the bedroom scenes in ‘Animal House’) thanks to The Eugene International Film Festival!

Animal House of Blues 33.3 Edition”  is a documentary about how an Oregon community helped save the Universal Studios production, and how the Blues Brothers came out of the filming of ‘Animal House’.

So come celebrate with us as The Oregon Film Museum does: “Celebrating the Art and Legacy of Films and Filmmaking in the State of Oregon.”

And Get Your Animal House Groove On!

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