#EOFF2019 • YEAR TEN • Open For Submission

EOFF Call for Entries
Eastern Oregon Film Festival will celebrate its tenth year of programming from October 24-26, 2019.

#EOFF2019 is now open for submission. Filmmakers hoping to participate should visit FILMFREEWAY.COM/EOFILMFEST for details and to submit. The festival is looking for feature and short length films across all genres. The submission regular deadline is  April 20, 2019.

Eastern Oregon Film Festival has unfortunately lost access to screening film at The Granada Theatre after ownership opted out of its partnership with EOFF. With much excitement, the EOFF team is working hard with other partners like Eastern Oregon University, Union County, EOFF membership, and outlying key regional venues to plan a lively tenth year of celebration. Continue reading... “#EOFF2019 • YEAR TEN • Open For Submission”

Intertwine Revisited: One on One with Dylan Wayne Lawrence

On May 5, 2013, I got a chance to sit down with the creator behind Intertwine, Dylan Wayne Lawrence, in response to an article I had written earlier with Eastern Oregon University Alumni, Lindsay Freeland, about the T.V. pilot, Intertwine. The following are excerpts from that conversation:

Chuck:  So what’s new with you?  What’s all exciting and new with Dylan Wayne Lawrence?

Dylan:  Well, it’s mostly Intertwine (laughs).  Although I did get cast in a film project shooting in Utah called, “Give Me Children.” Continue reading... “Intertwine Revisited: One on One with Dylan Wayne Lawrence”

Local Artist Wraps Me Up In Intertwine

Intertwine.  Speaking the word makes one think of grape vines in a vineyard, snakes, tangles and knots.  It almost never has positive connotations and reminds us that dealing with something that is intertwined with something else means that as simple as the issue seems at first, it’s going to get very complicated very quickly.  Welcome to the world of Intertwine.

Let’s give you the lowdown on the plot:

“Intertwine is based on the words Love, Deceit, and Temptation.  The series follows a  newly married couple, whose lies unravel their sanity and create a world of chaos.   Continue reading... “Local Artist Wraps Me Up In Intertwine”

Film Adaption “The Glass Menagerie” Red Carpet Screening


After 5 Months of Filming, Eastern Oregon University’s First Feature-Length Film Now Enters the Editing Stage.

The cast and crew of EOU’s first feature-length film called it a wrap after five months of intensive and involved filming. The Glass Menagerie, a 92-minute movie based on the famous play by Tennessee Williams and adapted into a film by Professor April Curtis, is now ready for the final concentrated effort of computer technology, voice-over work and musical theme music composed by Biology Professor John Rinehart. Continue reading... “Film Adaption “The Glass Menagerie” Red Carpet Screening”