Local Artist Wraps Me Up In Intertwine

Intertwine.  Speaking the word makes one think of grape vines in a vineyard, snakes, tangles and knots.  It almost never has positive connotations and reminds us that dealing with something that is intertwined with something else means that as simple as the issue seems at first, it’s going to get very complicated very quickly.  Welcome to the world of Intertwine.

Let’s give you the lowdown on the plot:

“Intertwine is based on the words Love, Deceit, and Temptation.  The series follows a  newly married couple, whose lies unravel their sanity and create a world of chaos.  The main character, Trevor, has only been married to Kristi a few months and already their marriage is falling apart.  His marriage to Kristi happened for all the wrong reasons and is bringing to light many secrets that should have been left unknown.  One of which is Trevor’s prolonged affair with Jesse, whose own life, is filled with cruelty and heart-break caused by her abusive past.  Their lives crumble to pieces as their corrupt desires intertwine. It will take a long time to untangle this mess…”

Starring Dylan Lawrence, Chantell Dawn and Areana Cirina, this homegrown, independent television project is working to raise funds to make their vision a reality.  Using primarily Oregon talent from across the state, even in my own backyard as I had a chance to chat with project’s graphic designer/assistant director and fellow Eastern Oregon University Alumni Lindsay Freeland.

Lindsay is a SGT. in the Oregon National Guard who took time out of her busy schedule to shoot me a couple responses.

CP:  How did you become involved in Intertwine?

LF:  Through a classmate that turned out to be a Portland model and actor.  Talking one day in class about how he looked to be in a rush, he explained that he was working on an exciting new project and trying to get things happening, but it was overwhelming. I then explained about my personal side of working on community based projects and student film projects and we related.  I explained to him if he needed my help with anything in my multiple backgrounds of being on stage to graphic work I could help him out. So he took down my info and hired me.

CP:  So, definitely an Oregon based/homegrown project?

LF:  I consider it a homegrown project as it originates from Oregon and majority of it will be filmed in Portland with Oregon based cast and crew involved. Even if the TV show gets picked up by a network, the writer and director Dylan Lawrence, wishes to keep the integrity of being in Portland.

They are using websites like indiegogo to help find people to fund their project that you can find at the following address:  http://www.indiegogo.com/intertwineseries  There you can read all about the process, where they stand in raising money for their goal, why you should donate and see the list of prizes they offer depending on how much you donate.

A big thanks to Lindsay Freeland for taking the time to answers a couple questions and I’ll see if we can check back in a couple weeks to see how the project is shaping up!

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this great article! I really appreciate it…I know we all(Intertwine team) do.
    Have a great day and thanks for getting involved!

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