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As the August premiere of LAIKA’s ParaNorman is approaching, a new website for the film has launched. will present a new video showcasing some of the talented people behind the scenes for each of the five weeks leading up to the premiere.  You can view the introductory video above.  Below is a little more information about the site:

WEIRDWINS is about the artists, animators, craftspeople, and filmmakers behind ParaNorman—former weird kids from all over the world who joined forces to make the biggest stop-motion animated film of all time. It’s also about weird kids everywhere (young and old) who prove that you don’t become a hero by being normal.

Over the next five weeks, we’ll be releasing a series of films about the making of and inspiration behind ParaNorman. And we’ll be looking for what inspires you, in all your comic book–collecting, lamppost sweater–knitting, cardboard spaceship–building glory. Use #WEIRDWINS to show us where weird is winning, or to join the conversation.

UPDATE: A second video has just been posted to the site.  View it below:
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