Spotlight On Location Professionals – Don Baldwin

Don Baldwin on location in the Oregon high desert

A native Oregonian, Don Baldwin is a location scout and manager with broad production experience over nearly three decades of work in the Pacific Northwest. Following six years of active duty as a naval officer, including three extended deployments to the Western Pacific, he returned to Portland and began work in film and video production. Working mainly in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho he’s built a varied resume including experience in major feature films, independent film, and episodic television, with extensive credits for commercial production companies and still photographers. Continue reading... “Spotlight On Location Professionals – Don Baldwin”

Ventrix™: The North Face + Oregon Locations – A Perfect Campaign Film Match!

As many of you know, The North Face launched a new “Ventrix™” jacket this fall and in collaboration with musician Maggie Rogers, produced an interactive digital outdoor/music themed campaign film, mostly shot here in Oregon.  In case you missed it, here is some back ground on the film – The North Face teamed up with Rogers around the release of her newest track, “Split Stones” for what was called “The Release Project.”  The project simultaneously unveiled the Ventrix™ jacket’s heat release technology and the release of Roger’s new track – the immersive digital experience allowed Roger’s new track to be revealed through movement with your smart phone – the more you moved, the more layer’s of Roger’s song were released until the entire track was revealed.  Continue reading... “Ventrix™: The North Face + Oregon Locations – A Perfect Campaign Film Match!”

Spotlight On Location Professional – Beth Melnick, Northlight Locations

(Shot in; Forest Park, Mount Hood National Forest.)

This month we are highlighting location professional, Beth Melnick, Northlight Locations. Beth describes herself as “a hyphenate”, a Location Scout and Location Manager – “scouting and managing call upon two very different sets of muscles and perhaps the one thing that ties them is curiosity about, and compassion for, other people and various environments. As a manager, it is my objective to put a bubble around the creative team so that reality never bites, while protecting the locations so that we may return in the future. Continue reading... “Spotlight On Location Professional – Beth Melnick, Northlight Locations”