Ventrix™: The North Face + Oregon Locations – A Perfect Campaign Film Match!

As many of you know, The North Face launched a new “Ventrix™” jacket this fall and in collaboration with musician Maggie Rogers, produced an interactive digital outdoor/music themed campaign film, mostly shot here in Oregon.  In case you missed it, here is some back ground on the film – The North Face teamed up with Rogers around the release of her newest track, “Split Stones” for what was called “The Release Project.”  The project simultaneously unveiled the Ventrix™ jacket’s heat release technology and the release of Roger’s new track – the immersive digital experience allowed Roger’s new track to be revealed through movement with your smart phone – the more you moved, the more layer’s of Roger’s song were released until the entire track was revealed.  (If you didn’t already try it, take a look here.)  Rogers also appeared in the campaign film that was directed by Grant Singer, and showcased outdoor adventurers; Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold and Emily Harrington, and was produced through Anonymous Content.

As we already featured in a prior post, Oregon Location Scout and Manager, Beth Melnick, found the perfect Oregon locations for this shoot, at Mount Hood National Forest, and in Portland. The climbing and hiking scenes were shot in Mount Hood National Forest, the Maggie Hiking sequences in Forest Park, Portland Oregon and the subway tunnel scene at the Trimet Light Rail Tunnel at the Portland zoo.  Beth Melnick said, “Angela Murphy at TriMet was particularly helpful to the Locations team.  There was enormous cooperation from Timberline and Mount Hood Meadows but at the end of the day they could do nothing for us since all the snow melted in August by the week of the shoot. They had to quickly move the snow sequences to Chile. Tom Scully, Director of Mountain Operations/Lifts, Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area, was particularly helpful.

According to The North Face, Roger’s music was “inspired by her connection with the outdoors, often drawing inspiration from the movement and rhythm of nature, as a brand rooted in outdoor exploration of all types, Maggie’s approach to music makes her the perfect partner for The North Face and the launch of our Ventrix™ Jacket that is designed to perform when you move.”  Interestingly, Rogers recorded much of her sound samples for Split Stones during a month-long backpacking trip in Oregon.

This campaign film is a shining example of how to neatly combine immersive tech with music, action, product, inspiration, and of course, unforgettable location backdrops.  Another #OregonMade project.


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