Spotlight On Location Professional – Beth Melnick, Northlight Locations

(Shot in; Forest Park, Mount Hood National Forest.)

This month we are highlighting location professional, Beth Melnick, Northlight Locations. Beth describes herself as “a hyphenate”, a Location Scout and Location Manager – “scouting and managing call upon two very different sets of muscles and perhaps the one thing that ties them is curiosity about, and compassion for, other people and various environments. As a manager, it is my objective to put a bubble around the creative team so that reality never bites, while protecting the locations so that we may return in the future.

Trained in Los Angeles in the commercial world, Beth has worked for innovative directors and art directors who were demanding both creatively, and logistically. “There is always a challenge to make the next project better than the last and always the intention that no matter how short the time, or large the creative vision, we will accomplish it. I have scouted all over the US, Canada and Mexico. The thing about Oregon and the Northwest that is visually so intoxicating, is the light, and the variety of natural wonders in such close proximity to a vital progressive city with strong local crews and good resources.”

“I came to Oregon initially to scout my first feature film, Alan Parker’s, period piece about the Japanese internment,“Come See the Paradise.” I fell in love with the state, and my husband, Location Manager, Don Baldwin! I still work in Los Angeles part of the year but have been fortunate to be able to scout and manage an increasing number of commercials and features such as “Wild” and “Twilight” where I live. There is a reason companies keep coming back to Oregon to work. In Oregon we’re often called upon to make what appears to be inaccessible accessible to a large crew with heavy equipment. Alex Honnold and Emily Harrington are world class climbers who regularly reach places no one but photographer, Jimmy Chin and the likes go. For Northface we found a spot that the crew could walk right out to but the director and editors were able to give the feeling of a remote inaccessible lead. We had to do something very similar for the opening scene of “Wild” but with an even larger crew.”

“Oregon is geographically diverse. It has extraordinary forest locations , roads ,open wheat-land, dramatic coastline, a bit of high desert, evolving urban landscapes. I am never bored working here. Locations which I return to always afford something new with changing light and the perspective each director brings. Lately I have really been enjoying playing and working in Central Oregon between Smith Rock to the north and Crater Lake to the south. The area is full of gems, like Black Butte Ranch. A smaller team can stay there and just walk right out their door to exquisite locations. The area has attracted some of Oregon’s most seasoned professionals and it is becoming easier to crew with wonderful talent. Nearer to Portland, Silver Falls State Park is still a favorite location as it has such beauty and variety in all seasons. The whole state is good though. Every day here is a busman’s holiday for me.”

Beth has worked with dozens of commercial production companies over the years with some clients/brands as:
  • Adidas
  • Air BnB
  • Apple
  • Burger King
  • Cellular One/Iphone
  • Converse
  • Danner
  • Fedex
  • Pepsi  multiple spots
  • Northface
  • Audi
  • Cadillac multiple spots
  • Chevrolet multiple spots
  • Jeep  multiple spots
  • Dodge multiple spots
  • Chrysler multiple spots
  • VW multiple spots
  • Mercedes, multiple spots with various production companies.
  • Honda multiple spots
  • Hyundai multiple spots
  • Lexus multiple spots
  • Chevy Silverado
  • Toyota  mutilple spots
  • Mini
  • BMW
Beth Melnick
Location Scout/Mgr 399/LMGI
(310) 779-5683 cell
(503)296-2256 fax
[email protected]
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