An “IKar” For Oregon!

The #OregonMade “IKar” – is a custom built Mini that has been built from the ground up, with careful attention to suspension, tires and brakes.  The IKar can currently accomodate 2 crew people and will eventually be able to accomodate 3.

IKar came to life when owner/operator, Mark “Sparky” Haleston, wanted something that “could go 130 miles per hour to track the Gumball Rally in europe – we needed a rig with a stabalized camera on the back.”  Haleston said, “it’s capabilities fits a niche that required high performance that handles well on curves.”  IKar is small and nimble, and easily gets up to 130 mph if needed.  It carries a robotic head and has internal 120V inverters, HD resolution monitors, HD/SDI cabling, external 1 1/2 1 1 1/4 speed rail. Wi-Fi capabilty with the newly installed flip down tablets that run DJI Gopro provides playback of recorded files with VLC media apps. and can deploy quickly to use for WiFi, compass, calculator, and loaded with programs. With this build, safety has been the top concern – many cars, vans, and pick-up trucks don’t have the fabricated systems to properly protect crew members – but the custom built IKar is robust (with tires and brakes being a top priority) and assembled from the ground up with frames that have been highly modified with steel. “The aluminum tubing is specific in strength for all the rigging parts in place to wrap the crew members as protection.  Constant maintenance and attention to details is applied.”

Haleston, carries a Class A training with all endorsements and Bondurant high performance school training including skid recovery, accident avoidance, and race track seat time.

Some of the many projects that the “IKar” has worked on “on track” are:

  • Toyota Camry 2018 launch video, 4 precisions drives chased the Mini
  • Lucky Dog Racing League
  • Portland International – Kent
  • Oregon Park raceway

For more information contact:  Mark Haleston. 

“IKar” on FaceBook

For more camera cars check out Elite Camera Cars.

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