Oregon Film Highlighted in the Hollywood Reporter

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Oregon’s film industry got quite the write-up yesterday in the Hollywood Reporter! The producers of TNT’s Leverage had wonderful things to say about shooting in Oregon, including this quote about Oregon’s talent from Co-Creator Jon Rogers:

“When we got up there we were expecting to fly in three or four cast members an episode, but we average about one or two,” co-creator/executive producer John Rogers says. “Some of the (local) actors have been so good, we’ve made them recurring characters on the show.”

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www.OregonFilmAndTVDollars.com Launches

There are lots of sites that talk about the Oregon Film, TV, and New-Media industry… there are official sites like the Governor’s Office of Film and Television, Industry support sites such as the Oregon Media Producers Association, and regional film consortiums such as FOA, MOPAN, and SOFAT.  This site is different.

We’re focused on the economic benefit that Oregon’s Film and TV Industry brings to the state.  In an era of unprecedented economic woes for the Beaver State, Oregon’s film industry is growing – hiring thousands of workers state-wide and pumping millions of much-needed dollars into our economy…

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What Can the Oregon Film Industry Expect From a New Governor?

*Note: This is an opinion piece written by Portland-area actor Harold Phillips and originally posted on his blog at http://trishandharold.blogspot.com.  The views expressed here are his own, and are not necessarily the views of the administrators of the Oregon Confluence blog.

Well, someone out there gets it! Take a look at what showed up in my change yesterday when I bought a Viso at my corner mini-mart!

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Job Posting – FT Producer/Director

Chambers Productions is hiring a full time Producer/Director.

Chambers Productions is looking for someone with 5+ years experience.  Position will primarily focus on commercial, agency and corporate video projects with occasional opportunity to work on feature film projects.

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