Impact of Film – A local crew member and small business owner’s take

Oregon is a film force

Where does the money go?

I was about to step into a graphics company on Powell for vinyl on Wednesday.  Finishing a phone call with Bob at the Film Office he said “contributing to the economy?” yes I guess I am. Thinking about all the people, vendors, services I buy everyday I guess this film incentive is working.

We need to start thinking about the big picture. What happens when a film company comes to Oregon? Continue reading... “Impact of Film – A local crew member and small business owner’s take”

Important Infrastructure Equipment Now in Oregon

I was approached several times to take over an established camera car company. After being employed by them for several years, an opportunity presented itself. I didn’t want to go it alone. One phone call to a long time friend and the decision was made. Oregon now had Elite Camera Cars LLC. A new partnership built by four Oregonians.

One thing that stood out, and was part of my decision was a few conversations about safety from crew members. More like complaints, how could we make this safer?   Continue reading... “Important Infrastructure Equipment Now in Oregon”

“Things Look Better in Oregon”

Elites Insert 1 with the modular crane
Elites Insert 1 with the modular crane

After my three decades here with film and video, Oregon each year grows. Its not going to stop. The tools that are available now are state of the art.

Local investors keep building as more productions look at Oregon as a location. What needs to continue is the banding together of all the states workers to show outside production that we are ready. The state itself has always been a place of some of the most incredible locations anywhere. Continue reading... ““Things Look Better in Oregon””