Impact of Film – A local crew member and small business owner’s take

Oregon is a film force

Where does the money go?

I was about to step into a graphics company on Powell for vinyl on Wednesday.  Finishing a phone call with Bob at the Film Office he said “contributing to the economy?” yes I guess I am. Thinking about all the people, vendors, services I buy everyday I guess this film incentive is working.

We need to start thinking about the big picture. What happens when a film company comes to Oregon? Imagine a company opening up, hiring around 200 locals and working an average of 12 hours a day. Along with all the wages the needs of those locals will now be spent within the city.

Now let’s factor in all of the needs of the company. I asked for a vendor list once. I wanted to do an impact study. Whoops this is a long list, and just the few I talked to were elated with film production.

The people of Portland perceptions are mixed. On the street many think all film makers are from Los Angeles. Until they are made aware that the plates on many of the trucks are from Oregon. Most of the workers are from Oregon. The extras and background people are from Oregon.

Where does all the money go? Simple, right here in the city, county and state. In 2007 it was stated that 13,336 jobs and a whopping $1.39 billion dollars was spent in film, video and other Medias.  OK fine stated where? See for yourself.

Now if you get a chance to back this incentive, you should. If you have questions ask the film board. Get the straight story on what’s really going on.

Mark Haleston
STP Semi Transport

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