BendFilm Launches BIPOC Women Production Film Grant

On-screen representation affects cultural understanding of BIPOC, women, and LGBTQ+ characters. Barriers need to be broken down until equal representation is achieved on-screen and behind the camera.

BendFilm’s Grant will support a BIPOC women artist with $20,000 toward making their short or feature film. The grant supports storytellers who are working to tell creative and complex stories told from a point of view that is unique and authentic.

Filmmakers who have been underrepresented are less likely to have the funding support to produce their first films to jumpstart their careers. This grant breaks down the economic barrier to democratize the art form which in turn will:

  1. Support the career of an underrepresented artist.
  2. Increase the production of films that accurately portray underrepresented communities.
  3. Lead audiences to a better understanding of themselves (if underrepresented) or to the life experience of someone unlike themselves.

Find out more and how to apply by going here.

This grant is made possible, in part, through funding from the Creative Opportunity Program and Oregon Film.

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