Character Mapping: A Road Map Through The Psyche For Actors, Writers, Directors

Character Mapping: A roadmap through the psyche for actors, writers, and directors.
New Portland Cohort begins November 15!  (registration, dates, & times below)
This master class in character development and backstory is for experienced storytellers who have a deep interest in the psychological contexts and motivations that drive human stories.  You’ll come away with a preparation process and tools to apply to the characters you’re writing performing or directing.   

This is the only course on developing backstory taught by a seasoned psychotherapist and trainer, that simultaneously addresses the relationships between character, storyteller, and craft.
Discover this series of 10 interconnected maps that teach you to quickly view your character from the broadest perspectives of life to the most intimate internal dialogues.
Character Mapping provides a roadmap to navigate the rules and burdens driving different parts of the mind like a system. Experiential exercises and mindfulness practices bring additional focus to the storyteller’s own psychological well-being as it is impacted by the characters created.
Topics covered:
– Using the 10 Psychological Maps
– Trauma & the Nervous System
– Individual & Legacy Burdens
– Natural Multiplicity of the Mind
– System of Inner Selves
– Selves that Constrain Your Craft
– Conscious Boundary Making
– Releasing the Character
Fall program runs 4 weeks with option to continue.  Accepted by application/interview, and commitment to attend all sessions.
Suggested donation: $20/session.
BEGINS SUN. NOV. 15, 12-3. Nov 22, Dec 6, Dec 13 1pm-4pm
At CERIMON HOUSE, 5131 NE 23rd Ave, Portland Alberta Arts
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