Two-Day Workshop: Hand Make 16mm Film Stock

SATURDAY, NOV 20, 10AM-2 PM & SUNDAY, NOV 21, 10AM-5 PM (with lunch break)
Tuition: $115
Hand make your own 16mm film stock using silver-gelatin and acetate, then shoot on and handprocess it to explore the possibilities of what this remarkable medium has to offer! Digital may be the industry norm today, but there’s renewed curiosity in the filmmaking community about the 16mm film format, especially when used in creative, alternative ways. In this two-day workshop with Colorado-based collective Process Reversal, participants will learn various DIY strategies to formulate, mix and coat silver-gelatin onto cellulose acetate and other materials, generating homemade emulsion (the photosensitive side of photographic film) that is the basis for achieving dynamic variations in grain, texture, and streaking effects. Participants will be guided through the basic procedures for loading and shooting with a 16mm Bolex camera, strategies for composing shots and shooting on 16mm film, hand-processing negatives, and contact printing directly onto film stock. Throughout the workshop, there will be an emphasis on working together as a team to experiment with different filmmaking techniques. Theories concerning emulsion chemistry and photography production will be discussed so that participants develop a base of knowledge upon which they can experiment in their own work. Though not a replacement for commercially produced film stocks, hand-making your own silver gelatin emulsions can lead to new and exciting ways of forming cinematic images. No prerequisites are required, though a basic understanding of photography is helpful. Tuition includes film stock and supplies. A compilation of final footage experiments will be shared with the class via an online link.

PROCESS REVERSAL is a Colorado-based collective that seeks to preserve film through research, resource development, and film productions focused on advancing the aesthetics and technology of the medium itself. Self-described as “an artist-run, photochemical initiative,” their mission and purpose is to advocate and ensure the viability of 16mm film for all. The collective, whose members include Kevin Rice, Taylor Dunne and Andrew Busti, hosts a variety of workshops, lectures, and screenings around the world.

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